You are my glory (6) see mother-in-law

I don’t want to make it public for the time being, but the road to the family is about to pass this year, mainly because her mother has been chasing her for six months.

“Don’t you know about teacher Yu’s house now?” Sister Ling asked on the other side of the phone.

“Yeah, his parents are not as gossip as my mother, they know more about the gossip than me.” And they can recognize the way from such a vague photo.

“Then, when did Teacher Yu tell the family? Wouldn’t he bring you to the door to scare people?”

“…You’re just scary. He said that he would go back today and say, I will go to his house in a few days. He has been on mission in the second half of the year. He only came back from the launch site a few days ago. You can see how busy they are by reading the news. Anyway. There is no good opportunity to tell his parents. Oh, you ask so much, what gift did I bring to his house?”

In the living room of Lujiazui’s home, Qiao Jingjing squatted on the carpet, talking with Sister Ling while worrying about the piles of gifts on the ground.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier? Two sets of silk pajamas, one scarf, and two alcoholic drinks are all you need. Your high-end skin care products will be put away soon. They are too expensive.”

“Oh…my mom uses this.” Qiao Jingjing took the set of skin care products aside.

As he was talking, there was movement at the door, and it should be that Yu Tu had returned from get off work. Qiao Jingjing said, “I won’t tell you, Yu Tu has come to pick me up.”

“Let him thank me, how much work has been blocked for you!”

“Have you packed up?” Yu Tu hung up his coat and walked into the living room.

Qiao Jingjing turned on the speakerphone and said to him with her mobile phone, “Come on, Sister Ling told you to thank her. I didn’t arrange work for me during the Spring Festival.”

Yu Tu approached, leaned down, smiled and said to the phone: “Thank you, Sister Ling, for taking care of Jingjing this year.”

Sister Ling: “…”

Do you want to be so Su?

I just wanted to thank you. How did you feel that you got a pot of dog food? She hung up the phone silently.

Qiao Jingjing waved to Yu Tu: “Look at what your mother likes.”

Yu Tu looked at the things in the place and pulled her up, “You can bring yourself, my mother likes beautiful little girls the most.”

Is Teacher Yu molesting her?

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes flowed, “Then I have many beautiful ones, pure ones, mature ones, and dignified ones. Do you like…Oh, which one does your mother like?”

Mr. Yu took a lot of “strength” to prove that he likes everything, and the departure time was much later than originally planned.

This time I drove back to the whale market in an ordinary car newly bought by Yu Tu. In fact, before being with Qiao Jingjing, Yu Tu had no plans to buy a car in the short term. After all, his house is close to the unit and he still has more than ten years of loans. But having a girlfriend is different.

Sitting in the car, Qiao Jingjing replied a few WeChat messages, “My mother asked us when we will arrive.”

Yu Tu glanced at the time, “It’s about half past nine.”

Qiao Jingjing looked at him calmly, “I’m going to see my parents in a while, aren’t you nervous at all?”

“What’s the nervousness about the undesirable thing?”

Hmph, it seemed that she was very embarrassed to choose her gifts. Qiao Jingjing deliberately said, “Do you want me to help you navigate this time?”

“With such a small map, we won’t be able to make it so beautiful…” Qiao Jingjing had no time to be proud, and Yu Tu talked about it, “Mobile phone.”

Qiao Jingjing’s mobile phone case has always been shining, and it is indeed very beautiful.


Yu Tu smiled and kissed her lips sideways, “fasten your seat belt.”

Tomorrow is the New Year’s Eve. There are a lot of vehicles going out of the city. Qiao Jingjing still drives the navigation, not for fear that he will get lost. The main reason is to see if there is a traffic jam on the highway.

Not long after leaving the community, Yu’s mother’s phone came over. Yu Tu was inconvenient to drive, so she pressed hands-free.

Qiao Jingjing was silent immediately.


“When are you getting home?”

“It’s about eleven o’clock.” Yu Tu also counted the time spent at Qiao Jingjing’s house.

“Do you want to save food for you?”

“No, I have eaten.”

Mother Yu gave a “Oh”, then suddenly sighed and called his name, “Yu Tu.”

She sighed and said, “Last year your aunt wanted to introduce someone to you, but you refused to meet. This year, they are married and pregnant. You should also consider your own life-long events. Mom is not urging you, but Mom and Dad are after all I am also getting old year by year, and my body is not as good as year after year…”

After speaking, her voice began to hoarse and her mood was very pessimistic. Yu Tu felt nervous, unable to explain that he already had a girlfriend, and quickly asked, “What’s wrong with you, mom?”

“It’s okay, but I suddenly remembered to say a few words, call us when you are about to arrive.” She said two words in a concealed manner, and hung up the phone in a hurry.

Yu Tu felt uneasy, parked the car on the side of the road, dialed his father’s cell phone, and asked bluntly, “What’s wrong with Mom? How’s your health recently?”

“It’s okay, it’s alright, watching TV every day.” Yu’s father said loudly.

Yu Tu breathed a sigh of relief, “She just called me and her emotions seem to be wrong.”

“It’s okay. She was crazy. She watched the TV series. It was the one who played it. Our superstar Qiao Jingjing, isn’t she playing the TV series recently? Your mother watched it every day. Yesterday it seemed that the father of the role she played was terminally ill. No, your mother was crying while watching. Just watched the replay and cried again. She said that this girl had a hard life. If she told her falsely, she said you don’t understand. Let her go.”

Yu Tu: “…”

Yu’s father made a big complaint, and finally hung up the phone with unsettled thoughts.

The two people on the other end of the phone fell into silence.

“…This drama is a little bit bloody…but it has a very high ratings…”

“Isn’t it a bit unkind for you to play such a plot during the Chinese New Year?”

“The TV station arranged it!” Qiao Jingjing called Qu.

Yu Tu restarted the car and said helplessly: “It seems I can only take the heroine back to show her.”

“Actually, her father will be saved in a few episodes, but the next few episodes are very torturous…” Qiao Jingjing muttered, somehow she suddenly flashed in her mind, and hurriedly exclaimed, “I thought about it. Turn around and go to Ling. Sister’s house, I thought about what gift to give to your mother, which is much better than the gift I prepared before!”

Whale city.

Mother Yu was watching TV at home while waiting for Yu Tu, when her mobile phone rang, she picked it up.

“Mom, I got off the highway and will be home in more than 20 minutes.”

Mother Yu looked at the clock on the wall, and she was just over ten o’clock, “Why are you ahead of schedule?”

Yu Tu said with an “um”: “I was going to send a friend home first, but now I have changed the itinerary.”

Yu’s mother didn’t think much about it. She knew that her son had bought a new car with bonus and savings, and she subconsciously felt that it was probably a hitchhiker like a colleague or classmate. After hanging up the phone, she couldn’t sit still, so she called Yu’s father to go downstairs and wait.

After waiting for more than ten minutes downstairs, a black car appeared at the intersection. It was the license plate of Shanghai A. She thought it should be Yu Tu’s car. Sure enough, the car stopped in front of her. The door opened, and the long-lost son got out of the car wearing a handsome coat she had never seen before.

“Mom, why are you down?”

She took a step forward and was about to speak, but in the corner of her eye she saw that the door of the passenger seat had also opened, and a slender figure came out from the other side of the car.

She couldn’t help being startled.

It’s not a male colleague that the son brought along?

Before she had time to recover from the shock of “the son was actually a girl”, the slender figure had walked up to her, and smiled sweetly at her.

“Hello Auntie, I am Yu Tu’s girlfriend.”

“I heard that you are not happy watching the TV series, so I will help you get all the rest. You start watching the 30th episode. The rest is not abuse at all, but it’s sweet.”

She smiled and held the computer (they had been robbed directly from Sister Ling’s house before she had time to copy), her eyes turned into little moons, which was sweet.

Mother Yu looked at her, looked at the computer in her hand, and looked at her smiling son. She was completely stunned.

The next afternoon, in the living room, Yu’s mother summoned the seven aunts and eight aunts to watch the show together. This drama has become popular recently, and everyone is chasing it.

Yu Tu’s eldest aunt was shocked: “Where did you come from? There are so many episodes later, and it only reaches 20 on TV. This piracy is too fast.”

“Which is pirated, genuine!” The heroine personally gave it to her because it was too serious.

“Can this be copied to me? I’ll let my family Binbin do the copy.”

“No, I can only watch it at my house. I have to return the computer to someone else.”

The aunt watched for a while, then remembered and asked, “Yu Tu, didn’t come back yesterday.”

“I went to a friend’s house for dinner, and went to help others sweep the snow.” A smile appeared on his mother’s face.

“At this time, I will go to someone else’s house for dinner. By the way, you told Yu Tu no, about the blind date.”

“I haven’t said it yet, let’s not say it.” Mother Yu pointed to the heroine on the computer screen calmly and said, “I want a daughter-in-law like this now.”

Aunt: “…”