You are my glory (7) Discovery

Sister Ling’s Quotations: You go to visit Teacher Yu’s class, but you can’t get in. Teacher Yu wants to visit your class, but you can’t.

Qiao Jingjing: It doesn’t exist!

In life, there are always some last resorts. For example, you actually want to act with someone who “the whole world knows that you are not with you”.

Of course, even if the whole world knows, in front of everyone, the play that should be performed is still to be performed. It’s just that the other party is a bit exaggerated. When they met on the set, the other party rushed up and hugged her enthusiastically, “Jingjing, I miss you so much, ah~ you have good skin lately.”

Qiao Jingjing is so angry! Why did she see an acne after 10,000 years?

Although caught off guard, how could Qiao Jingjing lose in such a hypocritical thing? Her backhand is a harder hug, full of enthusiasm, “Qi Qi, I miss you so much, dear, have you lost weight recently?”


The other party is a famous fat body…

Since everyone is such a hypocritical female star, the filming of the film is of course very lively. After more than half a month of filming, all kinds of undercurrents are surging.

Therefore, when Xiao Zhu learned that Teacher Yu was actually coming to visit the class, the whole person began to worry. Of course it was good for Teacher Yu to visit the class. I also visited Jingjing’s crew before, but this time it was different. The rich boyfriend of the opposing family only visited the class a few days ago. He drove several cars in a particularly grandiose manner. It was like a convoy, transporting countless food and drink supplies to the crew filming in the desert.

How can Teacher Yu beat others.

But my own artist is very happy and didn’t realize the problem at all.

On the morning of the visit, in the dressing room, when the makeup artist left, Xiao Zhu couldn’t help asking: “Teacher Yu is coming, aren’t you worried?”

Qiao Jingjing glanced at her inexplicably, “What are you worried about? There are no kissing scenes in this show.”

Xiao Zhu: “…”

It’s terrible, even the most basic comparability of female stars is gone!

“Why is Teacher Yu suddenly coming over when he is free?”

“I don’t know. He told me the day before yesterday that he would arrive at noon today and ask him where he is.” Qiao Jingjing was a little suspicious that he had a job nearby, and then she couldn’t tell her because of confidentiality requirements. Will it also be in this desert? Don’t they often conduct experiments in places such as the Great Gobi in spaceflight?

But she won’t tell Xiao Zhu about these speculations.

“He arrives at about eleven o’clock, I am mostly filming, you are waiting for him outside.”

Xiao Zhu still couldn’t help it: “Would you like Teacher Yu to bring something to the crew? Whose boyfriend brought so much last time, we can ask Sister Ling for reimbursement.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…Why do you like to compare so much at a young age!”

Xiao Zhu: “…”

Obviously you always say that you must be more beautiful than the other party!

“Last time Zhou Xiaoqi’s boyfriend was a bit exaggerated. In fact, the director was a little unhappy. Didn’t you see?”

Xiao Zhu shook her head honestly, and she went to grab food and drink, after all, she earned nothing by eating everything at home.

“I disturbed the filming. Do it again, he will definitely blow up, so it’s best for Teacher Yu to come quietly and walk quietly.”

Qiao Jingjing adjusted the color of her lower lip, turned her chair, and said sternly, “Usually I ask you if I am better-looking than her. It’s a joke, don’t take it seriously. Do you know if you are better than works? Boyfriend, what kind of ethos. My teacher Yu is so smart, outstanding and handsome, have I used it to crush others? No! Because being strong is the most important thing.”

Qiao Jingjing poured a bunch of chicken soup for the little assistant, and boasted about her boyfriend, she was a little thirsty, took a sip of hot water, and happily concluded her statement-“So I just look better than her!”

…If it wasn’t the last sentence, she was almost convinced.

But in fact, it’s a comparison, and it’s the most superficial thing. If Teacher Yu came empty-handed, he would definitely be said in secret.

I really don’t want to see Assistant Zhou Xiaoqi’s triumphant face!

With this worry in mind, Xiao Zhu rushed out of the shed from time to time to see if there were any cars. The sun is scorching in the desert, and it is unscientific to wait outside for a long time.

When he rushed out for the tenth time, he finally saw a somewhat vicissitudes of off-road vehicle appear far away from the end of his line of sight, Xiao Zhu immediately climbed to a slightly higher place and waved.

The off-road vehicle saw her, drove straight towards her, and stopped firmly beside her. The car door opened, and the people in the car came down. Xiao Zhu was about to greet him, but when he saw the person coming, he gaped and stopped.

This, this is Teacher Yu?

Why did he suddenly make a costume show? !

The man who jumped out of the off-road vehicle was wearing high-top military boots, trousers tied in the military boots, with long straight legs, a camouflage jacket and sunglasses on his upper body. In fact, it is the most common sunscreen and sand-proof dress in the desert, but I don’t know how to get to him, he has a handsome and uninhibited and cruel atmosphere.

Of course, Teacher Yu is usually handsome, but now he is differently handsome!

In the voice of Xiao Zhu’s soul, Yu Tu walked up to her with long legs, took off his sunglasses, and smiled at her, “Xiao Zhu, long time no see.”

At this moment, Xiao Zhu had only two words in his heart-winning.

It’s useless for my boyfriend to come to 10,000 teams. Teacher Yu’s long-legged military boots kill everything in seconds.

Xiao Zhu swept away all worries and happily took people inside, and she really attracted countless eyes along the way. Qiao Jingjing is playing against the director, standing in front of the monitor and discussing with the director looking at the script from time to time.

Yu Tubian and Xiao Zhu stood side by side quietly.

After a while, the director closed the script and said, “Try this first.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded and walked toward the camera. She saw Yu Tu and her eyes suddenly lit up, but she immediately lost her mind and stood under the camera.

“The first shot of the 18th scene of “Yellow Sand”!”

There was a “pop”.

The scene was suddenly silent.

This scene was filmed three times before the director signaled ok. Qiao Jingjing went to the director to see the effect very calmly, and then walked towards Yu the way calmly. It’s a pity that I couldn’t help it in two steps. I quickly ran over and ran into Yu Tu’s arms with a whole body of sand.

“Yu Tu.”

Yu Tu steadily caught her, as if his whole body and mind were filled in an instant, but then he sighed in his heart. It’s been more than a month since they got together last time, but it’s a pity that he came and went in a hurry this time.

The two lost their feelings for a while, and Xiao Zhu coughed again and again, trying to use his not stalwart body to help them block the eyes of the crew.

Qiao Jingjing broke free from Yu Tu’s arms, said hello to the director, and took Yu Tu to her resting place.

“Why did you tell me the day before yesterday? I didn’t have time to make arrangements. The announcements of the crew were arranged a few days in advance, and there was no way to change it.”

“I only confirmed the time the day before yesterday.”

Qiao Jingjing walked around and talked to him, “Do you have a mission around here? If it is not convenient to answer, you can not answer.”

The mission is over, but Yu Tu can answer her, “Yes, it just ended yesterday. Evacuate this morning.”

“Also in this desert?”

“Two hundred kilometers further in.”

Two hundred kilometers~ Actually, they are considered to be very close, but unfortunately they still can’t see them. Qiao Jingjing’s mood was a little depressed, but she quickly became excited.

“Then you watch me acting in the afternoon. The afternoon drama is quite fun. Then we will have fun in the neighborhood when I finish work. It is also considered a public desert tour.”

“Jingjing.” Yu Tu’s voice was a little apologetic, “I have to rush to the airport at six o’clock in the evening and go back to Beijing with my colleagues.”

Qiao Jingjing was startled and stopped: “Are you leaving today?”


Qiao Jingjing stopped speaking, went to the lounge, closed the door, and silently plunged her head into Yu Tu’s arms. Yu Tu embraced her and sighed. “sorry.”

“I’m sorry, I’m very busy too.”

After being quiet for a while, Qiao Jingjing said angrily, “When the filming of this film is finished, I will rest for two months.”

“Well, I should be free at that time.”


“At least you don’t have to travel.”

Qiao Jingjing felt better, “You haven’t eaten lunch yet, I asked Xiao Zhu to get us two lunches.”

Yu Tu looked at the time and said, “It’s not busy, let’s do the business first.”

Business…what business?

Qiao Jingjing hadn’t completely escaped from the depressed mood, so he made her face flushed. She still wears acting makeup now, dirty. How can she do business? If she continues acting in the afternoon, she can’t wash it off…Yu Why is the teacher’s taste so wild, and he still has to role-play?

Qiao Jingjing’s brain hole was at Mercedes, and she said in anticipation: “But I have two more scenes in the afternoon.”

Yu Tu said: “I can do it alone.”

Qiao Jingjing: “???”

An hour later, Qiao Jingjing squatted in a corner with a box of lunch, looking blankly at Yu Tu making an iron knot.

Oh, two. One of them has been tied to a pole and erected.

The assistant director watched for a while, and walked over and asked, “Jingjing, is this your friend?”

“No.” Qiao Jingjing said ruthlessly, “the repairer I invited.”

Deputy director:”???”

He ran away confused, and not long after, the director walked over with his hands in style. He coughed, and Yu Tu and Jingjing stood up to greet him.

“Go on.” He squatted down curiously. “What is this pretending?”

“Signal booster,” Yu Tu replied.

The director didn’t hear clearly for a while: “What?” Then he said suddenly, “Oh, I know, I remember we pretended to be? Xiao Huang, right?”

I don’t know when the assistant director who came with him nodded vigorously, “It’s installed, but it still doesn’t work. The signal bar looks better than before, but it’s actually useless.”

“Well, Jingjing told me.” Yu Tu explained while debugging the equipment, “This equipment market is uneven. The quality you bought may not be very good. Remember to remove it when you look back. The bad quality host is useless, right. The base station interference is also relatively high.”

The assistant director was dumbfounded, but it didn’t matter, “Then you can do it?”

“It should be possible.” Yu Tu commissioned a professional friend to buy this set of equipment and send it to the local guide of their test team. When he bought it, he was not sure if he would have time to come. Fortunately, he took the time.

After adjusting for a while, Yu Tu said, “It’s okay.”

“I will try.” The assistant director immediately took out his phone and tried it, and a minute later he said in surprise, “It’s really better.”

“Yo.” The director was also very surprised, “Thank you for helping us solve the big problem.”

“You’re welcome, I’m also doing it for myself.” Yu Tu smiled slightly, turned his head to Qiao Jingjing and said, “Your signals here really delay my sleep.”


Entertainment section of a forum.

Title: Just ate two funny melons

Content: I’m an insider in my circle of friends. I’m currently in a group with the two heroines a and b. They have always been at odds. The last movie of a was a big hit, but b has always been a female one, and of course they will be together. It’s because of the director. Then a while ago, b’s boyfriend went to visit the class. The battle was very exaggerated. He brought the Japanese chef, barbecue chef, Mala Tang to do it on the spot. There is also a high-end, down-to-earth atmosphere, and a beverage cart. Do you dare to believe it? The place where they filmed is very remote, it is really not easy to do this, in short, it is very proud.

Then yesterday, a’s boyfriend also came to visit the class, so he came quietly, and he drove a very old cross-country car by himself. He didn’t bring anything to eat or drink, but! Please allow the host to express with 80,000 exclamation marks! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

He made everyone’s cell phone signal full! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I said earlier that they were filming in a very biased place, the signal was poor, and phone calls were often dropped, let alone the Internet. What own equipment did he bring? lz didn’t understand too much, anyway, the signal was much better.

It is said that the whole crew was moved and cried.

When he left, the leader also stuffed something for him to eat on the road 2333333~~~

What is this called…

knowledge is power?

1l: Loulou, you are too easy to decode,?

2l: After laughing for three minutes, it was almost unfolding. Isn’t zxq furious?

6l: Is the boyfriend of qjj the one from the space agency? Really talented hahahahaha, rolling and laughing. When someone visits the squad to send food and drink, he sends a signal.

8l: On behalf of himself, he said that he can skip Japanese food and barbecue, but there must be a signal!

10l: I also want to signal hahaha.

16l: I want to know how zxq reacts?

27l: I said, haven’t you noticed the sugar? Qjj boyfriend came with the equipment, so I came here prepared, all the way is to make the signal of the girlfriend a little better, to facilitate contact with him. The science and engineering men are terribly romantic, and I have already cried sweetly.

28l: Sweet cry 10086