You are my glory (8) home

Yu Tu walked out of the laboratory, took off his white coat and put on his windbreaker. Guan followed him, took a glance, and said contemptuously, “Since I fell in love, people have become more and more humane.”

Yu Tu closed the closet calmly, “Do you dare to wear the clothes my sister-in-law bought?”

“Who is like you? I have principles and don’t compromise easily. Can a shirt be comfortable with a t-shirt?” Guan Yu was proud.

“That’s true.” Yu Tu thought for a while and said, “but now I still like her, I’ll talk about it later.”

What this said…I wonder if this “later” is after marriage? So he intends to do it first, and then show his true shape after getting married? Guan looked at Yu Tu, and suddenly felt that he was a scumbag man.

Yu Tu held the documents and closed together and walked towards the office. After all, people want clothes. Yu Tu was tall, thin and tall, but he wore more casual clothes. Now Qiao Jingjing has taken care of it, and his handsome and handsome posture between his steps is indeed better than before.

When he arrived at the office, Yu Tu said, “Today I will get off work with you.”

Guan Zai finally returned to work last month after two years of treatment and recuperation. Of course, he still can’t go on business trips and perform too heavy mental work. Overtime is strictly prohibited by his wife and leaders.

But the new generation of overtime madmen actually want to get off work with him? Suddenly I knew it in my heart.

“Your Royal Highness is going back to Shanghai today?”

“Well, I came back from a location shooting abroad.”

“Are you free to bring the princess down to my house for dinner? My wife always misses her.” Guan Zai was a bit sour.

“I should be free this time.” Yu Tu’s eyebrows stretched out, “But your Royal Highness doesn’t like this name. If you call her like this next time you eat, you will lose your temper.”

Guan Zai and Qiao Jingjing have also seen them several times. I don’t know why they are a little kindergartener-like, making Yu Tu and Shen Jing angry and funny.

In fact, Yu Tu privately told Qiao Jingjing to let her be locked in, but Qiao Jingjing disapproved, “You are so careful and he is not happy. Besides, I don’t really have conflicts with Guan Zai. Let’s play around. Look at him. How energetic when arguing with me.”

Sure enough, he closed his eyebrows and flicked, and cut out, “Am I afraid?”

Yu Tu said, “You lose your temper with me, and she will file a complaint with my sister-in-law. How old are you two?”

It was exactly five o’clock when I arrived home on the way.

Open the door, the room is quiet, but there are two more suitcases in the living room.

He didn’t make a sound, and opened the bedroom door very gently. Sure enough, the man was already asleep in his bed, his soft long hair was scattered on his pillow, only showing a delicate little face. The long eyelashes are covered sweetly, like a dream.

Yu Tu walked over and leaned over and kissed her, without exerting any force, but still awakened people. She opened her eyes and took a look, putting her arms around his neck.


Yu Tu smiled softly: “Should I change my clothes to sleep with you?”

“Okay, I didn’t sleep on the plane.”

Yu Tu took off his coat and put it on the back of the chair, unbuttoned his shirt and put on his pajamas. Qiao Jingjing lay on his side, keeping his eyes fixed on him. Yu Tu glanced at her, approached, and covered her with his hand before going to bed. Eye.

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes went dark, and then the quilt was lifted, and she was taken into her arms.

“What are you looking at?”

Yu Tu’s voice was low, like a hook. Ever since being with Yu Tu, Qiao Jingjing has discovered that Teacher Yu has a cold face on the surface… In fact, well, a bit gentle and scum.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you undress~” She rubbed her head into his arms.

Yu Tu’s voice suddenly became low for several degrees, “Didn’t it mean that I didn’t sleep on the plane?”

Qiao Jingjing didn’t answer him, but her hands began to restlessly, “Why do you have muscles when you are so busy?”

“We have to move bricks in the laboratory too.” At this moment, the words are superfluous. Yu Tu grabbed her hand, kissed her hair, then nibble down little by little, biting her lip. After the kiss was complete, she began to untie her pajamas. Qiao Jingjing protested, “Take yours first, and button up the person.”

Yu Tun said, first took off his clothes.

After a while, Qiao Jingjing protested again, “Slow down~~~”

Always squeamish and opinionated, Yu Tu didn’t follow her this time.

Clouds are scattered and rain is harvested. Qiao Jingjing was even more sleepy, and Yu Tu held her in one hand, “How long will I take a rest this time?”

“Tomorrow you go to work, I have to go too.”

Yu Tu froze for a while, and said with some restraint: “Did you say you took a two-month vacation last time?”

“But the movie was overdue for more than a month, and I went abroad to make up for the scenes from the previous TV series, and then I took over the next job.”

The person holding her suddenly lost his voice, and for a long time, he sighed from his chest.

Qiao Jingjing buried her head in his arms, a little bit sore, but thinking about tomorrow, she secretly smiled again.

After leaving the country, the messy work completely messed up Qiao Jingjing’s biological clock, and she woke up again at nine o’clock in her sleep. Yu Tu was not in the bedroom or the living room, Qiao Jingjing opened the door of the study, and sure enough, he was working in front of the computer.

Perceiving the movement at the door, Yu Tu raised his head, “Wake up?”

He turned off the computer and got up, “I saved dinner for you.”

Dinner is porridge and side dishes. Every time she comes back from abroad, she just wants to eat this. Of course, Yu Tu can only do this. Qiao Jingjing was drinking porridge in the restaurant, and suddenly felt something wrong with it.

Isn’t Teacher Yu too calm? As usual, if she is leaving tomorrow, shouldn’t she be reluctant to give up day and night or be prepared to give up day and night at this time?

But Teacher Yu now…

She glanced at the living room, reading a book? !

Qiao Jingjing rinsed her mouth with doubts, looked up in the mirror, she felt that she had found the reason.

After more than ten hours on the plane, she fell asleep when she arrived at his house, and then did some physical exercise. Now she was really unkempt.

Qiao Jingjing quickly took a shower and cleaned herself, but when she was blown dry, Yu Tu was still reading, but the location was changed on the bed. He didn’t look up when he heard her movements.

Qiao Jingjing walked to the bed, “Go brush your teeth and wash your face, I’m all right.”

“I washed it in the bathroom outside.”

“Oh… you are going to sleep?”

“Well, I have been working overtime a while ago, so I went to bed early today.”

After speaking, Yu Tu put down his book, reached out and turned off the light, “You also try to go to bed as early as possible to adjust the jet lag.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t sleep, she tossed about in bed. Yu Tu won’t be angry, maybe he won’t. It’s not that he didn’t let her dove off.

There was a faint light coming in through the curtains outside the window, so that the silhouette of the person next to the pillow could be seen clearly. Yu Tu closed his eyes and seemed to fall asleep. Qiao Jingjing looked at it for a while, sighed boredly, and turned over again.

After turning over, the voice of Yutu sounded behind him.

“Sister Ling called you while you were sleeping.”

Qiao Jingjing’s body stiffened.

“I took it.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

“What do you want to explain to me?”

…It’s over, forgot to collude.

Qiao Jingjing quickly sat up and defended herself with 10,000 words: “Well, you know, there is something called sex… Besides, I didn’t lie to you. I told you to leave in the morning, and I didn’t say that I would not come back at night. Today is too rushed. I originally planned to go to Lujiazui tomorrow to get something to decorate the house and give you a surprise…”

As Yu Tu looked at her, Qiao Jingjing finally couldn’t speak anymore. Finally Yu Tu sighed and said “Forget it.”

He said, “Too lazy to reason with you.”

Before Qiao Jingjing could react, he dragged him over and pushed him directly on the bed. Then the pajamas were torn apart…

This time Yu Tu completely lost his previous gentleness, indulging and wanton, with no room for attacking the city. I don’t know how long it took, Qiao Jingjing couldn’t bear it, and began to beg for mercy.

“I was wrong, I won’t lie to you again. I really want to surprise you tomorrow.”

“Am I surprised?” Yu Tu’s hair was hanging down, already wet with sweat.

“Um…Yu Tu…” Qiao Jingjing groaned, calling his name in small words. However, his strength did not diminish in the slightest, as if forcing her to answer. Qiao Jingjing was almost crying, and replied intermittently, “No, no surprise.”

“How long does it take to rest?”

“Two months.”

“Don’t lie this time?”

“Don’t cheat.” Qiao Jingjing put his sweaty back on his arm circle and pleaded softly, “I live here to accompany you every day.”

Yu Tu stared at her, and the rhythm gradually slowed down. Qiao Jingjing felt that she had no strength to coax him and could only take it passively.

After pouring again, the kiss on her cheek finally became tender.

Qiao Jingjing was really exhausted this time and drowsy. In the dimness, it seemed to hear Yu Tu asking her.

“When I came back today, did you find any difference at home?”

“No, I will go to bed when I come back.” She replied dazedly.

“I remodeled the small bedroom in the north.” Maybe she was really sleepy. Yu Tu finally kissed her in the eye and said, “Take you to see it tomorrow morning.”

Qiao Jingjing was aroused, struggling to hold up her eyelids, “I want to see it now.”

When she wrapped her pajamas and got out of bed, Qiao Jingjing’s legs softened and she almost knelt, but she firmly refused the help of the culprit, and walked to the small room to the north with great ease.

As soon as the door opened, Qiao Jingjing was stunned.

She remembered that there was a single bed in this room before, and some clutter was piled up. But now the single bed and sundries are gone, replaced by a brand new cloakroom.

Yu Tu said behind her: “Last time you said you would take a two-month rest, I think you will probably live here with me. But my family Jingjing loves beauty so much, what should I do if I can’t put down my clothes and shoes?”

“So you changed this into a cloakroom?”

“Hmm. Do you like the color?”


Qiao Jingjing answered him, but she suddenly felt a little bored in her heart. He should be waiting expectantly for her to take a vacation, but in the end she still joked with him about this.

“I added some functions, the control panel is here…”

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help holding his waist, “Is this a gift you gave me?”

Yu Tu stopped what she was about to say, and embraced her, “What kind of gift is this? It’s what you need to live here. This is at best…”

He paused for a while, as if thinking about the words, then lowered his head and smiled and said, “Build a nest.”