You are my glory Chapter 1

Broke the news, let me give you an anise. My high school is Z middle, X city, and now a very popular female star is in the same class, it is easy to guess who. In fact, she wasn’t pretty at all when she was in high school, okay, it can’t be regarded as pretty, but it’s much worse than now, probably better. Anyway, the school flower in the class at the time was not her at all, but another beauty. Female celebrities, I’ll just abbreviate them as q.

It’s very vain. She looks like a rich man all day. Later, she learned that her dad is a plumber and the whole class laughed out loud. Basically, girls hate her. There was a God of Study in our class. Our class was a key class in the whole school (q I heard that I came in with money, and the grades were poor). The God of Study in this class must be the first in the school. He is a man of the wind, and what kind of competition.

All of them are number one, they are also very handsome, playing basketball and football well. Right now, idol dramas always like to play that kind of male lead, but I think the handsome male star on TV is not as good as him. The actor, the education level is not good, the temperament is a few blocks away, how can it be compared to the real one. Actually. Q confessed to him. It was so miserable that he was hit by someone.

As a result, haha, he was rejected mercilessly by Xueshen, saying that he also had requirements for IQ. Xueshen and beauty Xueba were later admitted to Tsinghua University together, and together, this is the true goddess couple. Q is very popular now, I don’t know how to become popular, after all, there is no talent, I don’t know if you dare to post it.

Qiao Jingjing dressed up to attend a cake award, and only got into the nanny car after it was over, and was confused by the “black material” handed over by the agent.

“Look, your high school classmate broke the news that Qiao Jingjing was chased by high school and was humiliated-I said Jingjing, why do you even have black in high school classmates?”

Qiao Jingjing stuffed the trophy to the assistant who was following in the car, kicked off the high heels, and took it. I got into my own seat over the phone. After lowering her head to scan for three lines, she closed the page with lack of interest, and went to search Weibo for her evaluation of her red carpet look.

Seeing that the major marketing accounts were basically positive this time, fans even praised her as a fairy. Qiao Jingjing breathed a sigh of relief and immediately became happy.

It’s not in vain that she gnashes her teeth in the gym for three months!

In the first half of this year, she filmed a food scene. After eating too much props, she gained three or four catties. A vicious fashion blogger told her that she was going to break the screen. The blogger was of course torn apart by her fans, and Qiao Jingjing had to go to the blogger with her fans while her soul accompanies her, and she had to send a Weibo generously to express that she wanted to practice, reduce and reduce.

“Post some fitness photos in a while.” Sweat can’t be vain, body can’t be practiced in vain, you must show it off.

“Okay, have you seen the one who broke the news?” Sister Ling poked her head from the back seat, her face gossiping.

Qiao Jingjing gave her a white look, then went back and scanned the revelation post. After reading and scrolling down, the comment area has been controlled by her fans.

Da Qiao, Zhou Yu: If it is true, thank you for telling everyone that I am a key student in Qiao High School. By the way, I Qiao 211, with poor grades? nonexistent. (10260 Likes)

Qiao Family Courtyard: This is a group photo of my Joe attending the wedding of my high school girlfriend as a bridesmaid. My girlfriend posted a Weibo, saying that I have no friends in Qiao high school, haha ​​you look at me. (Group photo.jpg) (9765 likes)

Team Da Qiao: The host hates me idols to death, but there is nothing black to explode, my idols are really good boys. (8876 likes)

Xiaocao: Watch the show, do you have any misunderstandings about anecdote? ? ? (7689 likes)

Feng Ruo I: Come to see the fun +1, but I feel that my actor has also been shot. The original poster has eaten your rice so much bullshit as an actor? Just you have the education and quality to go to school? (5870 likes)

Sister Ling kept her neck stretched and pushed Qiao Jingjing down, “Is what she said is true or false?”

“Is there a true or false one.”

Everyone in the car pricked their ears.

“The fake is that I was not beautiful before, and I have always been too beautiful. Also, people who refuse me are not so ruthless, very polite.”

Sister Ling was shocked: “You really confessed that you were rejected? “

Of course. That boy, really handsome.” Qiao Jingjing recalled his youth for three seconds, “Are you a trumpet?”

“Yeah. That female student is really better-looking than you?”

Sister Ling After thinking about it, I feel unscientific. It’s not that she blows to her own artists. Qiao Jingjing’s appearance and body are top-notch even among the female stars in the entertainment industry, and she can’t find anything wrong from head to toe. Under this condition, they can be a class. There are two?

“Of course not!” Qiao Jingjing replied decisively while typing.

“What are you doing?” Sister Ling had an ominous premonition in her heart, and when she took a closer look, she just saw Qiao Jingjing making a comment-this jealousy that travels through time and space! I hope you don’t get mad.

Assistant Xiao Zhu laughed scornfully. Sister Ling helplessly said, “Don’t do business, quickly post on Weibo to thank everyone.”

“It was posted on the way out, you didn’t see it?”

Sister Ling was speechless, it is hard to say that she has been paying attention to gossip. She didn’t pay attention to her artist’s dynamics, so

she quickly picked up another mobile phone, poked it into the studio’s Weibo to forward it, and muttered uneasy : “Just post it without showing it to me.” Qiao Jingjing was too lazy to talk to her and broke the news. The screenshots were posted on my phone, and then sent to Pepe, her three-year high school tablemate—the one she was the bridesmaid.

Pepe saw her appear, first came a string of exclamation marks——! ! ! Jingjing, popular actress of the year! I just watched TV, congratulations!

Jingjing: Look, I just posted your screenshot.

After a while.

Pepe: Damn, what bitch talks so nonsense. You have always been so good-looking!

Qiao Jingjing is very pleased that his friend knows the key points so well.

Pepe: It’s a bit dirty at the most.

Jingjing: …

Peipei: But now there are Qiao Jingjing with the same hairstyle and the same clothes everywhere!

Qiao Jingjing was too lazy to talk to her: Who do you think is the one who broke the news?

Peipei: I don’t know. A while ago, there were a lot of discussions about you in the high school group. The drama is too popular. You are too popular. Maybe someone is jealous, right?

Qiao Jingjing didn’t expect Pepe to guess who, and after a few random discussions, she left the matter behind.

When she changed her dress and was ready to rest, Pepe sent another message.

Peipei: By the way, I heard from Li Ming a while ago that Yu Tu and Xia Qing broke up at the senior meeting several years ago, and they have been together for more than a year. Li Ming, do you still remember that his parents know him in the same community as Yu Tu’s family. I heard that Yu Tu is also in Shanghai now.

Qiao Jingjing raised her eyebrows and looked at the long-lost name on the phone.

Actually broke up? Back then, she heard the news that they were together in a remote university, but…

forget it!

Don’t look back on the black history.

Peipei: Hey, do you think you will regret it when Yu Tu thinks about it?

Jingjing: Don’t be so naive.

The nanny car drove smoothly on the north-south elevated. Qiao Jingjing, who was not naive at all, opened the window and faced the breeze, happily regretting the journey for a long time.

She remembered the confession in the second year of high school. At first, the person just said I was sorry. She was persistent and confident to know the reason. She remembered him saying, “I’m sorry, I want to find someone who can work hard with me.” I

don’t know. Why did he think it was impossible for her to work hard with him, but the last person he looked for didn’t work hard with him.

Qiao Jingjing was a little cool, but there was still a little regret and astringent feeling in her heart.

… Is her girlish heart too persistent?

I don’t know what he is doing now.


she looked at the street passing by the car window, it was full of the prosperous city, and she had become the most prosperous part of this prosperous world.

She raised her chin slightly and thought, no matter what he was doing, she must have been left far behind by her.

“It’s almost ten o’clock. Let’s live in Shanghai today.” Sister Ling said, “I will leave tomorrow morning and go to Hengdian in the afternoon. I will ask them to move your play to the afternoon.”

Qiao Jingjing regained her consciousness, “No, tomorrow Ten scenes, let’s go to Hengdian now. I have a rest in my car, you can let the master drive a little bit more steadily, I…”

“Stop!” Sister Ling interrupted her alertly.

Ever since a certain director praised Qiao Jingjing for being dedicated and diligent, and after she helped her blow a wave of dedicated character design, Qiao Jingjing has become an actress who carries her dedication to her body. The catchphrase is…

“I am a dedicated character design . ” Can’t collapse.” Qiao Jingjing finished her slogan firmly.

“I know, I know, go to sleep.” Sister Ling reluctantly lowered the partition and told the driver that she should go to Hengdian.

Qiao Jingjing flattened the chair and started to sleep. She has been able to sleep peacefully on any means of transportation. Today, I somehow slept unsteadily, dimly, and seemed to be awake but not awake. She seemed to be in a classroom. In her dream, she quickly realized that this is a high school classroom. In a blink of an eye, she was taking an exam again. Exam questions, but how many calories a strawberry.

This topic is too difficult, I’m afraid I can’t learn God. Qiao Jingjing, who couldn’t answer, fell into the fear of failing. At this moment, the classroom suddenly shook to a large extent, and there was a voice shouting.

“Jingjing, Jingjing, have you played the glory of the king?”