You are my glory Chapter 12

On the computer screen, the two professional teams were fighting in full swing, but Yu Tu was a little distracted.

He remembered Qiao Jingjing’s unexpected and regretful look at the moment he said he was going to give up. He didn’t understand, he was obviously going to take the recognized and more promising road, why would she feel sorry?

Apart from the teacher, it seemed that she was the only one who showed such a look.

“Yu Tu,” Zhai Liang came in without knocking, “I don’t know when you will be back.”

Yu Tu came back to his senses and pressed pause, “It didn’t take long before you called on the balcony.”

“Oh.” Zhai Liang sat down on Yu Tu’s desk, scornfully, “Did you meet Xia Qing today?”

Yu Tu raised his eyes to look at him, “How do you know?”

“Hehe, who am I and how is the development…” Yu Tu’s eyes were scrutinized. He couldn’t speak anymore, and raised his hand. “It’s really not what I said. Xia Qing went to Hangzhou to meet with Baobao on a business trip. Okay, isn’t it normal to talk about you?”

“It’s better to leave the country sooner if it’s so free. Also,” Yu Tu reminded him and warned him, “You will stop talking nonsense in front of Cotton in the future.”

Zhai Liang was taken aback and cried, “Cotton actually gave you a short report? What’s this girl like.”

He felt that he had been betrayed by a huge amount, and he planned to go back to the game to find Cotton to settle the account. “By the way, Qu Ming just called to invite us to dinner. Let’s go together in Pudong at 6:30 tomorrow night.”

“tomorrow I will……”

Zhai Liang wasn’t happy: “This stingy ghost is a rare treat to help me practice. Don’t show your face. All the university students in Shanghai will go.”

Yu Tu nodded, “Okay, I will pass by myself tomorrow.”

Many of Yu Tu’s and Zhai Liang’s university classmates work in Lujiazui, and the place of gathering is naturally nearby. It is only ten minutes’ walk from Qiao Jingjing’s house.

When Yu arrived on the way, the crowd was almost there. There were no boxes in the western restaurant. Seven or eight people were sitting in a cubicle on the side.

Qu Ming was the first to see him, and he stood up and greeted him vigorously, “We are here to dominate the two professions.”

In fact, Yu Tu and this classmate are not very familiar with each other. He was busy with his studies in college and spent most of his time in the library. Apart from the roommates like Zhai Liang Baobao, he was not very close to other classmates. However, Qu Ming seemed to have been hostile to him all the time. He didn’t know it at first. He didn’t understand why until he broke up with Xia Qing after graduating from university.

Qu Ming once liked to use this sentence to mock him the most, but now with a smile on his face, he can’t judge the true meaning for a while.

Yu Tu greeted everyone and then sat down.

Everyone chatted for a few words, and a classmate Zhao Tian suddenly asked, “Qu Ming, didn’t you say that Xia Qing is coming, why didn’t you see anyone?”

Yu Tu was startled.

Qu Ming smiled and took out his phone, “I’ll call her now.”

He dialed the phone, “Emma, ​​why haven’t you arrived, the place to eat is a few steps away from your hotel.”

I don’t know what was said over there, the smile on his face disappeared little by little, but at last he laughed again, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, let’s make an appointment next time.”

When he hung up, Zhai Liang said, “What, can’t Xia Beauty come?”

“She said that she was in a hurry in Beijing at night, and she just went to the airport.”

Zhao Tian was surprised: “Didn’t I tell you?”

“Haha, said I was about to call me.”

“It’s been a long time since I saw her.” Someone was disappointed.

Another student said, “Xia Qing apologized to us in the WeChat group.”

Zhai Liang hurried to read WeChat, just in time to see Xia Qing uttering a sentence, “Sorry, students from Shanghai, I planned to have a meeting with you today. I went back to Beijing for an emergency yesterday and forgot to tell you.”

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll take it for this meal, and give me the bill back. @曲铭.”

Who is not a human being at the scene? I still don’t understand that Qu Ming was released by Xia Qing. I went back to Beijing yesterday, and I forgot to tell him.

Qu Ming was quick to react, “I heard it wrong on the phone. I thought I was leaving today. Come and order.” He stretched out his hand and called the waiter.

Zhai Liang pushed Yutu secretly, and said in a low voice, “Do you know that Xia Qing went back to Beijing yesterday?”

Yu Tu looked down and drank tea without denying it.

“The drunk man’s intention is not to drink. He probably did this party for Xia Qing.” Zhai Liang felt that the logical chain was complete. “He asked Xia Qing alone to ignore him, so he said that he would be practiced by classmates. Okay, but what does he call you? Are you afraid of being compared to a dog?”

But he soon knew why Qu Ming dared to call on his way. Because now Yu Tu is obviously not in the eyes of others.

Before the food was ready, Qu Ming aimed at Yu Tu and said frivolously, “I met the next classmate that day. I heard that Yu Tu, you are going to work with him next month?”

“Who is in the class next door?” the classmate asked curiously.

“Medium x that hope, state-owned.”

Zhao Tian was surprised: “Isn’t Yu Tu in the Aerospace Institute?”

“Are you planning to leave?” Qu Ming looked at Yu Tu, with a look of superiority in his expression, “But if you come out and do it now, you have to start from scratch. I will let you say that you take the same kind of fresh graduates. salary?”

The scene fell silent.

Just listen to Qu Ming beeping over there: “Yu Tu, why don’t you come to our foreign investment bank to try, the salary here is high, otherwise, how can you spend three to five million yuan a year in Shanghai? Still looking for that guy, he used to How bad the grades are, we are not embarrassed to talk about it.”

Without Yu Tu, Qiao Jingjing happily drove Wang Zhaojun to match and play by herself. She deeply felt that after such intensive training, she could abuse a handful of food. Unexpectedly, she met a teammate who was more piggy than her and was beaten into a dog by the enemy for two consecutive games.

Being angry, Xiao Zhu called.

“Jingjing, I’m here to anne’l to buy a salad, guess who did you meet?” Xiao Zhu’s voice was deliberately lowered.

“Eighty heroes are the head of the teacher.”

Xiao Zhu: “…you know?”

“Nonsense, I only remembered their salad when he went there to eat. By the way, you buy a salad and come back. Don’t go to Edward, and you won’t take any money when you look back.”

Edward is the owner of that western restaurant, and Qiao Jingjing knows him.

“I know, I’ll buy it, and I will send it to you right away.” Xiao Zhu continued, “I’ll just sit and wait for the salad, and order some other food. It happens to be next to the teacher, but there are green plants in the middle. He didn’t see me through him.”

“Don’t disturb others.”

“Of course not~~~ But, I think his friend is very unkind to him, and one of them actually satirized him, and his words were awful. I was so angry.”

Qiao Jingjing frowned.

In the western restaurant.

Zhai Liang quickly jumped up with anger, “Yutu’s confidential unit, there is a confidentiality period after resignation, and you can’t go to foreign capital. You don’t know how to do bb, don’t be angry with Xia Qing…”

Yu Tu held him down, and he looked at Qu Ming calmly: “You only live thirty?”

Qu Ming was a little blown up by Zhai Liang: “What do you mean?”

Yu Tu: “So what are you doing in such a hurry? The days are still long, so I’ll watch it again after a year.

“Heh.” Qu Ming sneered, “I know that big scientists look down on us who play finance, but our business is not a place to be confused.”

Yu Tu said politely, “You don’t need to bring the first “men”.”

Qu Ming was extremely angry: “You!”

Yu Tu raised his cup to him confidently.

Zhai Liang was still angrily. Everyone felt that Qu Ming had passed by and was about to be finished. At this moment, a waiter came to their table with a drink.

He looked at everyone quickly, and finally smiled accurately and said to Tu: “Mr. Yu, last time you and Miss Qiao stored the wine here, I took it.”

Yu Tu was taken aback, the waiter had already put the wine and ice bucket on the table, and then delivered two thin plates of ham.

“This is given to Mr. Yu by our boss, please use it slowly.” He smiled and walked back.

Everyone is a little confused by the sudden development.

“Yu Tu, you’ve been here before.” Zhao Tian knows more about red wine, took a look at it, and couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Romane Conti?”

Except for Yu Tu, all of you are in the financial circle. How can you not understand red wine? Of course you know that such a rare red wine is produced. But I know that I know, but I haven’t seen many people, and suddenly I feel a little excited.

“Let me see, let me see.”

“Yu Tu, you hide it deeply, how much money does this wine cost?”

“How can it have six digits?”

Zhai Liang also looked at Yu Tu in amazement.

Yu Tu’s eyes fell on the wine club, and he suddenly smiled and said, “I have something to do. I’m leaving today. You guys talk slowly.”

Everyone was startled, they saw Yu Tu stood up, took the coat, and put it on calmly, then picked up the wine again, and said goodbye to everyone without any haste.

and many more!

…He actually took away the fucking wine?

Ten minutes later, Qiao Jingjing seamlessly matched the shouts from Yu Tu’s students.

“You actually brought the wine back?!”

Yu Tu stood at the door, “Reluctant to give them a drink, so I brought it back.”

Qiao Jingjing looked at his expression and explained: “I knew that you were going, so I remembered the salad from that place, so I asked Xiao Zhu to buy it, and then~~you…do you think I am troublesome?”

Yu Tu raised his eyebrows slightly, “Am I such a ignorant person?”

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes lit up suddenly: “I think so. Then, are you happy? Are you happy?”

Yu Tu nodded, “The rocket successfully launched.”

What kind of description is this! Qiao Jingjing burst into laughter, and it was as cool as a rocket successfully launched or something…

“Why do I feel a little dirty…”

Yu Tu couldn’t laugh or cry, “What are you thinking about?”

“No, no,” Qiao Jingjing hurriedly changed the subject, “then~~Would you like to celebrate the rocket’s liftoff and drink to celebrate?”

Six-figure wine? Yu Tu was about to refuse, so he heard Qiao Jingjing say, “Although it’s only a few hundred yuan, it can’t be wasted.”

Yu Tu suspected that he had heard it wrong: “A few hundred yuan?”

“Of course! Think of me as stupid, just invite people you don’t know to drink such expensive wine.” Qiao Jingjing triumphantly, “I know the owner of that store and have filmed there. This, I used it for filming. null**.”

“…” Yu Tu had nothing to say.

“Drink or not? Anyway, I stopped playing games today, and I realized that my left thumb was callused.”

Yu Tu’s answer was to walk in with the wine, and then closed the door.

Qiao Jingjing cheered and rushed to the kitchen, “I’ll get the cup.”

But they didn’t drink the wine right away, because Qiao Jingjing suddenly remembered a question.

What are the calories of red wine?

The calories of wine seems to be very high. I immediately Baidu it. Fortunately, red wine has low calories in alcohol, about 70 calories per 100 grams, which is acceptable.

Then Qiao Jingjing filled the room with a cup to find a place to drink.

The balcony is too cold, the restaurant is too sluggish, and the floor-to-ceiling windows are okay, but there must be a little atmosphere, so take the rose on the dining table, and two candles in the drawer…

That’s it!

Yu Tu silently looked at his watch next to him. Twenty minutes later, he finally drank his first sip of wine in the company of flowers and candlelight.

That night they didn’t drink until late, and they didn’t even talk too much. Yu Tu was a little grateful that Qiao Jingjing didn’t ask anything, but for a while, he criticized that red wine was not as good as rice wine, and then he was talking about the pig teammates in the game. , For a while, swiping your phone to take selfies…

Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows gleamed with the top night view of Shanghai, but he was relaxed like never before.

Zhai Liang’s WeChat was bombarded with his cell phone, and he waited to read it on the way home.

“Who is Miss Qiao?”

“Who is Miss Joe, who is who?”

Miss Joe…

He is a star who counts calories on a kitchen scale when he drinks alcohol.

One, an old classmate he just met.