You are my glory Chapter 13

I don’t know if it was her own illusion, Qiao Jingjing felt that since she had drunk that day, she had been getting along with Yu Tu, not the same as before.

Nothing can be said about it. But for example, sometimes he would take the initiative to ask, do you want to bring her breakfast? For another example, he seemed to be a bit more venomous when he trained her?

The 3V3 training basically ended. After another few days of 5v5 matchmaking, Yu Tu asked Qiao Jingjing: “You have played for so many days, what heroes do you think you like?”

Qiao Jingjing reported a few, and then said: “But I still like Zhuge Liang and Li Bai the most.”

Because they are the most handsome in the canyon!

“You can’t use a hero with multiple displacements.” Yu Tu poured cold water ruthlessly, and Yan Goujing suddenly wilted.

“You can give up this position as a jungler, and directly choose a professional player who is good at this position during the game. The top laner has to resist pressure. If you are not suitable, hand it over to your teammates. So your most suitable position is in the middle or the bottom lane. , Mage, Archer, Support, work hard in these three directions. Mage can consider General Bian Que and Ying Zheng, the hand leader, which is more suitable for you.”

“Where is Wang Zhaojun?” Although Yu Tu said that she would not be able to play, Qiao Jingjing was still a little unwilling to give up. After all, she was the first good hero to play.

“If you watch a few more professional games, you won’t be asking like that.” Yu Tu relentlessly vetoed it.

“For assistance, consider Donghuang Taiyi, Zhang Fei, Bai Qi, Niu Demon, Sun Bin, and you are okay. In addition, Su Lie Mengqi is relatively strong now, and it is best to be proficient.”

“Zhang Fei?”

“His skills are not difficult.”

Well, although it was really terrible to use Zhang Fei with Aguo for the first time, it was okay to be trained by Yu Tu for a while.

Yu Tu very hegemonically determined her suitable heroes for these two positions. When he arrived at the shooter, he asked her: “Do you like Yuji for the shooter?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded, “Because the third skill is easy to use, and the second skill can run.”

Yu Tu thoughtfully, “You really run fast.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…praise?”

Yu Tu said, “You never sell unfamiliar teammates, but you don’t hesitate to sell me. I have always wanted to ask you how your mental journey is like?”

“…Is there?” Qiao Jingjing wanted to explain with a guilty conscience, but she had to face her routine rabbit selling behavior with condemnation, “Probably…trust?”

“Thank you.” Yu Tu looked unmoved.

Qiao Jingjing thought through all the heroes he was talking about, and was a little frustrated, “These don’t seem to be very handsome, nor are they very handsome.”

Yu Tu was speechless, remembering that she would like to study which skin looks good when she was resting. She had a drink and put flowers on. Some helplessly said, “If you want to show off, you can consider a hero as a shooter.”

“Which one?” Qiao Jingjing’s eyes lit up.

“Baili keeps the promise.”

Baili Shouyue is a new hero recently released by the king. The special skill is ultra-long-range sniper. Qiao Jingjing immediately opened a match.

Twenty minutes later, she put down her phone and looked at Yu Tu: “Are you sure I played well?”

“You are very accurate. In fact, your Yu Jiyi skill has a high hit rate.”

Qiao Jingjing thought for a while, as if it was indeed, but she didn’t think much about aiming, she was completely intuitive, and sometimes deliberately aiming to miss the target.

“You didn’t play well in this game just now. One is because your teammates didn’t give you money, and the other is that you are not flexible enough to move. However, although Yu Ji and Baili need to move in order to keep the contract, the requirements are lower than Sun Shangxiang and Marco Polo. , You can save it. Those two heroes are really hard for you to say.”

…You are too venomous. Thinking of yesterday that he commented on her as “Moth Fighting the Fire” and “Breast Swallow Casting”, Qiao Jingjing almost wanted to hit someone.

“In addition to position, what you lack most now is consciousness, which is the 100,000 why you often ask while playing.”


Yu Tu stated blankly: “Where am I going? What am I going to do? Do I want to expand?”

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

Yu Tu looked at the time and said, “So starting from today, we will practice for half a day and watch professional matches for half a day.”

Qiao Jingjing thinks that the previous courses were probably like martial arts classes, and now, I have begun to teach the art of war, how to bring lines, routines and ambush…

Soon she can go to battle to kill the enemy.

But after all, the king has only developed for more than a year, and there are not many commonly used routines. Qiao Jingjing is not stupid. After watching Yutu’s selected competition videos for two days, he understands it.

Of course, understanding and understanding, the real situation of fighting is still ever-changing, in the final analysis, it is still necessary to practice more.

5V5 is still much stronger than 3v3. After a few days, Qiao Jingjing closed her eyes at night, showing that the base crystal exploded.

So there is a rare event, Qiao Jingjing actually feels like a holiday.

In the early morning of November 10th, Qiao Jingjing happily called Yu Tu, “Yu Tu, you haven’t gone out yet. I’m going to Hangzhou to attend the Double Eleven party at Papa Ma’s house today and ask for a day off. I forgot to talk to you yesterday. said.”

Yu Tu had actually arrived at the subway station, and it took him almost an hour to reach Qiao Jingjing.

Her voice was very noisy and seemed to be very busy. Yu Tu said “OK” and Qiao Jingjing said, “Then I will hang up first. If you are interested, you can check it out. I will sing today.”

Yu Tu smiled and said “OK” again.

Suddenly, he didn’t have to go out and seemed to be doing nothing all day. After returning home, Yu went back to the official website of King Glory on the computer to read some information, but Qiao Jingjing came back on WeChat again at about 5 in the afternoon.

Jingjing: Are you there?

Yu Tu: Yes.

Jingjing: Nothing to do now, let’s go play a game.

She quickly threw a connection to QQ, and Yu Tu clicked in. The two matched three passers-by and entered the 5v5 Kings Canyon map.

This time Yu Tu chose Marco Polo, and Qiao Jingjing chose the Bull Demon. After playing for a while, Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help complaining: “I think the bull demon is more difficult than Zhang Fei. I don’t know where to put the big place.”

Yu Tu: “You can call whatever you want.”

Qiao Jingjing: “Can you win?”

Yu Tu: “No, I will record it.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…then come back to give me class?”

Yu Tu: “Yeah.”

At this time, the jungler Li Bai suddenly made a sound.

The magical little insect: “Marco, I think your girlfriend is worse than my girlfriend.”

Yu Tu was taken aback for a moment. He was about to say that Niu Mo was not his girlfriend, but he felt strange to say this to a stranger, so he hesitated and heard Qiao Jingjing say, “But you are not as good as my boyfriend.”

Yu Tu:…

Yu Tu is not surprising, Qiao Jingjing has always played games in a very style. It is inevitable that there will be sprays in the game. Every time she is scolded, she will scold back, but the level of her scolding back is really… hard to say. For example, if someone scolds trash, she will trash back to you, and if someone scolds you, she will be stupid when she calls you back.

So when someone said, “You are not as good as my girlfriend,” she replied, “You are not as good as my boyfriend.” It is really reasonable.

The magical insect immediately retorted: “Don’t make trouble, that’s him playing Sagittarius. I am not very familiar with Li Bai. If you don’t believe me, I will pull you guys and show you a god-level mark.”

His girlfriend didn’t speak, and typed a line.

Xiaoniao Chongzi (Zhuang Zhou): Come on, husband!

At this time, passers-by who had been quiet all of a sudden suddenly swiped the chat bar.

Don’t wear it well and cool (Ying Zheng): Stop talking, I’m going to hang up.

Don’t dress well and cool (Ying Zheng): Today is Double Eleven, Singles Day. As a result, there are couples everywhere on the street. I hide from home and play games, and I can match two couples.

Don’t wear well and cool (Ying Zheng): I’m feeling emotional, I want to hang up.

Then he squatted in the spring without moving.

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

She typed quickly.

Hand Pickable Cotton (Cow Demon): Wait, you made a mistake, tomorrow is Singles’ Day!

Don’t wear it well and cool (Ying Zheng): Really?

Qiao Jingjing suspected that he had checked the calendar, and after a while.

Don’t wear it well and cool (Ying Zheng): Okay, then I will fight again.

This round was finally won with twists and turns, and Marco Polo from Yutu took the mvp without any surprise.

As soon as she withdrew from this round, Qiao Jingjing received an invitation from the magic little insect. She came with interest, accepted the invitation, and entered the room.

The magical insect: Your boyfriend rejected me, isn’t he afraid to come?

Hand-picking cotton: you wait.

Qiao Jingjing sent a screenshot of the conversation to Yu Tu on WeChat.

Yu Tu: Pull me.

Yu Tu entered the room, and the magic little insect immediately clicked to start. Enter the hero selection interface, the insect and Yutu can be selected at the same time.

There is no doubt that Little Insect chose the archer Marco Polo. Yu Tu…

Actually chose Li Bai!

This is simply a ring, Qiao Jingjing immediately became excited. Speaking of, I haven’t watched Li Bai too much in 5v5.

The magical insect (Marco Polo): Dig, you are provocative.

Yutu pounding medicine (Li Bai): I rarely play, try it.

Little Bird and Bug (Zhuang Zhou): Come on, husband ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Qiao Jingjing immediately followed: Boyfriend, come on ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Poor passerby:……………… Are all lovers?

Qiao Jingjing was afraid that he would hang up too, and comforted him: Be strong and don’t hang up.

The passerby replied humorously: No, I have a cat.

This round was played very fast, Marco was very good, but Yu Tu was even better. A dashing sword fairy in white clothes, coming and going without a trace, looking ahead, suddenly behind, Pianruo shocked, like a dragon, between coming and going, the other party’s crispy skin ten thousand times in seconds.

The opponent was killed directly by him in the early stage, and surrendered in ten minutes.

The magical little insect:…it hurts self-esteem.

Xiaoniao Chongzi (Zhuang Zhou): Husband, you are the best!

Qiao Jingjing bullied others in the end.

Hand-pickable cotton (Bian Que): Be strong, be strong/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

After exiting the game, Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but reminisce about Li Bai who had just been elegant. It took a long time before she opened WeChat excitedly to say something. But I saw a message sent by Yutu.

Yu Tu: Why are you so skinny?

Qiao Jingjing’s heartstrings trembled, and for a moment she forgot what she just wanted to say, and then she saw the WeChat prompt-the other party withdrew a message.