You are my glory Chapter 14

The next day was a tumultuous double eleven, but Qiao Jingjing had to watch her video of playing the bull demon with a heart-stopping heart.

Yu Tu actually recorded it, and transferred it to the computer to analyze where she did it right and where there was a problem. “The commonly used support heroes are actually those, with different skills, but if you learn one, your consciousness will be in place.”

Then I watched a few videos of professional players using Bull Magic.

Qiao Jingjing feels bitter in her heart. It’s a great Singles Day. Even if you are single, even if you have to learn, you can learn a handsome hero. The Bull Demon is so unsightly.

After four o’clock in the afternoon, Yu Tu said that he would leave early today.

“In the evening I have a gathering of colleagues from my unit.”

“I think you have a lot of parties.” She looked like a female celebrity who was not social at all.

Yu Tu didn’t feel relieved, “Isn’t it a normal frequency? And celebrating the theme of Singles’ Day.”


Yu Tu “coughed” for a while, “Said that he still needs to ask me about work.”

“…Go ahead.”

Yu Tu didn’t forget to say, “Practice Zhang Fei’s support yourself.”

Qiao Jingjing was a little depressed. Do you bring homework to play by yourself?

Going to the door with him bored, thinking that he can go to a lively party, but he has to squat by himself, which is a bit pitiful: “I wish I could play with you.”

It seemed that something was wrong when she said it. Even if she was not Qiao Jingjing, it would be inappropriate to follow Yutu.

I am annoyed to speak without thinking, but listen to the way and say: “If I take you, will you dare to go?”

Qiao Jingjing was startled, but saw that the annoyance of frustration flashed across his face.

Looking at each other awkwardly, she hurriedly sent her away: “Have fun, bye bye.”

It is also a gathering, and Yutu feels more at ease at this gathering. Everyone touched the cup, and my colleague Xiao Hu said with emotion: “This year is still last year.”

Da Meng said, “Next year will not be this year. Yu Tu went to an investment bank. In the world of flowers, can he remain as pure as we are?”

“Isn’t that one less dogwood?”

“Maybe it’s too old.”

Yu Tu was taken aback, “What happened to Laoguan?”

Lao Guan Daming Guan, the doctor who returned from the United States, is the chief designer of the same model of Yu Tu. Yu Tu became the deputy chief designer at such a young age, and he was also promoted.

“Sister-in-law divorced him.”

“How come?” Lao Guan and his wife are notoriously affectionate, otherwise they would not give up the high salary and come back with him from the United States.

“Why not? As soon as you leave, his life doubles, his overtime hours have become longer, and he can’t see people every day. Can my sister-in-law not be angry?”

Yu Tu frowned, “What did the others do? Two people came before I took a vacation.”

Da Meng said, “What’s the use of a large number of people, don’t you know the best? Besides, it’s the arrogant temper. Who else can you like, if you are not satisfied, you can only do it yourself.

Yu Tu silently picked up a cigarette from the table.

“Don’t talk nonsense, you guys.” Another colleague said, “Lao Guan has done his sister-in-law a long time ago, and today he shows off his loving breakfast with me.”

“Yes, Dameng, you are purely bachelor’s jealousy.”

Da Meng said “Bah,” and everyone was happy again. Xiao Hu remembered: “By the way, Lao Yu, I have a question to discuss with you. I think it inspires me a bit.”

Before Yu Tu spoke, Da Meng said, “Hey, you two, don’t forget to keep it secret. Don’t talk about technology outside.”

“I can’t talk about foreign technology with Lao Yu? Otherwise, what will I tell him in the future? The housing price in Lujiazui?”

The two started fighting there, and Yu Tu’s eyes dimmed slightly. Their industry has a strict confidentiality system, and they can’t mention specific technical things outside of the unit. After he left, probably only got some clues from the news and magazines.

He leaned back in his chair, bowed his head and lit the cigarette.

At eight o’clock after the meal, the colleagues plan to indulge completely and sing a song again. Yu Tu was somewhat uninterested, and said hello to a person and left first.

The place where they made an appointment today is at the Gateway. Below is Metro Line 1.

The subway station was crowded as usual.

This is a magical city. Go south to Xinzhuang and change line 5 to Zhuanqiao Aerospace City. Go north to People’s Square and change line 2 to Lujiazui Financial Center.

In the opposite direction, one side is lonely and the other side is prosperous.

It’s like a diversion in life.

One after another subways came and went, and the crowd stopped for a long time.

Qiao Jingjing is playing games at home.

She didn’t feel much about Singles’ Day at first, but when she thought that Yu Tu was eating and drinking with her friends at this moment, she could only play games by herself, and suddenly felt the sadness of a bachelor.

But I don’t know if the masters have been to the festival or the bachelors are not able to raise their energy, her Wang Zhaojun actually has Carrey, and has achieved excellent results in several consecutive games.

So the screenshots were mosaic and posted to Weibo, and most people praised the goddess as great.

But there are also special ones.

For example, this one–

Xiaojiao’s wife Dudu: My goddess is so beautiful, so rich and so thin, but on Singles’ Day I can only play games…I am not beautiful and fat and rich, but I have a husband ╮(╯▽╰)╭

…This must be a pro fan.

Qiao Jingjing, who is so thin and beautiful, started another round aggrieved, but Yu Tu actually called in when the team battle was magnifying. Qiao Jingjing immediately refused mercilessly and waited until the end of the round before returning.

Once connected, Yu Tu said, “Are you playing Wang Zhaojun again?”

“…You still bring surveillance?”

“I just looked at it,” he seemed to smile, and then asked, “Do you want to go out to play?”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback and stood up, “Where are you?”


Qiao Jingjing happily ran downstairs.

When Yu Tu saw that she was fully armed again, but even her hair was full of joy, she felt a little relaxed when she was funny.

Qiao Jingjing asked cheerfully, “Why are you back? Is your meeting place nearby?”

Yu Tu also wanted to ask himself this question.

“Almost.” Yu Tu said, “I am not interested in them going to sing.”

“Oh~ where are we going?”

Yu Tu thought for a while, “Watching a movie?”

There is a cinema on the basement level of a nearby shopping mall. The two walked over, watching movies with their phones while walking.

“This one?” Yu Tu pointed to a literary romance film that girls should love to watch.

Qiao Jingjing glanced at her, “No, did you do it on purpose? Everyone knows that I don’t agree with the heroine.”

Yu Tu: “…I don’t know much about your circle.”

Yu Tu looked at it again. For safety’s sake, he chose a purely male movie, “What about this?”

“Oh, this should be pretty. But the actor just broke up with his girlfriend, and his girlfriend is my best friend.” No matter how good the movie is, you can’t betray your girlfriend.

Yu Tu: “…”

He gave her the phone and said, “You choose.”

Qiao Jingjing is already familiar with Tu’s mobile phone, and she swipes up and down, “Let’s go to watch a cartoon, only the aisle is here…fingerprints.”

She had chosen a seat quickly, stopped and held her mobile phone to make Yutu pay by fingerprint. For a while, she forgot that she could return the mobile phone to Yutu directly.

Yu Tu didn’t even take it, but lowered his head and pressed lightly on the phone she was holding.

For a moment, Qiao Jingjing felt as if she had been pressed so gently everywhere, and with a burst of heart palpitations, she raised her head and happened to look into Yu Tu’s deep eyes.

It seemed that after a long time, perhaps just a moment, Yu Tu took back his mobile phone.

He checked the time, “We have to go faster, there are still fifteen minutes.”

The two did not speak any more, and walked quietly to the cinema together. After entering the mall, Yu Tu suddenly said, “Let’s leave.”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback.

“Don’t look back, someone is following us.”

Then he walked past her quickly. After a while, Qiao Jingjing received the QR code for ticket collection from him on WeChat.

Yu Tu: You get the ticket and go first.

Jingjing: It seems that one fetch is two, how did you come in?

Yu Tu: I will tell you when I get to the theater.

Qiao Jingjing felt that watching a movie was really exciting for her. She took the tickets first, put one of the tickets on an empty table according to Yu Tu’s instructions, and then went in by herself. It is simply the spy movie she has filmed!

After entering the projection hall, I took a seat on the side of the aisle, the lights went out, and the advertisements began to be displayed on the big screen. The place next to him has been vacant. Qiao Jingjing is a little anxious. The ticket will not be taken away by others, right?

She took out her mobile phone and lowered her WeChat account, but her eyes darkened before sending it out. A figure appeared next to her in the darkness. The man leaned over and asked in a low voice, “Is anyone here? I found a movie ticket on the table.”