You are my glory Chapter 15

Qiao Jingjing went out of power for a moment…

After a long while, she answered dryly “No”, and moved her leg to let him in.

Qiao Jingjing vaguely felt that he seemed to smile, walked in and sat down beside her, and the hot man’s breath suddenly penetrated all her senses.

It took several minutes for the movie to begin before Qiao Jingjing recovered. She couldn’t help but feel a little upset. Was she just being teased? But she didn’t even go back? It simply lost the face of the big entertainment industry.

Yu Guang glanced down at Yu the way suspiciously. He was looking at the big screen intently, and Junyi’s profile was focused and serious…


Qiao Jingjing retracted her gaze and began to watch the movie seriously. After only watching for a few minutes, I felt something was wrong. This visual observation is a story about how the protagonist pursues his dream firmly under the obstruction of his family?

She remembered the lonely look in Yu Tu’s eyes that day when he said he was going to give up the stars and the sea…

Yu Tu sees that this mood is not so good?

The movie is very interesting. Ninety minutes is not boring at all. Of course, the protagonist finally insisted on his dream and got the support of his family. The movie ended with the sound of music, and the audience left contentedly.

Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu waited until everyone was gone before getting up.

“I will send you back.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded.

Yu Tu was a little silent on the way back, she secretly looked at his expression, his expression was faint in the night, and she found her looking at him, raising her eyebrows suspiciously.

“Uh, I didn’t know it was this plot.”

“Very good.” Yu Tu said, “I was a lucky dreamer in the movie.”

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but ask, “Last time you said you were going to give up, why?”

She remembered that he said that his parents opposed it during the college entrance examination, “Is it because of family members? But your uncle seems to be involved in aerospace too? Why are your parents opposed?”

Yu Tu was taken aback.

Qiao Jingjing suddenly reacted, she knew too much! Quickly looked up at the sky.

But Yu Tu didn’t skip the topic, looking at her, there was a slight smile in his eyes.

Qiao Jingjing’s sight had to come back from the sky: “That…Pepe…”

Yu Tu nodded and said, “I know, she masters the gossip of the whole class.”

“…That’s right.”

Qiao Jingjing quickly changed the subject, “Don’t your parents still agree?”

“They agreed when I entered the graduate school.”

“Then why?”

The faint smile that had faded completely before, Yu Tu said for a while, “My parents came to Shanghai a while ago, but they didn’t tell me. The aunty called me and asked how my mother’s condition was and whether it was benign. , I knew they came to see the doctor.”

“When I went to look for them, they lived in a small hotel with dozens of yuan a night, and there were some biscuit instant noodles in the room.”

Qiao Jingjing thought about many reasons, but did not expect this reason to be so common, common, and unsolvable. She regretted the questioning so much.

“Is your mother okay?”

“It’s okay, a false alarm.” Yu Tu lowered his eyes, “but I can’t help but think, what if something happens? Can I give her the best medical treatment?”

He laughed at himself and asked and answered, “I don’t. I can have it, but I don’t.”

For a moment, Qiao Jingjing almost wanted to say, I can help you. But she knew that she could never say this. After a while, she asked, “Then what are you going to do next?”

“Investment Banking.”

But after all, his undergraduate major has been abandoned for many years, and everything has to be started from scratch. He smiled, his voice a little gloomy and self-deprecating, “I grew up arrogant and smart, but when I reached thirty, I could do nothing.”

Qiao Jingjing stopped and looked at him, unable to speak for a while.

Yutu stopped for a while and said, “Let’s go, it’s late.”

The night is quiet.

Yu Tuyao sat on the bed and smoked, his thoughts were a little empty. He thought he might be a little gaffe today.

He didn’t know why he said so much to Qiao Jingjing, and even exposed the deepest frustration in his heart. Regarding his parents, he never mentioned it in front of the teacher.

The screen of the phone next to the pillow lighted up, and he picked it up, and it was Qiao Jingjing who sent a message.

Jingjing: I suddenly remembered a sentence, which is very suitable for you.

Yu Tu: What?

Jingjing: But, you are already the rabbit who has seen the most stars.

Yu Tu was taken aback: Yutu’s Weibo?

Jingjing: Yes.

Then she sent a long voice over.

“I was stunned by you before. Why do you say that you didn’t accomplish anything? Even if you want to give up your previous career and start over, the things you did before are there. Although you don’t know what you did, But I think it must be very valuable, so even if you don’t do this job in the future, you don’t have to deny the past. You have at least fought for your ideals, and compromised than you have never tried. I think at least this is not a mistake.”

Jingjing: Come on, Rabbit God!

Yu Tu extinguished the cigarette. After a while, he held down the long sentence and listened to it again. Qiao Jingjing’s voice was actually very good. He remembered that in high school, every time there were cultural activities, she would always sing on stage.

He didn’t expect she would say something like this to him one day.

——You are already the rabbit who has seen the most stars.

Yes, no matter what he will do in the future, in the past ten years, he has not let himself down, whether he persists or gives up, at least he should not feel that this is a mistake.

Yu Tu’s finger pressed the reply box on WeChat, and he himself didn’t realize that his mood was so soft at this moment that his typing speed was so slow when he entered text.

Yu Tu: Thank you.

Yu Tu: It’s time for you to sleep.

Yu Tu: We will start qualifying tomorrow.

Jingjing: …good night!

Yu Tu smiled, put down his phone, got up and walked to the window.

The sky outside the window was pitch black, and there were no stars in sight. He remembered the dark night when he went to find his parents that day. He still remembered the moment of suffocation when he opened the door of the hotel.

Once everything seemed to be at your fingertips, so I didn’t care, thinking that I could solve everything, and growing up probably meant telling myself that he was not so omnipotent.

He thought that he had already fulfilled himself, so he shouldn’t regret it.