You are my glory Chapter 16

Before she woke up the next day, Qiao Jingjing received a call from Sister Ling. She first told her about the meeting with Director Li, and then asked, “Did you go to the movies yesterday?”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback: “I was photographed?”

Sister Ling disliked: “You are shocked, why don’t you panic when you go to the movies by yourself and get filmed.”


“I think you can have a relationship, such a beautiful big girl, who goes to the movies on Singles Day alone, alas, my agent feels a bit embarrassed.”

What logic is this? Has Singles’ Day turned into Valentine’s Day?

Qiao Jingjing was still a little surprised, “You actually encourage me to fall in love?”

Sister Ling “cut”, “The world is different, and it’s not before. Look at your fans still laughing at you as a single dog. Okay, I’m hanging up, remember, I will talk to Director Li at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. See you, get ready.”

Qiao Jingjing was also helpless: “Director Li’s movie didn’t reveal anything, just a name, what did I prepare? I have seen all of his previous works.”

Sister Ling thinks about it, “That’s fine. Turn around and act accordingly.”

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Jingjing went to Weibo to search for the photo. Although it was blurry, it looked pretty. Qiao Jingjing was relieved and was about to close the picture. Suddenly, she found something and zoomed in again.

Sure enough, there was a Yutu standing in the corner. In the photo, she is collecting tickets, and Yu Tu is looking at her from the corner?

Sure enough, it’s a spy war.

She saved the picture, and then her thoughts drifted away a bit.

Let’s fall in love~~~

It seems, okay? But, at least Baili keeps the contract so handsome, right?

Well, yes, Qiao Jingjing’s recent favorite heroes from Zhugeliang to Li Bai have now become Baili Shouyue. Because it feels great to sniper out a residual blood with one shot!

After lunch, she and Yu Tu each brought four computers to the 5V5 battle in the living room, and she kept the contract with Baili.

As a result, Yutu was shot several times.

After shooting him to death, Qiao Jingjing looked at him suspiciously: “Did you let me on purpose?”


“……I do not believe.”

Yu Tu smiled, “Then what are you asking? When did I let you? If you can’t hit me with a single shot, it’s my failure.”

That’s right~ After all, he taught her how to keep the contract.

It is true that Yu Tu will not let her. He won the game in the end. Qiao Jingjing has no emotions about losing to Yu Tu, but the reason is still needed.

“It must be because the computer allocated to me by the system does not operate the soldier line.”

Yu Tu felt that the computer was a bit wronged, and Miss Qiao would lose purely because she had been chasing him to fight.

Qiao Jingjing checked the time and stood up, “Let’s go watch the live broadcast, the snowy live broadcast is about to begin.”

Xuexue is one of Qiao Jingjing’s recent professional players.

She was recently taken by Yu Tu to watch a game video and became a fan of several professional players. I saw other people’s games and interviews, and then I touched the platforms such as Douyu Tentacle to watch other people’s live broadcasts. By the way, I watched a circle of game anchors on the platform, and I was really amazed by the popularity of the anchors.

“If I haven’t made my debut yet, I can also be an anchor, singing and playing games or something.”

It’s okay to sing on the way, but, “Play games?”

Qiao Jingjing said without shame: “I was busy acting before and didn’t play well. If I am a professional anchor, of course I have to practice hard. How can I just sing?”

She wandered around without proper business, feeling that she could still teach beauty, dressing, and yoga. She was really versatile and destined to be popular.

But Qiao Jingjing likes professional players, Yu Tu once commented: “They look good.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…Don’t insult me, the main thing is to play well, because it happens to be good-looking.”

The two watched videos now at a very high end. They used to watch videos on their mobile phones or on Yutu’s computer. One day Qiao Jingjing suddenly remembered that she had a small home theater, and immediately opened up a new battlefield.

Large-screen projection is much more comfortable than on a computer phone, and you can watch and play games.

Sun Shangxiang was used for snowing today. Qiao Jingjing remembered that Yu Tu’s Sun Shangxiang was also very powerful, and said on a whim, “In fact, you can also play e-sports, maybe even more popular than them.”

“… E-sports requires a lot of age, how old do you think these players are?”


“The one you are looking at, I have read the information, 18.”

Qiao Jingjing was shocked, “11 years younger than me?”

Yu Tu suspected that there was a problem with her addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. “Not 12?”

Qiao Jingjing suddenly exploded, “I’m only 29! I won’t have my birthday until next month.”

“…Very rigorous, I was wrong.” The rigorous scientific researcher Yu Designer gave his approval.

After watching the live broadcast for a while, and then turned to watch the recordings of a few games, Qiao Jingjing saw it ignited, and was about to move. “It seems that there will be a semifinal match in a few days, or let’s go to the scene to watch the match.”

Yu Tu: “…Can you go?”

When watching the live broadcast of the game, you can see the playing field, which is actually not very big. The auditorium can only accommodate two or three hundred people. Qiao Jingjing is too easy to be spotted.

Qiao Jingjing also hesitated a little. In a blink of an eye, she got another idea and pointed to the screen and said, “Before you watch each game, the commentator guesses the ban position. Otherwise, we will guess at the next game. We will go if we get all the guesses.”

As soon as the voice fell, I heard a “pop”, and the big screen suddenly went dark.

Qiao Jingjing blinked and looked at her finger. Is this… was she meditation?

Yu Turen couldn’t help but laugh, “Maybe it’s overheat protection. Let’s play a round first, and then start after a while.”

As a result, after the two played a round of ranking, the projection still couldn’t turn on.

Yu Tu looked at Qiao Jingjing: “The last time you lied to me to repair the purifier, you said you had a full set of tools at home?”

It hurts feelings to say something to cheat. By the way, the tool kit was specially prepared last time to “invite” him over.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Jingjing, who asked Xiao Zhu before turning out the toolkit, squatted on the way to watch him take down the projector.

“Do you really know how to fix it?”

Yu Tu said modestly: “Try it.”

He took the multimeter and other tools to test for a while, “It should be a problem with the power board.”

“Then change this board?”

“The replacement is too expensive, let’s fix it.”

Qiao Jingjing is a little admired, “You guys who do aerospace will still do this.”

“This is very basic. Aerospace is a systematic project, which is very complicated and huge. You need to understand a little bit in every aspect.” Yu Tu said casually, “If I go to welding, I am also a first-rate worker.”

Xueshen, you are still as narcissistic as you were in high school~~~

Qiao Jingjing looked down at the way he looked down and focused on the test, pursing his mouth, a little bit to laugh.

She watched attentively to repair the machine for a while, the phone rang suddenly, Qiao Jingjing answered the phone, and sister Ling’s voice came in a little hurriedly, “Jingjing, Director Li has changed her itinerary. Tomorrow, I will go back to Beijing. I will meet you this afternoon. , How can I send you a WeChat and never reply.”

“I didn’t pay attention, what time?”

“At half past four, I’m downstairs with you, the makeup artist and stylist are also here, we’ll be up right away.”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback, “Do you want to put on makeup?”

Sister Ling said, “Time is tight, they will help you hurry up. Uh, I forgot, is it your teacher Yu is…”

Qiao Jingjing sighed, “Of course he is here. You brought a group of people.”

Sister Ling: “…find your own way, we are all in the elevator anyway.”

Qiao Jingjing hung up the phone, and Yu Tu thought for a while and said, “Tell them that I repair electrical appliances?”

Qiao Jingjing hesitated a little, “A bit handsome…”

“Yes.” Yu Tu said, “then shut the door here when you go out.”

This can only be done. After all, everyone is in the elevator, but Qiao Jingjing still explained, “Make-up and styling are not counted as people in our studio, so… Actually, Sister Ling has long wanted to see you.”

The doorbell rang, and Yu Tu said, “Hurry up.”

Qiao Jingjing ran away in a hurry, of course he didn’t forget to close the door.

It was noisy outside, so Yu Tu mute the phone and went to Taobao to buy some parts. The people outside were busy for a while, and Qiao Jingjing sent him a WeChat message: “I’m leaving, you wait for me to come back.”

Yu Tu smiled, “Okay.”