You are my glory Chapter 17

When Qiao Jingjing and Sister Ling arrived at the agreed place, they found out that they were not the only ones who had come, but also the tentative actor and his agent who were rumored to be tentative.

Director Li’s assistant is very sorry: “Beijing is a bit urgent and I have to go back tonight, so we have an appointment together, don’t you mind.”

It doesn’t really matter, everyone just chats together.

Director Li was very kind, everyone drank tea together, and didn’t talk too much about the movie. These famous directors have their own methods of observing people, and sometimes you can’t do it with a word or action inadvertently.

Random chatting for half an hour, when talking about some popular things nowadays, the actor’s agent suddenly said, “Jingjing, the game you endorsed, we are also playing it, it’s really hot, that’s the top ranking No, when will you take us?”

There was silence during the dinner, and sister Ling’s eyes were about to breathe fire.

The people on Director Li did not speak, Qiao Jingjing said, “What is your rank?”

The agent said, “I’m only platinum.”

Qiao Jingjing said calmly: “My rank is high, it will increase the difficulty with you. Give me the phone, and I will help you play a game.”

Qiao Jingjing and Wang Zhaojun Kerry took a winning mvp.

When he finally left, Director Li smiled very kindly, “Both young people are good, but Jingjing.” He suddenly called Qiao Jingjing.

“This role is very suitable for you, but one point, you are too thin, you probably need to gain a little weight.”

Sister Ling’s eyes suddenly lit up.

After Qiao Jingjing left, Yu Tu cleaned the dust from the projector again, and then there was nothing to do. He returned to the living room and began to think about why he agreed to wait for Qiao Jingjing, but the point seems to be how Qiao Jingjing can be assured that he is alone in her house?

Zhai Liang sent a message, “What are you doing? No one is seen all day long.”

He replied: “Housekeeping.”

Zhai Liang: “???? You are not at home.”

He turned on the computer and focused on the work materials for a while, and after an hour, he received a call from Qiao Jingjing.

“Yu Tu tells you good news.”

“Got a character?”

“Almost, but the most important thing is ~ Director Li said~” Qiao Jingjing’s tone was beautiful, and Yu Tu thought that the director gave her some recognition, so he listened to her and listened to the joyous announcement over there.

“He said I was too skinny!”

Yu Tu: “…”

“You’re still at my house, come down, let’s go eat dinner.”

When Yu Tu arrived in the underground garage, Xiao Zhu waved to him in a nanny car. He walked over to the car, and Qiao Jingjing said, “Sister Ling’s husband’s birthday today, she went home first. Let’s go to her house to eat dinner and give her a surprise.”

Yu Tu: “…surely it is a surprise?”

When she arrived at Sister Ling’s house, Sister Ling opened the door and saw Qiao Jingjing. She really looked like you were so lingering, but as soon as Qiao Jingjing offered her TF necklace, she smiled.

A Guo carried her daughter over and said unconvincedly: “Teacher Qiao, it’s my birthday.”

Qiao Jingjing said logically: “I gave it to your wife and saved you money. Doesn’t it mean giving it to you? If you are really unhappy, you can take it to the store and exchange it for you.”

A country: “…”

Sister Ling had seen Yu Tu a long time ago, her eyes lit up for a long time, “This is Teacher Yu, right?”

“Just call me Yu Tu.” Yu Tu said apologetically, “I’m not prepared to come here empty-handed, sorry.”

“No need, just come over, Jingjing didn’t let me pass before.” Sister Ling couldn’t help but vomit.

A few people came to the house and greeted and sat down. Sister Ling endured for a while, and then leaned forward and asked, “Teacher Yu, are you interested in coming to our circle to have fun? Now the circle is most lacking in your age group. Debut completely. not late.”

Qiao Jingjing really wanted to roll her eyes, she knew it would.

Finally dispelled her thoughts. Sister Ling said, “I think we should just call Xiao Zhu Dandan and the others over to have a fun. They are all from the studio. Do you mind Mr. Yu?”

Of course Yu Tu had no objection, and Qiao Jingjing nodded.

When a few young people in the studio arrived, the scene suddenly became lively. Sister Ling simply ordered another hot pot, and everyone cooked the hot pot together.

The young people in the studio have never seen Yu Tu, but they have been curious for a long time, and slyly laughed and looked at it. Sister Ling coughed to remind them to pay attention to their image.

Qiao Jingjing said calmly: “It’s okay. Teacher Yu was very used to this kind of scene when he was in junior high and high school.”

Teacher Yu: “…Junior high school?”

Qiao Jingjing said, “I am also your alumnus in junior high school. In the third year of junior high school, the two middle schools will merge. You are in the first class and I am in the fourteenth class.”

Yu Tu was a little surprised.

Qiao Jingjing took the opportunity to grab a spoonful of his hot beef.

“Hey Jingjing, your school doesn’t arrange classes according to grades, right?” Sister Ling teased.

“You watched a lot of idol dramas.” Qiao Jingjing stared at her, “My junior high school grades are also good, otherwise, how can I be admitted to the same high school as Teacher Yu, and I will be crushed by a person like Yu teacher in high school. NS.”

Annoying Teacher Yu silently blanched a spoonful of new beef on the side.

Xiao Zhu immediately spoke up to the boss: “It’s okay, Jingjing, don’t you always claim to rely on beauty and figure… Hey, why do you eat so much meat.”

“Let her eat, Director Li requested.” Sister Ling explained, and then remembering what happened to the director in the afternoon, she couldn’t help but complain to everyone.

“Do you guys tell me about it? I haven’t seen such a fool, who stumbles in person, Duan Wu’s face changed at that time.”

Duan Wu is the actor that Director Li met today. He is slightly less popular than Qiao Jingjing, but his acting skills are quite good.

Qiao Jingjing said: “Later, Duan Wu sent me a WeChat message, saying that his company had already decided to change his agent next year.”

“It’s time to change, delay him.” Sister Ling said if she realized, “It turns out that this is the case. Big companies are troublesome. Is this idiot trying to push himself to be the next artist? I don’t care about Wu, it’s really ugly to eat. Why do these people just don’t understand that if you make you pornographic, she can go?”

“Follow him, I’m an mvp anyway.” Qiao Jingjing said to Tu triumphantly, “I didn’t shame you, Teacher Yu.”

A Guo was quite disappointed on the side, “I have also been your teacher, why did you choose another teacher so easily?”

“No, no,” he stopped eating the hot pot, put down his chopsticks, “Teacher Yu, let’s take a solo.”

“Go on.” Qiao Jingjing cheered on the side, “Teacher Yu, don’t be merciful just because he is a birthday star.”

Follow goodness in the way.

After three rounds, Aguo put down his mobile phone and said, “Eat hot pot.”

He wants to make up.

After eating the hot pot, everyone drank, played games and played games. The young people in the studio are playing in the restaurant. In the living room, Qiao Jingjing was playing with sister Ling’s daughter on the sofa while listening to the chat between A Guo and Yu Tu on the other side of the sofa.

They talked about games for a while, then they talked about the stocks of game companies, and then the topic was brought to the Hong Kong and US stocks along the way. Yu Tu had a lot of insights and made Aguo curious, “Teacher Yu, what do you do?”

Just listen to Yu Tu’s answer: “Go to China next month.”

“Investment banks, no wonder.”

Qiao Jingjing was startled.

The two chatted for a while, A Guo was pulled over to play in Texas, Yu Tu politely declined the invitation, took a glass of wine and walked to the balcony.

The city underfoot is shining brightly.

Qiao Jingjing returned Little Lolita to Sister Ling, walked to him and looked at him, “Are you really planning to go to an investment bank?”


“In high school, I always admired you.” Qiao Jingjing said suddenly.

Yu Tu sees her.

Qiao Jingjing looked calmly: “Because you have been getting full marks in mathematics and physics. At that time, I thought that this classmate would probably become a very powerful scientist in the future. I would feel very honored if that happened.”

“…As your classmate.” Qiao Jingjing quickly added.

Yu Tu smiled, “Probably let you down.”

“No, investment banks are also very good.” Qiao Jingjing did not let herself show regret, and said in a particularly brisk tone, “I think what you do will be great.”

He is in this line, I am afraid that Mr. Su is not as good as that. This thought suddenly flashed through Yu Tu’s mind, and then he was taken aback, unable to help.

How could I think of comparing it with others.

Yu Tu took a sip of wine and suddenly said, “Someone once said that I was selfish.”

Qiao Jingjing looked at him with question marks in her eyes.

“Obviously I have the ability to make my family live a better life, but I selfishly made my family sacrifice for my so-called ideal.”

Qiao Jingjing frowned, “You should tell him, “Sorry, I only have this ability.”

Yu Tu frowned slightly.

Qiao Jingjing said: “You think, if you can’t do well in all aspects like you are now, you can only do well? In fact, according to popular standards, you are also very good. Would anyone still say that you are selfish? That person? If you say you are selfish, it’s just that you are too good because you have too many types of abilities, but how can you blame you because you are good?”

Qiao Jingjing finished speaking in one breath, then thought for a while and nodded, “I think my logic is valid.”

Yu Tu smiled suddenly.

He felt that he was simply sick. He said those two sentences on purpose. Someone did say this to him six or seven years ago. He used to disagree, but sometimes he gets confused.

He wondered inexplicably what Qiao Jingjing would think.

In the end, her answer was so… fallacy?

“Is it wrong?” Qiao Jingjing tilted her head to look at him.


Yu Tu retracted his gaze from her face, and suddenly there was a sentence in his heart that he didn’t know where he had seen it before. You are so good-looking, and everything is right.

Qiao Jingjing said with some emotion: “I didn’t expect that we would be able to talk about this one day.”

Yu Tu said, “What’s stranger than that is that I teach you to play games.”

“Cheated.” Qiao Jingjing took his words back to him, then remembered and asked, “When did you say you go to an investment bank next month?”

“About the middle.”

“Can you keep teaching me until the game?”

“Yes.” Yu Tu replied concisely and powerfully.

Qiao Jingjing felt a little happy.

The breeze was blowing her hair kindly. She lay on the balcony railing, thinking happily, are they friends?