You are my glory Chapter 18

Since Cengfan opened the door to appetite that day, Qiao Jingjing’s weight has risen sharply. Sister Ling came to inspect her house one afternoon and pinched her face in one hand.

“How many catties are you now?”


Sister Ling gasped, “You gained five pounds? You gained five pounds in a week? You don’t have to be so eager to gain weight. Are you afraid that the blogger will scold you again?”

“Don’t worry. She was recently photographed by Reuters. She is at least ten pounds fatter. How big is her face to say to me!”

Qiao Jingjing with a trumpet is in control of all gossip movements at any time!

“Moreover,” Qiao Jingjing said proudly, “I got one diamond for a week. What’s the problem with being five catties?”

Yes, Qiao Jingjing is now a noble diamond, and it is entirely on her own to go up in a single row.

Yu Tu?


Teacher Yu doesn’t double row with her at all, and thoroughly implements the educational policy of asking her to be the king. Sometimes she met her teammates in a row, and she was so angry that she wanted to throw her phone after ten consecutive defeats, and she couldn’t shake his cold heart.

The reason is still very good.

“You will have two passersby teammates when you are playing. You don’t know their level, so plan for the worst.”

Do you think that’s it? No, there are more excessive things, such as now.

“In the last round of ranking, you pitted others.”

As soon as Sister Ling left, Mr. Yu, who had been silent before, started the class without any gaps. “There were two team fights when teammates started before they could keep up. It was too anxious.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

Yu Tu: “I recorded it. Come and see it.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…Wait, I will weigh you again.”

Qiao Jingjing put down the phone and ran away.

There is also a weight scale at the door. Qiao Jingjing used to weigh it, and when she came back, she felt a little heavy.

After the lunch at noon, she was already 96 kilograms. Although it means that she will generally drop a little in the morning, but if we continue to eat in the evening, might it inflated to 97?

Do you want to eat at a restaurant that was booked for the night? The fried prawns with oil and Huadiao drunken chicken are really tempting. And she hasn’t eaten outside for a long time.

However, as a female star, professionalism is also very important, so there is no one with a weight of ninety six seventy-seven.

She sat on the sofa, her face slightly rounded with solemnity.

Yu Tu observed her for a few seconds, wondering if he was too strict and unrelenting? It is rare for him to produce a little review of his own emotions, but after less than a minute, he listened to Qiao Jingjing’s resolutely said painfully.

“Let’s do it! If I can go to Xingyao before 5:30, we’ll still go out to eat, but we can’t do this again tomorrow.”

Yu Tu: “…”

Yu Tu: “Come and watch the qualifying video of the last round.”

…Qiao Jingjing thinks that if this person has a child in the future, the child must be very pitiful.

Yu Tu: “Hurry up.”

Teacher Yu knocked on the blackboard!

It was equivalent to finishing talking about her mistakes in the teamfight, and Qiao Jingjing continued her solo line. It is already three o’clock in the afternoon, and she is a diamond one star. If she wants to go to the stars, she still needs to win four games, about 20 minutes per game. Calculating the time, basically she can only win but not lose.

So Qiao Jingjing was ready to eat at home, but she never expected her character to explode.

In the first game, she met a powerful teammate of Han Xin, teammate Kerry.

In the second game, the opponent’s lineup was very crisp, she got Baili to keep the contract, and her own mvp.

In the third game, the opponent had a big advantage, but they hung up after eighteen minutes.

The fourth game was more dramatic. The jungler and mid laner of the opposing team quarreled, and then the two began to give heads on purpose.

When the opponent’s crystal burst in the fourth game, Qiao Jingjing put down the phone with a confused expression.

Is she such a star?

Doesn’t it mean that promotion is equal to crossing the robbery, it is very difficult?

Yu Tu has been watching the game with his mobile phone, and if necessary, he will record and analyze the gains and losses with Qiao Jingjing, but there is obviously no need for analysis in these games. He turned off the game and asked, “Where to eat?”

The place where they ate was an old Shanghai restaurant in Puxi. When the car reached the door, Qiao Jingjing looked out of the car and found it strange.

“Why are so many people waiting?” It’s not a weekend, and this restaurant was not very popular before.

Xiao Zhu said: “I know this. It seems that Michelin has been rated a while ago. Teacher Jingjingyu, please go first. I will go to the brand to return something, and I will come to you later.”

Yu Tu said to Qiao Jingjing, “You can go in first.”

Qiao Jingjing thought for a while and agreed: “Well, lest you hurt me to be filmed.”

Yu Tu was expressionless: “Well, that’s how I think about it.”

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help laughing, put on a hat and mask and slipped off first.

She passed the crowd smoothly and went into the reserved box, but the waiter who showed her the way seemed to have noticed it, with suppressed excitement on her face. Qiao Jingjing has long been used to seeing people, so she sat down calmly and began to study the menu.

It was like coming in, she had already ordered five or six dishes in her heart, and she still had something to say. “Let’s order a few more dishes. If you can’t eat them, you will bring them home. I’m so nervous. I want to taste many of them.”

Yu Tu did not take a seat, Qiao Jingjing tilted her head and looked at him suspiciously.

Yu Tu thought about it and said, “Jingjing, I want to ask you a favor.”

“What?” She closed the menu.

“When I just came in, I met my teacher and mother. They were waiting at the door, but there are more than a dozen tables in front. So, can I give them this box and I invite you to eat somewhere else?”

Yutu treats guests, of course it’s good. Anyway, he will go to the investment bank next month, and Qiao Jingjing will not be polite to him, but~~~

Qiao Jingjing blinked, “Can’t you invite them over to eat together?”

Yu Tu was a little surprised, “Don’t you mind?”

“Why should I mind?”

Yu Tu’s eyes fell on her face, and the corners of her mouth curled slightly, “I’ll invite them.”

Soon Yu Tu entered the box with a couple of about 60 years old and dressed in plain clothes. Qiao Jingjing had already smiled and stood in the door waiting.

Yu Tu felt warm in his heart and introduced them to each other, “Teacher, Master, this is my high school classmate Qiao Jingjing. Jingjing, this is my teacher Professor Zhang and my mother Professor Wang.”

Qiao Jingjing said hello with a smile: “Hello, Professor Zhang, and Professor Wang.”

The two professors nodded back, but they were infinitely surprised. Although on the way here, Yu Tu has already said that he is eating with a friend, but such a beautiful friend?

Or a girl?

Is it the object?

Both of them couldn’t help but look at Qiao Jingjing for several times. The more they looked, the more they were surprised, and they were inexplicably familiar. However, both of them are people who are passionate about scientific research, and they rarely pay attention to entertainment, so naturally they can’t remember where they have seen it. .

After the greeting, everyone took their seats, and Yu Tu discovered that Professor Zhang was still holding a cake box in his hand. “Is it the birthday of the teacher or the teacher?”

Professor Wang smiled and said, “Neither, it’s our wedding anniversary, we come here to eat every year. Actually, I booked a table today, but I don’t know how it was cancelled.”

It’s actually a wedding anniversary?

Qiao Jingjing immediately looked at Yu Tu and asked him if it was inconvenient for them to be there?

Yu Tu also felt that it was not appropriate. As he was about to speak, Professor Wang was careful and rushed to the front and said, “It’s okay, it’s all old couples and old wives. I like the crowds. Besides, it’s the box you booked.”

The elders have said so, of course it is not good to leave.

Professor Zhang stretched out his hand and took the menu to order: “I will order the dishes. They have been eaten here for decades. I know what is delicious. I will let you eat today.”

Professor Wang couldn’t laugh or cry: “Let’s rub other people’s boxes, don’t say the other way around.”

Yu Tu poured tea for everyone with a smile and called the waiter to order.

When ordering food, the waiter kept looking at Qiao Jingjing, his expression was a little excited. Fortunately, his professionalism passed the test and he didn’t say much.

But Professor Wang looked at her more suspiciously.

Qiao Jingjing responded with a dignified lady’s smile, which made Professor Wang a little embarrassed.

After ordering, the waiter left the box. Professor Zhang took a sip of water and asked Yu Tu: “You didn’t go out to play, you have been in Shanghai?”

“Well, something is wrong in Shanghai.”

Professor Zhang nodded, looking in a good mood, “I happen to be looking for you.”

His face was full of smiles, “Yu Tu, I have solved your problem for you.”

Yu Tu was taken aback.

“I know that you and Guan have suffered some grievances on the current model project. In the short term, your project will not be as profitable as the civilian model. It is inevitable that the attention and investment above will not be enough. As for the personnel, it is also a little overwhelming. , There are unfair things, and I also know. Before, you said that you want to leave for a while, and I understand, so I asked you to take a vacation first, to let you slow down, and second, this is also my strategy. Let the above know that the problem exists and must be resolved.”

The old professor was proud of his carefulness, “I didn’t care about administrative matters, but I must respond to the response. Sure enough, I will tell you that the courtyard attaches great importance to your project, and your project is the future. Both you and Guan Zai are the next generation leaders that leaders value very much.”

“Your vacation is almost over. In a few days’ meeting, you and Guan will respond to your difficulties and requirements, and strive to be in place at one time.

Qiao Jingjing gently put down the teacup and resisted looking at Yu Tu. Did he still encounter this at work? Moreover, his teacher doesn’t seem to know why he wants to quit his job and consider his parents?

Professor Zhang finished speaking for a while, but Yu Tu remained silent and did not answer.

The old professor seemed to feel the strange atmosphere, his smile gradually disappeared, and he realized that something was wrong. “You still have to go?”

Professor Wang quickly said: “If you don’t talk about work today, everyone can relax and just eat.”

Professor Zhang was a little angry, “Let him say, what else is there?”

Yu Tu lowered his eyes and said clearly, “Teacher, I left my job for money.”