You are my glory Chapter 19

The box was extremely quiet in an instant.

Various emotions flashed across Professor Zhang’s face, and he finally became a deep disappointment, but he did not speak harshly, just as if the whole person lost his spirit all at once.

“I also understand that in the past few years, many people have left. I understand everyone’s choice. I am just a little disappointed…” The old professor said that he understood it several times, but the student who had the highest hopes for him, in the end, Not suppressed.

“Yu Tu, you disappointed me too much.”

“You are my most proud student, I thought…” He sighed deeply, “Don’t talk about the older generation of astronauts, starting from scratch, just say that your colleague is locked in. He gave up in the United States. Come back with a high salary. I always thought you had your own beliefs and persistence just like him.”

Yu Tu didn’t refute any words, his gaze settled on the white tablecloth in front of him, always silent.

Qiao Jingjing was suddenly sad.

“However, Yu Tu also gave up the high salary.” She blurted out.

Yu Tu raised his eyes unexpectedly, and the two professors also looked at her in surprise.

“I think that Yu Tu and his colleagues are the top talents and deserve the best treatment. If there is no pressure and they are willing, of course it’s okay, but if they want to use their beliefs and ideals to ask them to be desperate, will it be a bit… …” A word flashed in her mind, and she did not think about it, “Kidnapping?”

“Jingjing!” Yu Tu stopped her.

Qiao Jingjing stopped, she regretted a little, she seemed too impulsive.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized immediately.

There was another silence in the box.

Yu Tu stood up: “Teacher, I’m sorry, we won’t bother you to have dinner with your mother.”

This time the old couple didn’t want to stay, Qiao Jingjing followed Yutu and walked out of the restaurant quickly.

When the night breeze blew, Yu Tu calmed down, he stopped, his tone a little helpless. “You are enjoying the greatest dividend in this society. You shouldn’t say such things to the teacher.”

What does it mean?

Qiao Jingjing was already regretting it, but now she seemed to be stabbed by a needle again. She suddenly looked at Yu Tu: “What do you mean? If I’m not Qiao Jingjing, and I’m not a star, I can say it?”

She opened her eyes and looked at him, “I just want to speak for you, I…”

She finally couldn’t help but say: “I hope you will continue to be an aerospace designer than anyone else!”

Yu Tu was stunned and stared at her: “Why?”


Because when you look up at the starry sky, it is the brightest and most beautiful.

Because the moment I fell in love with you, you were talking there, talking about the mysteries of the universe that I didn’t understand at all.

Because I have had so many fantasies, you in each fantasies are an aerospace designer, nothing else.

Because you like it!

Qiao Jingjing suddenly felt very wronged.

And she hasn’t been wronged like this for too long.

The nanny car drove to them and stopped. Xiao Zhu lowered the window and waved, “Jingjing, Teacher Yu, why are you outside?”

Qiao Jingjing moved her fingers, turned her head, and no longer looked at the way, she pulled the door and got into the car.

Xiao Zhu felt that the atmosphere was not right, so he looked back and forth, “Uh, Teacher Yu?”

Qiao Jingjing closed the car door and ordered: “Drive.”

The car disappeared at the intersection.

Standing on the side of the road, Yu Tu subconsciously wanted to go to his pocket to touch a cigarette, but for a moment he forgot that he didn’t actually have a habit of smoking, and only occasionally went to a friend to rub two.

He felt flustered.

But it seemed that it was not all palpitation, it was blood flow, it was heart beating, it was a kind of out-of-control intuition, like a warning of derailment.

An unfamiliar surge suddenly swept through his body, rushing across his always calm and self-sufficient brain. He probably knew what it was, but he had never experienced it or planned it. He did not expect to come suddenly at this moment, turning all restraint into ashes.

He was unprepared and caught off guard.

It’s all because of those stubborn, aggrieved eyes that are about to cry.

But he calmed down quickly.

He walked to the crowd waiting at the entrance of the restaurant, stopped in front of a little girl, and said politely, “Could you please delete the photo you just took?”

The girl’s parents looked at him warily. The little girl froze for a few seconds, then she took out her phone reluctantly and deleted all the photos in front of him, together with the backup in the trash can.

Yu Tu nodded and said, “Thank you.”

The little girl murmured: “I didn’t know how to post it. I am a fan of her family, so I wouldn’t help her in the topic, and I also took her so good-looking.”

Then she quizzically said, “Brother, what is your name? Did you just make your debut? Otherwise, I wouldn’t know if you are so handsome. If you and Qiao Jingjing fry CP, I can secretly be your CP face fan. Oh.”

Yu Tu felt that he was probably a little old. In the end, the little girl kindly reminded him: “But her fans are very fierce, you have to be careful.”

Yu Tu: “Well, thank you for reminding.”

On the streets in late autumn, Yutu walked toward the subway while lowering his hair on WeChat. Professor Wang came back quickly, so that he didn’t have to worry about it. They all respected his choice.

And the other…has never responded.

He sighed and stopped to stand on the side of the road. Sophisticated brain began to think about how to deal with this new type of problem. Just a little bit of a clue, the phone screen was suddenly occupied by an incoming call, and the number was displayed as “undisplayed”. Yu Tu felt stunned and immediately connected the call.

A solemn voice came from the microphone, “Yu Tu, the JX satellite in orbit suddenly malfunctioned and its attitude was out of control. No matter where you are, immediately end the vacation and rush to the Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center as quickly as possible.”