You are my glory Chapter 2

For seven or eight years in the industry, if you ask Qiao Jingjing what she is afraid of, one of them must be a hot search on Weibo.

Now the hot search headline on Weibo is exactly-“Qiao Jingjing’s design collapsed.”

The hottest one I clicked in was a video posted by a marketing account. In the video, a person with an id called Sparkling beat the King of Glory. The standard was a mess, and all kinds of deaths could hardly bear to look directly at it.

The marketing account also put a few screenshots. The first few are shining and hard to describe. The winning rate is low and the score is low. There is no MVP. The next few are screenshots of some drafts. Each draft is blowing the glory of Qiao Jingjing. The spokesperson is a master of the game.

The fans below angrily made him show that the sparkle was proof of Qiao Jingjing. The marketing account forwarded the reply calmly: Then you let Qiao Jingjing come out and deny it.

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t deny it, because that was her number.

“King of Glory” is a real-time battle tower defense game owned by Tencent. This game has nearly 80 heroes. Each hero has different skills. After entering the game, players can choose different heroes to fight against and push down the enemy. Even if the square base crystal wins. The most classic mode is the 5v5 battle against the Canyon of Kings map. In the exploded video, Qiao Jingjing is playing this, using Mage Xiaoqiao.

Speaking of it, when Qiao Jingjing used the endorsement, the game was not too popular, but Ling sister watched her husband in the game house indulge in it every day, and intuitively felt that the game would explode, and actively threw an olive branch to the game party. Sister Ling’s intuition was fully demonstrated when she received the play for Qiao Jingjing, and there was no deviation in the game.

King of Glory has exploded in more than a year, becoming the first mobile game in the true national sense. Even with Qiao Jingjing, it has gained a lot of attention outside the original audience and has benefited a lot.

But how much it has benefited before, how much trouble it is now.

No one stipulates that the spokesperson of the game must play the game well, but you have to be ridiculed by the fact that you are so bad as a master of the game.

Sister Ling brushed her phone all the way, until she got to the hotel in Hengdian and sent Xiao Zhu away, and then she began to question Qiao Jingjing.

“When did you play?”

“When I made the movie in the first half of the year, I only played it for more than half a month. I didn’t play it anymore after I was killed.”

“Does anyone know you play?”

“I didn’t tell anyone, but I logged in with WeChat. It seems that if your WeChat friends also play the game, they will automatically appear in the game friends. Maybe you can see me.” Qiao Jingjing was a little confused, “But what is it? How was it recorded?”

“…King of Glory has a function called friends to watch the game. You also know that WeChat friends will directly become game friends, so they can all watch you and record them. Don’t you know?”

Qiao Jingjing: “…and this function?”

Sister Ling wanted to hit her: “You don’t understand anything, what games are you playing foolishly.”

Qiao Jingjing feels very innocent as well: “I’m a spokesperson anyway. I always say that I’m a game master and I’m not guilty…Of course I have to practice.”

Sister Ling felt desperate and murmured, “I should have known that you have this problem.”

Give her any bullshit, she wants to become a real bull. Now think about it. Fortunately, I didn’t help her make a popular foodie design, otherwise I am afraid that she will have two hundred catties now.

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have fun with my husband. If I used WeChat to play, I would have discovered that you were messing around.” Sister Ling was so regretful that her intestines were all blue.

She also went to discuss cooperation with Tencent after playing with her husband for a while, but after she was busy with work, she gradually let go. Later, after winning the endorsement, she gave Qiao Jingjing her account to try it out. Seeing that she really didn’t look like a game master’s material, she ignored her. As a spokesperson, just post on Weibo and take photos on the platform, but who knew that she was so ambitious that she would secretly play by herself.

She walked around the room anxiously, “Don’t take this matter seriously, do you know how many men and women are robbing the endorsement of the king? Those who don’t need money are there. Originally, the king wanted to continue with us. The contract, now that this matter has happened, I am afraid that the contract renewal matter will hang up.”

“This is not the most important thing. We are actors and endorsements are second. Director Lee’s movie heroine is the most important thing, but what is the name of the movie I want to make! It’s called “True”!”

Qiao Jingjing has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, and she is not stupid and sweet, of course she is not stupid, she immediately thought: “You mean, the other party released this film for Director Li?”

Sister Ling nodded, “There is a news that I can’t be 100% sure, so I didn’t tell you, but there was news from Dao Li’s daughter saying that Dao Li decided it was you. I think some other people know After this news, that’s why I came here.”

Qiao Jingjing found it incredible: “I played it a few months ago. Isn’t this a bit far-sighted and ingenious?”

“It’s estimated that people have recorded it a long time ago, so I just wait for when it will be released. This will not come in handy.”

As she was talking, Sister Ling’s cell phone rang suddenly. She glanced at it, “Shhh”, “The king’s phone.”

Sister Ling turned on the hands-free.

The other party’s tone was a bit anxious, and there were a lot of words. “Mr. Qiu, this is Alex. What’s the matter with the hot search today? Is that trumpet Jingjing? Is she practicing heroes? You can quickly explain on Weibo.”

Sister Ling almost wanted to slap her thigh, her eyes were red from the touch. Is there such a considerate partner? She actually helped her figure out the reasons, why she hadn’t thought of it before. She replied repeatedly: “Yes, right, right, you are practicing heroes. That’s why you are practicing heroes that you don’t know well with the trumpet.

“It’s better to post on Weibo to explain this situation? Otherwise, we will be embarrassed.”

“Of course, we will post on Weibo right away.”

“But Mr. Qiu, we have discussed here. We just clarified whether the credibility of Weibo will be insufficient. In fact, we happen to have an event here, which is very suitable to change the current situation from a crisis to a win-win situation.”

Sister Ling’s heart jumped, and she asked alertly, “What activity?”

“That’s right, there will be more than a month, and the autumn competition is about to end, and there will be a special annual awards ceremony. We would like to invite Jingjing to play an entertainment game at the awards ceremony. At that time, we will draw five from Weibo. Lucky players, plus Jingjing, have a total of six people, divided into two groups. Each group has the right to choose two professional players as teammates. This will definitely be a hot spot for the fight.”

“…This~ we don’t seem to have this clause in our contract.”

Alex’s voice is a bit unhappy, “It is not stated in the contract that you will release such a video. For entertainment games, players are drawn randomly, and the level should not be very high. Don’t be afraid at all, unless…”

His tone rose suspiciously.

“It’s not a question of high level or not. On the contract…” Sister Ling was about to argue, when suddenly a voice came in.

“No problem! I can participate.”

It was Qiao Jingjing who was talking. Sister Ling covered the microphone with one hand and laughed at her grinning.

Alex was a little surprised, “Hey, what just said…”

Sister Ling is struggling to ride a tiger this time, so she can only take advantage of the trend to speak more beautifully: “It’s Jingjing, she especially supports your game, and she is very active in advertising and posting on Weibo. You know, we don’t take you much endorsement fee.”

Alex: “Yes, of course, of course, that…”

Sister Ling said helplessly: “She said it’s okay, I can stop it? Let’s discuss the details.”

Ten minutes later, Sister Ling hung up, her expression collapsed, “You, how can you go to the scene at your level? I have found the explanation. If you post some manuscripts with rhythm, it will be fine.”

Qiao Jingjing has just been swiping her phone, and her ambitions have been aroused by the bad reviews: “I used to have no fun. I still have more than a month left. I can’t practice it? I don’t believe it anymore. It’s harder than getting a vest line. !”

After midnight, Qiao Jingjing responded on Weibo.

Qiao Jingjing V:

In fact, this record is pretty good. I played Xiao Qiao even worse when I played a large size, so I built a trumpet to play in Bronze, thinking I could play in Bronze Carey! As a result… everyone’s surname is Joe, why can’t I play with her badly?

The masses were a little confused, but the fans responded very quickly.

A curious heart: So this is Jingjing’s trumpet? Heroes who don’t know how to play build a trumpet to practice thinking that they can abuse novices but are slaughtered? Haha let me laugh for three minutes.

Wedrte~: You can see clearly, it’s a trumpet hero training, all of your heroes are familiar with it right away? That professional player is not as good as you.

KPL’s official Weibo followed closely.

KPL King Glory Professional League V:

At the annual awards ceremony next month, @乔晶晶, the spokesperson of the King of Glory, will play an entertainment game with lucky players. Do you look forward to Teacher Qiao Jingjing’s Xiao Qiao? Then sign up soon.

Qiao Jingjing reposted it on Weibo immediately.

Qiao Jingjing V: Speaking of not playing Xiao Qiao, there is no designated hero!

Originally, the passers-by were still a little bit skeptical. As soon as the official Weibo information came out, the wind was completely reversed.

Many passers-by suddenly realized that it was not that Qiao Jingjing didn’t play the game badly, but Xiao Qiao, the hero, didn’t play well.

There is a big difference here.

Originally, there are dozens of heroes in the glory of the king, even professional players, it is impossible for every hero to play well, let alone ordinary players.

Sister Ling has been staring closely at Weibo and found that she doesn’t need to find someone to bring the rhythm, and many players spontaneously come out to speak out.

Chun Shan Bo drunk: I play jungle 666, I play shooters, all shooters are scum! 21 stars for my king.

Greasy Boy: King. I just want to know what hatred the mage has with me. The output is never more than 15%, and every time you come up in the rankings, you first say not to hit the single.

Triangle Theorem: There is also a big difference between the masters. Xiao Qiao, I can’t, the legs are too short… Huo Wu, I can Kerry the audience.

The matter subsided briefly, and Sister Ling finally breathed a sigh of relief, but she turned her head to see Qiao Jingjing seemingly in a daze.

She stretched out her hand and waved in front of her eyes, “Jingjing.”

Qiao Jingjing looked at her: “Sister Ling, I rarely add people I don’t know well on WeChat.”

Sister Ling patted her shoulder comfortingly. In fact, she was too angry, “I’ll find out who is so dark behind her back.”

“No, it’s my own problem. No wonder I was caught by someone.” Qiao Jingjing was very calm.

“Anyway, don’t be angry, it’s not worth it to be angry.”

“I’m not angry, wait for me to piss him off.” Qiao Jingjing’s eyes flashed, “Director Li, you continue to fight, the game helps me find a reliable person to take me to practice. There are also scenes here. The filming was over in a few days. From now on until the game, don’t arrange work for me except for the arrangements.”

Sister Ling was taken aback for a moment: “I was going to give you half a month off, but there is still more than a month before the game, you use it all to practice the game?”

Sister Ling thought of the amount of loss, and her heart ached, “How much is your day worth?”

Qiao Jingjing handed her mobile phone to Sister Ling, and the bright screen showed her hot comments on Weibo. Fans were cheering and celebrating happily after spitting out the ill-will before.

If she loses the game a month later, it is not just her who will be laughed at, but them as well.

Sister Ling sighed and understood, “Okay, I’ll make arrangements.”

Qiao Jingjing is ready to go to bed, and there will be another day of play tomorrow. The more this is the time, the better he must be. Sister Ling went back to her room to rest, but walked to the door and turned back hesitantly, “That Jingjing.”


“Although I also think that practicing games is not more difficult than practicing the vest line, but you have lost a few pounds and you haven’t practiced the vest line.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…”