You are my glory Chapter 3

Once a decision is made, Sister Ling will act vigorously and vigorously. When Qiao Jingjing’s play in Hengdian is completed, the team immediately returned to Shanghai to start the king’s special training.

She has prepared very well, new account, game-specific mobile phone, and even the coach is ready, it is her husband A Guo.

Sister Ling and her husband were married as a childhood sweetheart. A country also had a good job, but Sister Ling flew around all day without taking care of the children. A country had to sacrifice her career and return to the family, and play games in the extra time. The rank is quite high and is the strongest king.

“I was bitten by a snake for ten years and I was afraid of well ropes. The less people know about this, the better. So, if you have his level as your coach, you should be able to see it.”

Sister Ling opened the door of the small meeting room of the studio. A Guo was already waiting inside. Seeing them coming in, she quickly stood up and said hello.

“Let’s practice here in the future, Xiao Zhu, follow along and watch and learn, and Jingjing will order later, and Dandan will be called. She will also play this game. With me, the five of us will form a team to practice. .”

Sister Ling went to work after she explained it, and Aguo began to teach Qiao Jingjing and Xiao Zhu, and she gave a reassurance as soon as she came up.

“This game is actually not difficult. If you concentrate on practicing a few heroes in more than a month, you will definitely be able to practice well, otherwise the players will not run out.”

Qiao Jingjing sounded very excited.

“Let me tell you some basic things first.” He opened the game interface, “Do you know about matching and ranking? Matching means that everyone can play at will, but if you want to have a rank, you must pass the qualifying match. One star is one star. Stars rise up.”

Of course I know this, Qiao Jingjing nodded.

“There is a match, but most of the games are 5v5, and the ranking is only 5v5.”

“The rank below the diamond is similar to the match. Take any heroes you want. Of course, you can’t repeat it with your teammates. When you reach the rank above the diamond, it will become a draft mode. The difference is that at the beginning of the draft mode, two heroes can be banned, and then the two sides will take turns to take the heroes. You won’t be able to take it if you have taken it. When you go back to the game, it’s definitely the same mode. The professional game bans three heroes first, and it’s probably the same in your entertainment game.”

A Guo drank, “But no matter how the mode changes, I use this map of the Canyon of Kings.”

A Guo opened a training camp and showed the two of them a map.

“Jingjing, you have also played. Looking at this map, there are three ways of upper, middle and lower. The normal style of play is generally that the mage walks in the middle, the archer walks down the road with the help, the warrior tank goes on the road, and the jungler clears the wild monsters in the wild. .”

After all, Qiao Jingjing endorsed the game, and she actually understood many things, but she didn’t interrupt A Guo and continued to listen to him.

“A-ling told me what the game party means. They are to randomly select five people from the registered players, add Jingjing, a total of six people, and divide them into two teams, so that there are three people on one side, and then each team is free Pick two professional players and form a five-person team to compete.”

“No matter how strong the players are, they are not as good as professional players. Two professional players must take the c position, so Jingjing has to train support or tanks.”

Qiao Jingjing raised her hand and asked, “I understand the c-bit. There is also a c-bit in the game?”

A country: “There are usually five positions in the game: jungler, mid laner, shooter, wing, and support. The first three positions are all c-positions.”

Qiao Jingjing, who is accustomed to position c: “I can’t fight?”

A Guo didn’t expect that his student game hadn’t been learned yet, but he had become a c-bit dog. He looked at Qiao Jingjing with indescribable words: “Do you want to win?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded.

A country said very authoritatively: “Then you play support.”

A country then introduced the commonly used heroes, their positions and skills, and concluded, “Among all kinds of heroes, the support is relatively simple, and it is not easy to take the pot. Jingjing, you should practice Zhang Fei, this hero skill. It’s quite simple, mainly using the second skill to shield teammates, and the ultimate three skills to blow away the enemy.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded confidently.

All the heroes have been bought on the account, Qiao Jingjing entered the game with a new mobile phone, selected Zhang Fei, and followed the A country’s shooter.

A Guo nodded: “Yes, Zhang Fei mainly followed the shooter.”

He explained to her as he played: “The second skill gives me a shield, and that skill circle is on me… yes…”

Soon both of them successfully reached level four, and in the glory of the king, the hero level four has a big move.

“Did you see a red line on your head? This line is full, Zhang Fei’s ult can be used.” A Guo chased the opponent’s residual blood top laner while teaching Qiao Jingjing.

“Oh,” Qiao Jingjing agreed, and then clicked.

Zhang Fei on the screen suddenly swelled and enlarged, and with a roar, he blew away the opponent’s order, and the enemy with a trace of residual blood seemed to stay for a while, and then flew back to the bottom of his tower.

A Guo was also stunned: “He was about to die, why did you blow him away?”

Qiao Jingjing: “…I’ll just click to take a look.”

A country: “…Don’t use big tricks casually.”

After a while.

A Guo: “At this time, he used a big move to blow him away. Wait, don’t blow him… to me…”

When I said the last four words, A country was already dead.

After such three sets, A Guo wiped his sweat, “This hero is probably not suitable for you, let’s try another hero, Sun Bin, Sun Bin is also quite common.”

After another three sets…

“Try the bull demon, the blood is thick!”

After two days of hard work, I tried all the commonly used auxiliary heroes. Qiao Jingjing was okay, but A Guo felt that he had lost both energy and blood.

“At least Cai Wenji and Zhuang Zhou…It’s okay.” A Guo reluctantly lifted his spirits, “Although the high-end rounds are not often used, the players drawn may not be all kings. In this way, I will take a day off tomorrow. Think about how to teach you.”

“I’m going to shoot a commercial tomorrow, I couldn’t practice it.” Sister Ling opened the door and walked in. “Come here first, Jingjing, go back to bed early.”

“I use my mobile phone to practice at night. I don’t think this new mobile phone feels good.”

Sister Ling was startled: “Don’t, it will be troublesome if you get recorded again.”

Qiao Jingjing played the game for two days. The hero did not learn well. She was familiar with the details of the game, and glanced at her contemptuously: “One, the game can be set to prohibit spectators. Two, can’t I use a trumpet?”

Before nine o’clock in the evening, Qiao Jingjing washed up and climbed onto the bed, sitting on the bed and starting to build a new trumpet.

What to register for?

Qiao Jingjing thought about it for a while, and found a less-used □□ number, first logged in □□, and then entered the game with the association.

She called the hand can pick the stars, tried it in the game, and she was actually registered. So she knocked on a similar id—the cotton can be picked by hand.

It was so strange that no one registered and passed smoothly.

As soon as the new account entered, it was a long novice training, and it couldn’t be skipped. Qiao Jingjing kept tapping for a long time before entering the normal interface.

Just about to poke into the “battle mode”, the finger suddenly stopped.

Her gaze fell on the friend list on the far left of the interface, where there was already an avatar. This head is so familiar, it is an endless starry sky. She hesitated and opened, and saw the person’s id——

Yutu pounding medicine (Yu Tu).

Yu Tu…

Qiao Jingjing suddenly remembered that in the very beginning, she built this trumpet for the purpose of tutoring.

However, Qiao Jingjing was not in the mood to recall the thoughts of the distant girl, and quickly clicked into the game to start practicing. In the battle mode, there are actual matches with real players, as well as human-computer practice with the computer. She didn’t have the courage to fight with people alone, so she poked in the human-computer mode and started training Cai Wenji. After the end of the game, she quit, and suddenly an invitation popped up in the game. frame.

Yutu pounding medicine (from □□ friends)

Eternal Diamond 3

Invite you to team up to match 5v5 Kings Canyon

Accept rejection

Yu Tu…

Actually pulled her?

Qiao Jingjing was startled, eyebrows raised, and he clicked in.

As a result, she entered the room, but was greeted by a series of question marks.

School is about to start, so panic:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Yu Tu, who did you pull?

Yutu pounding medicine: It’s wrong, it’s on qq.

School is about to start so panic: newbie? No rank?

King of Glory requires six heroes to start qualifying, and it will be shown as the lowest rank Bronze Third. Qiao Jingjing’s trumpet is only open, and of course there is no rank.

Qiao Jingjing squeezed the phone and said nothing, she was quite refreshed, thinking that Yutu you could make trouble for me ten years from now. It won’t be wrong to cheat you later.

Slime Bag: Open it.

Dragon King 2001: Open.

The battle begins.

Qiao Jingjing chose Cai Wenji. She has been instilled a lot of common sense in the past two days, and Cai Wenji still knows how to follow the Sagittarius.

Yu Tu happens to be a shooter.

So Cai Wenji of Loliyin dangled behind “Jade Rabbit Treating Medicine”. Very laid-back and cheating. If you have skills, you will follow your skills. If you don’t have skills, you will be honorable. There is no strategy, no consciousness, and no position.

Qiao Jingjing felt that Yu Tu would definitely be killed by her.

So even though she died seven or eight times, when she actually attacked the enemy crystal within ten minutes of her life, Qiao Jingjing seemed to be messy in the fantasy wind. The immense joy rushed away from her rationality and reservedness. Before the end of the round, she hurriedly entered two words-please!

Add 10,000 exclamation points at the end!