You are my glory Chapter 4

Probably her exclamation mark played a role, and Yu Tu didn’t invite him again in the next game, but she was so panicked that the school was about to start but invited her.

Qiao Jingjing continues to use Cai Wenji, but this time the shooter has changed.

After beating for a while, “I’m panicking when school is about to start,” he was killed by the other side and sent a lot of blood.

After waiting for the second blood to be sent out, the school is about to start and I can’t help it in a panic.

School is about to start, so panic: Cai Wenji? ? ?

Qiao Jingjing was a little embarrassed, and there was no burden to pit Yutu, but others did.

Hand-picked cotton: I don’t know how to play it.

School is about to start, so panicky:…Turn on the voice and listen to my instructions.

A country was teaching on-site before, so he had never spoken. Qiao Jingjing turned on the small speaker and microphone in the upper left corner for the first time. When it was turned on, he heard a rough voice coming from there.

“I finally know that Yu Tu has shot for ten thousand years…Why did I go to hit the mid laner this time? Cai Wenji is a bit tricky.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

Before Qiao Jingjing was depressed, a long-lost voice rang from the other side. “You think too much, I just show you the correct way to play Zhuge Liang.”

The deep voice was slightly ridiculous. Qiao Jingjing lost consciousness for a moment. At this moment, the opponent’s jungler, Monkey King, didn’t know where he came out, and knocked out half a tube of blood from Cai Wenji who was parked in the middle of the road with a stick.

The opponent’s mid laner Gao Jianli also approached closely behind him, opened the game, and Cai Wenji was instantly wiped out.

I panicked and yelled to escape, “Eighty thousand people!” However, it was too late. Under the siege of the other three, the crispy shooter died after swiping twice.

Zhongdan Zhuge Liang Yutu originally went to the road to support him, but he was a step late in the bottom road, and he was trapped in the circle of the other three. At this time, although the opponent’s jungler had stale blood, the mage and the top laner still had half of the blood.

Qiao Jingjing lay on the ground, thinking that Zhuge Liang would also hang up. Who knows that Zhuge Liang’s tricky move directly harvested the head of the jungler, and then swiped out a passive face to wipe out Gao Jianli.

Two combos broke.

However, he himself was beaten into blood at this time and flashed to escape. Of course, the opponent’s top laner refused to let it go and pursued him. Who knew that Zhuge Liang turned around at this time with his second skill, and immediately after the first skill was another big Recruit, take away the top single head.

Three-game winning streak.

This series of operations lasted less than ten seconds, and Qiao Jingjing was dazzled and dumbfounded. When school is about to start, I yelled in a flustered mood: “Yutu, you are a dog.”

The other two people who had not spoken also made a sound.

Slime Bag: “Yu Tu, you Zhuge Liang is pretty good, why haven’t I seen you play.”

Dragon King 2001: “Zhai Liang always robs the mage. It’s not his turn.”

There was a heavy laughter from Yutu in the microphone, and the voice was particularly clear: “Normal operation.”

Qiao Jingjing felt that her chest cavity seemed to resonate with his voice.

When school is about to start, I panic: “Bah, you will die if you don’t pretend? Cai Wenji, you will stand in the grass and help me open my vision later.”

Qiao Jingjing was still immersed in Yu Tu’s domineering three kills just now, and subconsciously asked, “Which bush?”

There was a moment of silence in the game.

Qiao Jingjing also froze for a moment, and suddenly thought of a question that he hadn’t considered just now. Yu Tu… wouldn’t he recognize her voice?

“School is about to start, so panic” asked in shock, “Girl?”

This is nothing strange…

Qiao Jingjing: “Aren’t 40% of the players in this game girls?”

Although she doesn’t play the game well, she can do her best in other aspects of the endorsement, and she has memorized a lot of information.

I panicked: “But you are the girl insulator Yu Tu. You really don’t know this girl, Yu Tu?”

Yu Tu: “…Hmm.”

Panic: “Isn’t it on QQ?”

Yu Tu didn’t say a word. Qiao Jingjing, who was just wondering what the “girl insulator” was, was nervous, and hoped that he would never remember it. She is in his class, of course she has his □□ account number, but because of some weird thoughts, she registered a trumpet to add him, but after adding it twice, she failed and brought a beautiful woman (not her The avatar will not work.

When she was bored, she took his □□ account to Baidu, but inadvertently discovered that he had left his □□ account in an aerospace enthusiasts forum. In a flash, she added him in the name of an aerospace forum netizen, and she passed.

However, she didn’t know anything about it after all. After adding Yu Tu, she only said one or two things, and she was probably seen through the truth that she didn’t understand anything, and Yu Tu never responded to her again.

When I was in high school, I was really a little proud.

Qiao Jingjing was afraid that Yu Tu would think about it, and hurriedly replied: “I used to add it casually.” Then he asked, “Well, what am I standing in the grass for?”

I was so flustered that I was distracted: “Look if the other party has come to entrust us, and if so, you will send a signal.”

“it is good.”

Cai Wenji moved slowly to the grass. Suddenly remembered afterwards, Yu Tu…

Sure enough, she didn’t recognize her voice.

Qiao Jingjing was relieved, she felt a little disappointed in her heart, and then despised her loss, her inner drama was full of twists and turns. It was boring to stand and see. She couldn’t help but pull the map to see what Yu Tu was doing. In a few seconds, she was beaten to death by the wretched opponent jungler.

The opponent’s top laner immediately rushed to cooperate with the jungler, and panicked again.

I lay on the ground in a panic, with a weak breath and said, “Cai Wenji, you should follow the mage. I will develop alone.”

He yelled, “Yu Tu, whoever pulls it is responsible.”

Yu Tu said leisurely: “Yes, you are a scumbag shooter that is not worth protecting.”

So panic: “…”

Qiao Jingjing was driven by the shooter, so she ran to Zhuge Liang depressed.

Zhuge Liang is a very agile hero, with his second skill with three stages of displacement, and Yutu’s operation is very erratic, so it is actually difficult for Cai Wenji to keep up with him. But Yu Tu didn’t ask her anything, and didn’t say anything to her during the whole process.

This game won again. Qiao Jingjing flipped through the final data, and Yu Tu’s Zhuge Liang actually took 21 heads.

And her Cai Wenji’s grades are not too bad!

Qiao Jingjing glanced at her results with a little excitement, and she wanted to send a screenshot to Sister Ling. After being forbearing or sending it over, Ling Ling yelled: “Qiao Jingjing, you are going to shoot an advertisement tomorrow! Are you shameless not sleeping so late?”

Qiao Jingjing perfunctorily replied “Sleep to sleep”, then turned off WeChat, returned to the game interface and waited for them to come and pull her again. As a result, no invitation popped up for a long time. I went to the friends column to check and Yu Tu was offline. NS.

Go to bed so early?

Qiao Jingjing tried to add three other team friendly friends. Regrettably, she put her mobile phone to sleep, but she didn’t feel sleepy. After a while, she opened the game again and recharged her new account. He planned to buy all heroes and skins on this account. Done.

As a result, when I look at the recharge page, I can only recharge 648 at a time…

What the hell is this setting.

After charging the local tyrant Jing twice, Qiao Jingjing gave her her mobile phone as soon as Xiao Zhu arrived early the next morning.

“Help me recharge the game.”

Xiao Zhu: “Ah? Oh, how much is it?”

“The 648 one, just charge a hundred.”

Xiao Zhu: “…Flowers, do the flowers fall?”

Qiao Jingjing waved his hand: “Then help me buy all the heroes and inscriptions, all the skins…Forget it, only the good-looking ones.”

So, when she went home after shooting the commercial in the evening, when Qiao Jingjing logged into the game again, she was already shining and the shotgun was changed!

As soon as it went online, when the school was about to start, I was so panicked that I sent a team invitation.

Qiao Jingjing was not surprised by this invitation, because when she was reviewing her skin in the afternoon, she found that the three of them had passed her friend’s application. With a flash of inspiration, she gave them two skins each.

They were all the characters they played yesterday, and Qiao Jingjing noticed that none of them were wearing skins.

In this way, they are not embarrassed not to take her to play together. Sure enough, isn’t the invitation already here?

“Hand-pickable cotton” entered the room, and all four of them were there yesterday.

School is about to start, so panic: Girl, you gave me two skins?

Dragon King 2001: I also received it.

Slime bag: metoo.

Hand-picked cotton: Gods ask to bring O(∩_∩)O

Qiao Jingjing played a cute new role without any pressure.

Only Yu Tu didn’t speak.

Qiao Jingjing smiled secretly.

School is about to start, so I am moved to start the game. Entering the Canyon of Kings, it was so panic that he noticed that Yu Tu was still skinless and couldn’t help but turn on the voice.

“Yu Tu, you didn’t wear the skin the girl gave you?”

Yu Tu said flatly: “I don’t have one.”

Qiao Jingjing smiled hard, for a long time, and used all his acting skills to say pitifully: “I was going to give it to Yutu Great God and found that I was out of money.”

There was a moment of silence in the game, and then there was a burst of laughter, “Hahahahaha… Yutu, you also had a time when the girl was ranked last, hahaha…”

He laughed happily, but soon he roared, “Yu Tu, you sell me.”

Accompanied by the system’s voice prompts, Panic who went to the opponent’s wild area with Yutu to fight against the blue was killed by the opponent Hua Mulan, and honorably sent a blood.

Taking the opponent’s blue and running away, Yu Tu said leisurely, “Retreat reasonably.”

After that, I have to insert another knife: “Don’t worry, I got the blue. This wave is not a loss.”


Qiao Jingjing suddenly remembered that when he was in high school, Yu Tu was always surrounded by a group of boys, talking and laughing in the crowd. He is always the best. His performance is also basketball, and he didn’t expect the game to be the same.

However, there is no difference. It seems…too few words? Always panicked to tease him first before speaking, and sometimes even smiled with a trace of melancholy. Qiao Jingjing is an actor, and has a professional sensitivity to these subtle emotions.

Is it because you are getting older and calmer?

…No, why did she study him?

Qiao Jingjing quickly put aside these sudden thoughts, and seriously beat her Cai Wenji.

Qiao Jingjing played two rounds of Cai Wenji hard, feeling that she was making rapid progress and the number of deaths was much less, so she boldly tried a round of Sun Bin. Before the war, she was particularly guilty to explain that she was not good at playing, and she actually won!

Although she threw her big move several times into the no-man’s land in the wilderness!

Qiao Jingjing was planning to practice another round of Sun Bin. She was so flustered but a little embarrassed to say: “Sister, we want to go to qualify, how about taking you to match tomorrow? We have been quite free these days.”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback: “Can’t you take me?”

After asking, I realized that I was stupid. She only played a few rounds with her trumpet. She didn’t even start the qualifying round. Everyone is a diamond star. There is so much difference in rank. Of course, she can’t bring it. In King’s Glory, there must be only one stage difference before they can be ranked together.

“I can’t bring it.” I was so flustered and more embarrassed. I took two skins from the other person.

“You go.” Yu Tu suddenly said, “I’m not interested in qualifying.”

After saying this, the game is over.

In this game, teammates can no longer speak after one game is over. Qiao Jingjing was annoyed and was abandoned, but an invitation box popped up on the screen.

Yutu pounding medicine (from friends)

Diamond Ⅲ

Invite you to form a team to match. 5V5 Kings Canyon

Accept rejection

Qiao Jingjing was a little dazed.

This… Does he want to take her alone? ? ? ! ! !

But she didn’t give him skin!

But Qiao Jingjing poked the agreement without hesitation. Sure enough, she and Yu Tu were the only people in the team, and Yu Tu directly clicked to start the game.