You are my glory Chapter 5

Because there were only two of them, they matched three strange passers-by. Qiao Jingjing thought for a while and chose Sun Bin again.

The hero Sun Bin is a bit more difficult than Cai Wenji, and he needs some awareness, especially the location and time of the silent move. The first half was okay. Yu Tu still hit the single Zhuge Liang and supported the up and down line from time to time. Our side has the advantage. In the team battle, Qiao Jingjing couldn’t keep up. The shooter died two times before he started spraying.

Tianya (Sun Shangxiang): Sun Bin, are you stupid*?

The profanity was blocked by the system.

Qiao Jingjing was stunned and was about to scold him back. “You’re stupid” before they finished typing, I saw Yu Tu’s response from the chat box.

Yutu pounding medicine (Zhuge Liang): Let’s hang up together again.

Tianya (Sun Shangxiang): Are you together? Okay, your pluses and minuses are offset.

Qiao Jingjing:…

Is this shooter a little bit embarrassed?

After a while, the archer couldn’t help talking again.

Tianya (Sun Shangxiang): I said, why don’t you take your sister and bring it by yourself.

Yu Tu ignored him again.

They still won this set, and at the beginning of the next set, Yu Tu Miao chose the shooter.

Qiao Jingjing stared blankly at the jade rabbit who chose Sun Shangxiang and locked the medicine…

what to do?

In my heart… I feel a little sweet in my heart?

…Qiao Jingjing patted her face lightly.

Calm and calm, she is a big star with tens of millions of fans on Weibo, and tens of millions of gifts have been returned without a word. People took a shooter to lead her, and she swayed, what she looked like.

While spitting on herself, Qiao Jingjing quickly chose Sun Bin to follow behind on the way, for fear that others would steal her support position.

After playing a few more rounds, Yu Tu chose the shooter, no matter how many holes she made, she won in the end, and the handle was Yu Tu mvp. When sleeping at night, Qiao Jingjing rubbed her sore fingers while tossing and turning.

Hello, Qiao Jingjing, have you made a mistake?

You’re almost 30, and you still appreciate it just because you see other people playing games so well…

He may be bald, he may be so fat that he has lost his shape…

What are you excited about here.

…But he plays the game so cool.

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t sleep a bit.

There were various figures of jade rabbit pounding medicine across the canyons flashing in his mind. Qiao Jingjing sat up from the bed, grabbed the phone from the bed, and started watching her recorded several games.

Qiao Jingjing silently remembered that I was studying, and she clicked on Yutu’s perspective, and then watched the figure in the canyon fly away all over the field, showing off the enemy’s face, two faces, three or four faces.

When she fell asleep, she was still holding the lighted mobile phone in her hand, and the voice of “” came from inside.

In the following days, Qiao Jingjing had a beautiful life every day. There is no need to rush the announcement, there are no scenes to be filmed, and public opinion is very calm. During the day, you can play games with the country and hug them by the thighs at night, as long as you occasionally shoot an advertisement to attend events.

Of course, she prefers to play with Yutu and the others, after all, she won a lot ╮(╯▽╰)╭

A Guo is also very energetic now. Although Qiao Jingjing is a student with average talent in games, she is confident that no matter how hard she suffers and suffers several failures every day, as long as she goes back and rests for a night, she can still continue to play confidently the next day. Go down. How about a celebrity is not everyone can be, look at this tenacity!

It’s just that the time for her to go back is getting earlier and earlier, what’s the matter?

Qiao Jingjing said that she was going home at five o’clock that day. The reason was to go home and practice the vest line. In fact, she had just secretly landed on the trumpet, and found that Yu Tu and the slime were playing games with them and planned to go back to play with them.

As for why not tell Sister Ling them…

Of course, a peerless master must suddenly become interesting!

As a result, when she returned home, Yu Tu had already been offline.

Qiao Jingjing depressedly cut a plate of fruit for dinner, and was eating it without love, when Pepe suddenly called.

Her voice was a little excited.

“Jingjing, someone in our high school class group posted that rumorous post. Everyone is scolding the person who spread the rumor. Then guess what!”

Qiao Jingjing was a little absent: “What?”

Peipei: “Yu Tu came out to speak!”

Qiao Jingjing was startled.

Pei Pei said: “Ah, in addition to scolding and spreading rumors, there are also a few sour talkers. As a result, when they came out on the way to speak, they were immediately slapped and silenced.”

Qiao Jingjing calmed down: “Show me a screenshot of what he said.”

Soon Pepe sent a screenshot.

Yu Tu: I haven’t said such a thing.

Yu Tu: If anyone still has contact with Qiao Jingjing, please say sorry for me. If there is any need to explain, I will cooperate.

Qiao Jingjing stared at the picture for a long time.

Apologize to her. He needs to apologize for any mistakes. He also cooperates with an explanation. How can he cooperate? Is she going to make an announcement? I really don’t understand the entertainment industry at all.

If you really want to apologize, it’s better to take her to play the game and go to the group to chat.

Qiao Jingjing read Yu Tu’s two words over and over again, quickly finished the fruit, and then plunged into the game, giving Yu Tu two skins very generously.

The city has been completely covered by night.

Yu Tu closed the WeChat interface, a little bored, took a Zhai Liang cigarette from the coffee table and walked to the balcony.

In the faint smell of tobacco, his mood gradually calmed down.

“What? I was persuaded again?” Zhai Liang walked to him with a can of beer.

“No, it’s in the high school group.” Yu Tu didn’t want to say more, and he said it hastily.

“I thought your colleague came to persuade you to go back.”

Yu Tu flicked the ashes, “It is true that a colleague who resigned before made me make up my mind.”

“So what are you still hesitating about? Is it hard to choose if the annual salary is one million or one hundred thousand?”

“Where is the annual salary of one million.” Yu Tu laughed.

“Why not? The few offers you would get after you graduated from undergraduate degree. You can earn a few million dollars a year if you do any of them? If you are stupid to study for a graduate student in aerospace, you will get a dozen or two after your exhaustion. Ten, for overcoming a problem and giving 5,000 yuan, don’t you feel sorry for your IQ? At least…”

Zhai Liang took a sip of beer, “At least you and Xia Qing won’t break up.”

Yu Tu’s expression was indifferent, “Don’t mention the old past.”

“I think you regret it sooner or later, where will you find such a smart and beautiful wife in the future.”

Yu Tu glanced at him, “Anyway, it’s easier to find than you.”

Zhai Liang said “Bah”, “You still don’t rely on your face.”

After a while, Zhai Liang said again, “I can’t eat my ideals and feelings. Make up my mind to come out. You are thirty, and I want to say this. You are not naive.”

“I promised the teacher to think about it for a month.”

“Academician routines are so deep? I thought they were all old technical houses.” Zhai Liang was shocked.

He shook the beer can: “My thoughts are different from yours. I read it out so hard. I must make the most money and live my best life. In today’s society, celebrities act and sing songs for tens of millions. It’s making headlines if you are out of orbit and pregnant. You send rocket satellites to the sky, and you ask, who knows your names? Who knows that you only spend so much money in a year.”

Yu Tu smoked a cigarette quietly.

“Are you considered the most decadent day of your life recently? You stay at home and play games every day. In fact, you can go to Beijing and meet old classmates. I heard that Xia Qing is also single, so let’s talk about it now. Maybe I can continue the front edge or something.” He said as if he had discovered something, a little excited, “I said, you have been single for so many years, are you still in your heart…”

“No.” Yu Tu interrupted him lightly.

Zhai Liang said “Hey”, “I don’t understand you.”

He drank the wine in one breath, patted his shoulder and left him alone.

Yu Tu returned to the living room after smoking a cigarette, closed his eyes and leaned on the sofa. He remembered the surprised and distressed eyes of the teacher that day when he went to resign. Finally, he said, “You are also very tired these years. Let’s talk about it later.”

“This is more than a month, you, think about it, if you still want to leave at that time, I agree.”

In fact, there is nothing to consider. He has long known the various gains and losses, but he has to make a choice, and he doesn’t want to make it now.

He opened his eyes, picked up the phone and clicked into the game.

There has been no one on the line, and Qiao Jingjing played a game of one-on-one man-machine boringly. Of course, one-on-one man-machines cannot choose auxiliary heroes. She chose Zhuge Liang, who Yu Tu often plays, and was almost abused by the computer.

This hero is simply hard to play…How did Yu Tu get in and out of the crowd?

After the life and death battle with the computer for a while, Qiao Jingjing ended the game and quit the round, and then looked at the friends column, Yu Tu was already online.

He should have seen her gift, right?

As a reserved and arrogant female star, Qiao Jingjing patiently waited for Yu Tu to play her game. There was no response for a while.

Qiao Jingjing suspected that her investment was in the water, but the QQ message prompt box popped up on the top of the phone.

Yu Tu: No need to give me skin.

Qiao Jingjing was startled for a moment before she clicked on QQ. She didn’t expect Yu Tu to talk to her on QQ.

Yu Tu’s sentence is displayed alone in the upper left of the dialog box. Qiao Jingjing watched, suddenly a little lost. It seems that a long time ago, the teenage girl hoped that this dialog box would appear in this dialog box, saying that he started first.

Unexpectedly, it will be ten years later to realize this wish.

Things are neither human nor human, Qiao Jingjing smiled and shook her head for the girl’s thoughts of the past, but she didn’t know what to reply for a while.

She put down her mobile phone and went to run on the treadmill for a while, and received a call from Sister Ling halfway through, telling her that her family will have parent-child activities tomorrow, and she doesn’t need to go to the studio for training.

When she hung up the phone, Qiao Jingjing held her mobile phone. Somehow, a bold idea suddenly appeared in her mind.

Before she could think about it, she opened the QQ and typed out a line: “Can I ask you to be my coach?”