You are my glory Chapter 6

Yu Tu directly knocked “?” Come here.

Qiao Jingjing was holding her mobile phone, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt that her magic trick was correct. She also found out now that even though Yu Tu is a diamond, his level is much higher than that of Sister Ling’s Aguo. Playing with him will also make progress faster than with Aguo. If he can teach her specifically like Aguo, Then she must be making rapid progress.

But how do you convince Yutu to be the coach of her “stranger”?

It’s really hard to deal with a man like Yu Tu who could even refuse her back then.

Qiao Jingjing answered him in no hurry. I wandered around in the living room with my phone for two laps, and then called Xiao Zhu: “Xiao Zhu, ask Dandan to make a picture for me immediately. The content is that a company wants to organize an employee competition of the King of Glory. The one that is very trendy when you look at it tall, ten minutes for me.”

Xiao Zhu felt that his artist’s recent requirements were very strange, but he did his best to handle it.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Jingjing sent Yu Tu the picture of Dandan rushing out.

“Our unit wants to organize the Glory of the Kings competition. I want to win a little better, which will help me in my future work.”

Yu Tu:…

Qiao Jingjing: Don’t your unit hold activities?

Yu Tu: Does reading the game count?

Qiao Jingjing:…

Qiao Jingjing is curious about where he works. Didn’t he study finance at university? Aren’t those investment banks very fashionable and engage in reading contests?

But now is not the time to satisfy curiosity.

“I signed up, but in fact I can’t play at all, and I can’t let my colleagues in the unit find out that I can’t at all.

“I think it’s better for you to find someone else. I may not play this game at any time.”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback: “Why?”

Yu Tu was a little irritable. He actually talked to a netizen who didn’t know when to join for so long, but out of courtesy he explained: “I’m on vacation recently, and I may end the vacation at any time. In fact, I haven’t been playing for long. “

It won’t take long to be so powerful? Qiao Jingjing is even more excited, does that mean that she also hopes to be so good. Speaking of which, although her results were not as good as on the way back then, she worked hard and reached the second echelon.

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes rolled: “Then when we usually fight, can you give me more pointers? For example, tell me what’s wrong and what to do. Is this okay? If you don’t hit me someday, I will find someone else.”

Qiao Jingjing: “Jade Rabbit God, please.”

Help out with a pitiful expression.

It took a while before Yu Tu replied, “Yes.”

Qiao Jingjing made a fist.

Ok! Take it easy. The first step is promised, can the second step be far behind!

Wait, what’s her second step? ? ?

But Qiao Jingjing subconsciously skipped this question and typed with a smile: “Then let’s start right away!”

Before he could answer, Qiao Jingjing directly switched to the game interface, and then directly sent the invitation to the □□.

When Yu Tu looked at the link that popped up in the □□ dialog box, he couldn’t help but feel a little dazed.

He seems to have clearly rejected her, but now he feels like he has agreed?

The two matched three passers-by and began the battle.

In the hero selection interface, Qiao Jingjing still chose Cai Wenji, but his teammates unexpectedly chose Niu Mo and Da Qiao again, so there were too many support, so Yu Tu directly typed: “You use Wang Zhaojun.”

Qiao Jingjing has never used Wang Zhaojun before, but he has seen it used by his opponent. It seems to be quite powerful? Anyway, there is a way, she is fearless, so she chose Wang Zhaojun.

Eighteen minutes later, she honorably delivered a 0-8 record.

This is not the worst. The worst is that the mid laner who killed her three or four times gave her a thumbs-up.

Qiao Jingjing felt humiliated.

She returned angrily to speak: The other midlaner gave me a like!

Yu Tu: Wait a minute.

After a while, he sent a game invitation, Qiao Jingjing clicked in and saw the familiar team friendly and panicked them.

Hand-picked cotton: Should I still use Wang Zhaojun?

Without passers-by, Yu Tu spoke: “If your unit is competing, it is likely to be in the recruitment mode. Cai Wenji is likely to be banned, and this hero can’t bring the rhythm, and the headwind has no effect. Novice Wang Zhaojun is good.

Qiao Jingjing also spoke: “But I can’t.”

“Her skills are very simple, the first skill hurts and decelerates, the second skill freezes, and the third skill rains. You can move 123 in a row. You can change the summoner skill to flash.”

Qiao Jingjing quickly changed it.

I panicked and said: “Wait, wait, what happened that I don’t know? Which unit is playing?”

It’s time to choose heroes. After entering the game, Qiao Jingjing replied: “Our unit organizes the Glory of the Kings tournament, so I asked the Great God Yutu to teach me.”

I panicked and sent a series of characters with unknown meaning.

The slim bag said, “It’s still possible to teach people in Yutu. Zhai Liang is the result. At the beginning, he turned into scum.”

I was so flustered, “I watched it once, and learned the fingering technique, and then I relied on my own consciousness.”

There are fingerings?

Qiao Jingjing asked eagerly: “Does Wang Zhaojun have any fingerings?”

2001 said: “It doesn’t exist.”

It sounds like this hero is very simple. Qiao Jingjing’s performance in this round was a little better, but it was not much better. In the end it was 2-7-2.

At the end, Yu Tu reminded him a few words, “Pay attention to the prediction of the second skill. You can use the flash to adjust the position when you open it. When the assassin hits you, you put the second skill under your own feet.”

Qiao Jingjing quickly remembered, and then played with Wang Zhaojun for three more rounds, and gradually found the fun of playing this hero. Sometimes with luck, he freezes the crispy skin and opens it up, which is more fulfilling than playing Cai Wenji.

In the fifth game, she took Wang Zhaojun again, but when reading the article, she found that there was also Wang Zhaojun in the opponent’s team.

In this game, hitting a hero, for Qiao Jingjing, it is more terrifying than walking on the red carpet to hit the shirt. Generally she can win the hit. Anyway, it is embarrassing for others. It must be her who is embarrassed in the game.

Qiao Jingjing was extraordinarily nervous, causing this round to be worse than before, and was frozen to and froze by the opponent Wang Zhaojun, and died very beautifully.

After a round, Yu Tu is the winner’s mvp and the opponent Wang Zhaojun is the loser’s mvp. Qiao Jingjing thought for a while and depressedly saved the video of this round.

When sleeping at night, Qiao Jingjing took out the video of the fifth game and used the perspective of the opponent Wang Zhaojun to see how she drilled in the grass and how to stand in the team battle. It felt quite rewarding.

Of course, she had to try to forget that the clumsy pig opponent was herself.

Alas~~~ I didn’t expect that when she was learning acting, she would watch the videos of her predecessors over and over again, and even watch the games. She must have been given too high a beauty value when she was created in the sky, so all kinds of talent points can only be saved a little, right? Qiao Jingjing pityed herself quite logically.

After watching the video of the fifth game twice, she still didn’t feel sleepy, so she randomly ordered a match with Yu Tu a few days ago and cut Yu Tu’s perspective. Yu Tu used Zhuge Liang, who was always beautiful. In the first eight minutes, the bloody Zhuge Liang was chased and killed by the opponent’s one-third blood shooter, continuously turning in skills and flashing to escape. Seeing that he had already run away, the opponent’s archer was at ease in his jungle jungle. Who knew that Zhuge Liang quietly turned back and hid in the grass beside him. When the archer passed by, he increased his skills one by one and directly harvested the head.

Qiao Jingjing remembered that the opponent’s shooter would jump like a thunder, and even scold Zhuge Liang for Taiyin, and couldn’t help thinking…

It quickly came to a conclusion-I want to be a bit more overcast. The reason why she has been unable to beat others is because of her integrity!

Playing games actually requires an epiphany. Qiao Jingjing suddenly understood the true meaning of triviality, and her level rose rapidly. When I fought with Panic them again, I finally slowed down less severely. Once I was lucky enough to freeze the three remaining blood, and hurriedly drove up nervously, and actually won the first “three-game winning streak” in my life. .

So panic they called her 666, a wave of compliments. Qiao Jingjing was also very proud and recorded the video to enjoy herself.

However, when Shen Ye Jing was resuming the game alone, she found that Yu Tu was by her side during the three kills, standing and not playing.

This triple kill was actually made by Yu Turang?

She opened □□ depressedly, lying on the bed and typing: “If I kill three times, would you let me deliberately?”

Unexpectedly, Yu Tu was online. After a few minutes, he replied: “My financial resources are enough, and you are more suitable to take the head.”

Qiao Jingjing held her face, changed her name easily, and waited a few minutes before replying.

Hand-picking cotton: Thank you ^_^

When Sister Ling remembered that her artist had been absent from the studio for several days, she went straight to her house. Before opening the door, he heard the sound of the glory of the king coming from the phone in Qiao Jingjing’s hand.

Does this seem to be lazy?

Qiao Jingjing walked back into the house without raising her head. Sister Ling hurried to catch up, and then watched Qiao Jingjing take Wang Zhaojun’s mvp with her record of eight kills and three deaths, she was stunned.

“Are you a human machine?”

“You’re a human machine.” Qiao Jingjing gave her a white look, “Will you be solo?”

Since the three kills developed self-confidence, Qiao Jingjing secretly went to the rankings alone. At first, he was nervous, but found that bronze or something was very easy to play.

Sister Ling was really taken aback now, “Unbelievable, you have the guts to go solo by yourself?”

“I have the golden four, and they all go up in a single row.”

“What kind of medicine have you taken so powerful.”

Qiao Jingjing triumphantly: “Talent!”

Sister Ling joined in: “Awesome. A country didn’t teach you this, did you practice it yourself?”

“Hehehehe.” Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help showing off. “Actually, I found a game master and asked him to take me. I think he is much better than Aguo.”

Sister Ling was worried about her dedication: “He is reliable and unreliable, won’t he break the news?”

“Relax, he doesn’t even know who I am.”

“Netizen? How do you teach it?”

“Turn on the voice, tell me how to use the skills, how to move and what to do.”

“Hey, I’m going to drink some water.” Indulging in games and causing dry mouth, Qiao Jingjing stuffed her mobile phone to sister Ling, “It’s the jade rabbit in my friend who used drugs. You can click on the profile picture to see the record.”

Sister Ling took her mobile phone and opened her profile picture curiously to see the battle information, she couldn’t help being a bit stunned. Even if the winning rate is high, the best percentage of the game is also scary. Looking at the common heroes, Zhuge Liang’s winning rate is as high as 90%. She was convinced.

“It’s better than my Aguo.” Sister Ling returned her mobile phone, feeling relieved at the same time, she felt regretful, “Well, if there is such a reliable and good player in reality who can teach you face-to-face directly, it will be faster.”

Sister Ling had no intention of speaking, but Qiao Jingjing’s heart moved—Yu Tu… was originally a person in reality. What would it be like if he taught her directly?

It’s strange to say, it’s been several days, it seems his vacation hasn’t ended yet? And in the game every day, do you have such a holiday?

What is he doing now? I don’t always feel like people in the financial world.

When Sister Ling was gone, Qiao Jingjing poked Yu Tu’s QQ.

Hand-pickable cotton: Rabbit god, do you play games at home during your vacation?

Yu Tu did not reply to her.

Qiao Jingjing became more curious as she thought about it, and couldn’t wait to answer, so she poked Pepe’s WeChat.

She asked very skillfully.

Jingjing: “Peipei, is there any classmate in our class who works very well now?”

Pepe: “Isn’t it you?”

Jingjing: “I mean, what are you doing in the batch with particularly good grades in the past?”

Peipei: “Oh, they, Qi Qi has become the editor-in-chief of a book company, and Wang Jiang has become the vice president of a top 500 company.”

Jingjing: “What else?”

Peipei: “Sun Xiu is in the mayor’s secretary’s office.”

Pepe: “And Du Jia, it seems to be in Ali, with a very high income.”

Qiao Jingjing:…

Three minutes later.

Jingjing: “Where is Yutu?”