You are my glory Chapter 7

Peipei didn’t know why she was going, and she never responded. Qiao Jingjing couldn’t wait to pull her over through WeChat.

Peipei: “Yu Tu seems to be in the Shanghai Aerospace Research Institute.”


Actually aerospace?

Qiao Jingjing sat upright, and hurriedly asked: “But isn’t he studying finance in college?”

Pepe: “Why do you remember so clearly?”

Pepe: “How do I know how he went to space.”

Pepe: “Why are you asking this?”

Qiao Jingjing threw the phone away and didn’t plan to answer her again. After a few more minutes, Pepe suddenly sent a screenshot. The above was a conversation in the group of high school classmates.

Ding Chaoqun: @于途@于途, I bought the air purifier recommended by your circle of friends last time, and it suddenly broke down. I can’t get through the repair call. Can you help?

Ding Chaoqun: I just got through and said that I won’t be able to come over to fix it until tomorrow night. This child is used in the room. Can you say hello in advance? The child has a cold and coughs.

Li Ming: Yu Tu still sells purifiers?

Ding Chaoqun: What they developed for civilian use? I think aerospace science and technology are definitely awesome, but I didn’t expect it.

Yu Tu: Where is it broken? @丁超群

Ding Chaoqun: Can’t start.

Yu Tu: Is your home in Minhang?

Ding Chaoqun: Yes.

Yu Tu: I’ll go and help you see it directly.

Qiao Jingjing read the dialogue very carefully, and then condemned Peipei for sending pictures indiscriminately: “Why send this to me?”

Peipei: “I was in the group yesterday, just when I remembered it, I just showed it to you. They are indeed engaged in aerospace.”

Yeah… It’s actually aerospace…

It turned out that he did not give up his ideals.

Qiao Jingjing thought of the boy who was talking in the space forum, Yu Tu in his youth, suddenly became very clear before his eyes, and gradually overlapped with the jade rabbit in the game.

Qiao Jingjing suddenly became infinitely curious, what would he look like now?

If one day they meet occasionally in a crowd, it should be very interesting, but unfortunately she can’t wander around as much as she wants, so there will probably not be any chance encounters.

The fog and haze outside the window, the high-rise buildings overlooking the city, can not see the appearance of the city. Qiao Jingjing sat on the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows for a long time, but suddenly her heart moved somehow, and a thought struck through her mind like lightning. She grabbed the phone and typed with excitement: “Peipei, show me that purifier advertisement from Yu Tufa!”

So, the next night, the old five-member group, Yutu, was smashing medicine. It was so panic when the school started. When the slime bag, the Dragon King 2001 and the hand-pickable cotton were teamed up and matched, Qiao Jingjing began her performance.

First, he coughed twice, and then complained: “Oh, the smog in Shanghai is so heavy, is your smog?”

Yu Tu usually doesn’t speak unnecessarily, so he is the most cooperative: “Me and Yu Tu are also in Shanghai, coincidence!”

The other two also reported their coordinates one after another, one in Hangzhou and one in Wuhan, saying that everyone shares the fate of the smog.

Qiao Jingjing went on to follow the trend: “What brand of purifier do you use? My family bought a Yutu air purifier, but it broke after a few days.”

The jade rabbit smashing medicine in front of her suddenly paused.

The corners of Qiao Jingjing’s mouth rose.

I screamed in panic, “Yutu air purifier? Yu Tu, isn’t that what you did?”

Qiao Jingjing gave Haohuan a thumbs-up. This ability to take the scene is first-rate. It’s not in vain that she said when she chose to be together and matched together.

Qiao Jingjing’s voice is full of surprises and surprises: “This purifier is a product of your company, Yutu Great God? I bought it just by looking at the name like you. I didn’t expect it to be so coincidental.”

Yu Tu: “We are a laboratory that cooperates with outsiders. You can try another socket. One of my classmates bought it and said that it can’t be activated. I went to check it, and it turned out that there was a problem with the socket at his house.”

… How did this classmate steal her tricks!

Qiao Jingjing bit her scalp: “I have changed the socket, but it won’t work. I called for maintenance and told me to arrange it until the day after tomorrow. But the elderly at home has a very serious cough, oh~~~”

I panicked: “The after-sales service of your partner unit is not good. You can help Cotton to see Yutu?”

A thumbs up to him is simply not enough, Qiao Jingjing decided to find an opportunity to give him a full set of skins!

Yu Tu didn’t speak.

Qiao Jingjing’s voice was full of expectation: “The Great God Yutu still understands this?”

Panic: “Of course, he is a part-time troubleshooting expert.”

Qiao Jingjing: “Then Yutu, can you help my purifier?”

Yu Tu: “You give me your contact information.”

So easy? Qiao Jingjing was in an accident, so she listened to Yu Tu and said: “I will ask the people in that laboratory to say hello, and go to your house first.”

……Know it is not that easy It was so difficult for her to add him a QQ back then, how could she easily go to the female netizen’s house.

Fortunately, she still has a big move.

“Thank you, but.” Qiao Jingjing sighed, “In fact, this is already the second repair, and it feels useless even if it comes.”

Dragon King 2001: “It’s so unreliable, what went wrong, I still want to buy it.”

Slime Bag: “Yutu, can you do it?”

Qiao Jingjing sighed: “That’s right, I read the advertisement and said that I bought it with aerospace technology, but I didn’t expect…”

Qiao Jingjing said silently while confessing inwardly. Sorry, the great aerospace technology of the motherland will definitely add blood to you in the future!

I panicked: “What did the repairer say about the problem?”

Qiao Jingjing: “I think he is also very embarrassed. It seems that he can’t figure out the problem.”

I’m so panic: “Yu Tu, should you go and have a look.”

Qiao Jingjing didn’t speak any more, she was afraid that it would be too much to say too much. Yu Tu killed another Hua Mulan before he said, “You live with your parents?”

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes lit up and quickly replied, “Yes!”

“Are they there now?”

Qiao Jingjing suppressed his excitement: “Yes!”

After being quiet for a while, Yu Tu said, “If it’s convenient, I’ll go over and take a look.”

Qiao Jingjing almost jumped up and succeeded!

What kind of actor is she still! She should be a screenwriter.

Qiao Jingjing calmly asked, “My home is in Pudong, is it a bit far away? Too much trouble for you, right?”

Yu Tu: “It’s okay, send me the address.”

After a round, everyone quit the game.

Zhai Liang rushed to Yutu’s room, “You are all bored in Yutu, and you have to choose to go when your parents are there.”

Yu Tu picked up his jacket and walked out: “Are you bored?”

On the other side of the city, Qiao Jingjing put down her phone and hurriedly walked out of the bedroom, and said to Xiao Zhu who was guarding in the living room, “Xiao Zhu, quickly unpack the newly bought purifier.”

After finishing talking, he hurried back to the bedroom to make-up. Come out half an hour later, grab Xiao Zhu and turn her gaze to her face: “Look if the makeup is thicker?”

An exquisite top-level beauty is close at hand, although Xiao Zhu saw it every day, he still looked at it for a while. Qiao Jingjing let go of her, “Sure enough?”

Muttered back to the bedroom.

Xiao Zhu: “???”

After fifteen minutes, Qiao Jingjing came out again, she was already a fresh and lovely new makeup. Wearing a big loose sweater, with long slender straight legs, loosely tied with a ponytail, she is a fresh and lovely beautiful girl.

“Enough girl?”

It might be shameful to change Xiao Zhu, but at this moment he can only say in a trance and convincingly: “Girl girl. So, Jingjing, what are you doing?”

It’s so late, so what kind of pretense?

Qiao Jingjing clapped her hands with satisfaction and walked to the purifier: “Destroy the purifier.”

Yu Tu walked out of the subway station with the flow of people, and a gust of night breeze blew in. He slowed down and suddenly felt that all this was a little weird. Unexpectedly, he would meet with netizens one day, but the wonder of life probably lies in the unpredictability. Just like a few years ago, he firmly believed that he had to fight for his interests and ideals for a lifetime, but he finally lost to reality.

The address given by Mianhua was not far from the subway station, and it was only ten minutes away.

The security in the community seems to be very strict. There is already a girl in her twenties waiting at the door. The girl is holding her mobile phone and staring at him with a very excited expression since he appeared.

Yu Tu walked over, “Cotton?”

The girl immediately squeezed her mouth with her fist very comically, staring at him up and down and looking up and down. She was so excited that she stumbled and said, “No, no, I am not, I am her assistant. , She is waiting for you at home, I will take you there.”

The voice is indeed not cotton. But Mianyang didn’t say that she was a newcomer in the workplace, how could she have an assistant?

Yu Tu was a little confused, but still followed her footsteps.

Along the way, the girl turned her head from time to time to “secretly” look at him, and once happened to run into Yu Tu’s line of sight, immediately embarrassed. “Well, my name is Xiao Zhu. It’s in the innermost building, a bit far away.”

Yu Tu nodded, “It’s okay.”

Walked for a few more minutes.

“It’s almost here.” Xiao Zhu took Yu Tu and walked forward quickly. Suddenly, she stopped, looked at the front and shouted in surprise: “Jingjing, why did you get down by yourself?”


Suddenly something flashed in Yu Tu’s mind, he immediately raised his eyes to look up, and then his whole body was stunned.

In the lobby not far away, the lights were bright. A slender and tall woman was standing there, looking up at the notice in the lobby. She was facing him, wearing a large hat and mask, and only one pair of her face was exposed. Deep and bright eyes set off the whole scene like an impeccable light and shadow photo. Hearing the sound, her long eyelashes moved, and she turned her head.

Those clever eyes looked at him at once, seeming to stare for a few seconds, and then flashed a narrow smile.

“I’m afraid that someone will think that I am too big, so come down to greet me.”

It’s Qiao Jingjing.

They have not seen each other for ten years since the college entrance examination. Or that’s not right. In fact, he can see her everywhere, in various news media, screens of various sizes, even subway advertisements, bus stop signs, and she is everywhere.

Looking at the woman who was smiling at him not far away, Yu Tu couldn’t help feeling in a daze-he probably had an adventure.

Qiao Jingjing was also looking at Yu Tu, she thought, there is a word, very popular, how to say it.

Oh, it seems to be—

Returning is still a teenager.

She is rushing to fame and fortune amidst the billowing dust, but this person, as always, has clear eyes.