You are my glory Chapter 8

After a long while, Yu Tu came back to his senses, “Long time no see.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded and said, “Long time no see.”

Yu Tu was silent for a while and suggested, “Shall we go see your purifier?”

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

Qiao Jingjing coughed, “I squatted at home for several days and haven’t gone out. I’m a little dizzy. Why don’t we go out for a walk first?”

Yu Tu raised his brow slightly.

“Oh~ that’s it.” Qiao Jingjing sighed, but her expression was very flexible, “Originally, I wanted to use the “no power” trick. I didn’t expect Ding Chaoqun to have already used it. I was facing such a cute purifier. , I am really reluctant to destroy it… so it is working hard.”

Yu Tu’s expression was slightly surprised, and finally hesitated and said, “It’s quite cold outside.”

Qiao Jingjing was stunned for a moment, and followed his gaze to look at her leg. Seeing Yu Tu quickly averted her gaze, she secretly smiled in her heart.

“Okay, I’ll go up and change my clothes.”

Qiao Jingjing’s home is just a few steps away, just along the Binjiang Avenue along the Huangpu River. Although it is separated from the Bund by a river, it is much sparsely populated here.

Qiao Jingjing added a pair of trousers, put his hair down, and added a hat, mask, flat-screen mirror, the whole person was tightly covered, and he couldn’t see his appearance at all. It’s just that she has been a star for a long time, and she naturally has a compelling temperament between her gestures. Coupled with a windbreaker beside her, she is very upright and outstanding. When the two walk together, it is inevitable that passers-by are frequently looked at.

Qiao Jingjing said suddenly: “I think it’s a bit unsafe to walk with you.”

Yu Tu: “…Should I say this?”

He should be worried about being discovered by her fans at any time, right?

“No, I sometimes go for a walk with Xiao Zhu, the girl just now, and there are really not so many people watching us.”

Qiao Jingjing fumbled in the huge pocket of the sweater, and she found out a mask and handed it to him: “Don’t bother me to be found, it will make the headlines.”

Yu Tu was very suspicious. Wouldn’t he be more eye-catching if he is a big man wearing a pink mask? And she happened to have a mask in her pocket. Isn’t it a coincidence?

Thinking back to the various games she played with her, and the process of being “lied” over today… Yu Tu is quite sure, this is probably not a coincidence. But Qiao Jingjing’s raised hand was so persistent that Yu Tu had to take it and put on a mask.

Then I saw Qiao Jingjing’s eyes bend triumphantly, and his heart was also scorched. I really didn’t expect this high school classmate to be so childish?

Putting on the masks, the two walked forward again. Yu Tu saw Qiao Jingjing’s leisurely attitude and didn’t intend to speak at all, so she had to ask her own doubts first, “Why would you play games with me?”

“Huh?” Qiao Jingjing seemed to be distracted. He turned her head and blinked her eyes, “You invited me? Did you pull it wrong, did you forget?”

Of course Yu Tu didn’t forget, but, “Why are you among my QQ friends?”

Qiao Jingjing is depressed, do you need to explain this kind of thing that you secretly added to your QQ? With a glimpse of her beautiful eyes, she asked aggressively, “Are you amnesia?”

Yu Tu understood immediately, and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Do you still want to ask me why I am looking for you today?” Seeing that everyone is a little awkward to talk, Qiao Jingjing decided to get into the topic quickly.

Yu Tu looked at her and waited for the following.

Qiao Jingjing thought for a while and asked him, “Do you have Weibo?”

Yu Tu nodded, “Yes.”

“Then you log in and check out my Weibo.”

Yu Tu glanced at her, took out his mobile phone to log in to Weibo, found Qiao Jingjing’s Weibo page, and then saw her latest Weibo.

Qiao Jingjing V:

I just bought a super cute rabbit purifier. It works very well. The key is whether it is super cute?

Here is also a selfie of her with bunny ears and purifier.

His gaze stayed on the picture for a moment, he pulled down the comment, and it didn’t take long to post. The comment has broken through 50,000, and it is still rising. Most of them shouted that there is a goddess who is so cute, and the purifier recommended by the goddess is bought and bought.

At this moment, a WeChat prompt popped up on the phone interface.

Mu Yi: Dig, are we so rich? Actually hired a female celebrity to advertise?

When Yu Tudian entered, there were enthusiastic discussions in the large work group of the Institute on WeChat. About three or four people posted screenshots of Qiao Jingjing’s Weibo at the same time.

Wang Chun: Qiao Jingjing is so red, how much does it cost to send such a piece? @斜月一轮, isn’t your husband in the cooperating company? Go ask.

Oblique moon round: I asked, he said they didn’t invite it! I asked the little star about 300,000 pieces before, how dare you think about Qiao Jingjing.

Oblique moon round: My husband said that the Taobao store is short, and there are still many orders. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen because of the lack of stocking.

Li Lun: The only publicity before is to send a round of circle of friends to all employees, right? Now the cow is fried.

Yu Tu put away his phone and looked up at Qiao Jingjing.


Qiao Jingjing’s eyes flashed: “Anyway, I don’t have this kind of endorsement, and I don’t conflict. I will send a message to support the motherland’s aerospace industry.”

Yu Tu looked at her for a moment, then suddenly smiled, “Thank you.”

After speaking, continue to move forward.

Qiao Jingjing was dumbfounded: “…Wait!”

As soon as he caught up, he found that the corner of Yu Tu’s mouth was slightly raised, and Qiao Jingjing felt cheated and a little annoyed. “You are so unkind.”

“I thought that being unkind was to lie to me that the unit was going to play the game of King’s Glory.”

Qiao Jingjing was a little frustrated, but quickly became confident, “I’m not a lie to you, I really want to play the King of Glory game.”

Yu Tu raised his eyebrows slightly, expressing a trace of doubt.

“Do you know that I endorsed the glory of the king?”

Yu Tu nodded: “When you open the game for a while, you will be sending inscriptions.”

“Oh~ Anyway, in about a month, I’m going to compete on the same stage with a professional player.” Qiao Jingjing didn’t bother to explain, “You’ll know by flipping my Weibo to the front.”

Three minutes later, Yu Tu finished his Weibo. “…So in the next month you are going to the KPL live competition? With the lucky players in the draw?”

“Five lucky players, add me six, and all there are four professional players. It hasn’t been announced that professional players will participate.”

Yu Tu was silent.

Qiao Jingjing asked Yu Tu anxiously: “What do you think of my game level? If I go to play games…”

Yu Tu brewed for a while and commented politely, “If there is one more you in the team, I guess I won’t be able to win.”

“…” Qiao Jingjing gave him a gloomy look.

“So,” Yu Tu pondered, “Do you want me to teach you?”

Talking to smart people is to save effort. Qiao Jingjing pretends to be indifferent: “Okay? It’s not the previous online type, which is a bit inefficient… It’s best to teach face to face on the spot. Anyway, if you take a vacation, it shouldn’t delay your work…”

Qiao Jingjing’s heart suddenly twisted a little, of course, her face was still so flawless, very light and breezy!

Yu Tu was a little embarrassed.

“I haven’t watched a professional game. I don’t know how they are, so I don’t know if I can teach you.”

“It’s okay, anyway, I can’t ask someone to teach it, you know.”

Yu Tu only watched her exploded video, and of course he understood what she meant. However, he stared at her, “Do you trust me?”

“Huh?” Qiao Jingjing was a little inexplicable, “You are my classmate.” And there is no conflict of interest.

What else could Yu Tu say, he sighed long in his heart, and suddenly felt a little funny.

He remembered that a long time ago, in the first year of high school, a girl suddenly ran up in front of him and said arrogantly, “Yutu, teach me math. I will ask you to eat KFC.”

How similar.

He forgot why he refused at that time, but at this moment there seems to be no reason to refuse, and he really has nothing to do, so he nodded and said, “Okay.”

On the contrary, Qiao Jingjing was stunned. Although she felt confident before that he would definitely agree when she had spoken, but it was so simple?



“Will you be willing?”

Yu Tu nodded.

Qiao Jingjing became happy, and immediately walked back, “That’s not going to go shopping, let’s go back to play games.”

Yu Tu simply couldn’t keep up with her rhythm, “Aren’t your parents inappropriate?”

“Who told you that my parents were there? They are in their hometown.” Qiao Jingjing immediately formatted the last script and said cheerfully, “I only have rabbit purifiers in my house.”

The way back is completely different from when I came, and there is no coldness at all, because… Yu Tu has been asking her questions in various games.

Qiao Jingjing is a little dazed, now he has entered the Xueba teaching mode?

Yu Tu ended her questioning when she got downstairs at her house, and said helplessly, “How did the person who taught you teach?”

Qiao Jingjing felt the contempt from Xueshen, and said depressed, “Do you still study these when you play games?”

“You don’t need to study, you will know after a few games. These details sometimes determine the outcome.” He looked down at the table below, “It’s too late today, I won’t go up.”

Qiao Jingjing saw that it was ten o’clock and nodded.

“Then tomorrow, eh, nine o’clock in the morning? Are you coming over?” Qiao Jingjing asked him for advice, “You know it’s not convenient for me to go out.”

Yu Tu actually felt a little inappropriate, but it seemed that there was no other place to go. After thinking about it, he still said, “Yes.”

“Then…bye.” Qiao Jingjing waved to him.


Yu Tu gently pressed the elevator and waited for Qiao Jingjing to enter before turning to leave.

Qiao Jingjing almost cheered as soon as the elevator door closed.

“Little Zhu!” She happily jumped into the house, “A dream of my girlhood has come true!”

Xiao Zhu Zheng leaned on the sofa and reported the details to Sister Ling with excitement. Hearing that, he quickly put down his phone, “What dream?”

Qiao Jingjing: “Learn God and teach me math!”

Xiao Zhu:? ? ?