Chapter 1 A Husband From The Sky

“I have been following you for a long time. I fell in love with you when I first met. I want to see you every day, and all my dreams at night are you. I know it’s a bit sudden to say that, but if I don’t say what I am in my heart, I will be held back. Dead!”

“So, are you willing to be my boyfriend?” As

soon as Gu Anxin opened the door of the ward, she heard the nurse pluck up the courage to confess to a patient, her voice dripping with shy voice.

Coincidentally, this patient happened to be the man she saved a month ago. Seeing this scene, she didn’t step forward, and half leaned against the door interestingly.

This is the third confession this month. A month ago, Gu Anxin saved him by sketching outdoors. At that time, the man was injured and covered in blood. How could he be so popular… The

nurse was nervous at this time, with a small blush on his neck. Gen, didn’t notice Gu Anxin’s arrival at all. Seeing the man kept silent, he became more nervous, “Why don’t you speak? Am I too abrupt? It’s okay, I can wait for you to like me, and wait for you to agree to me. !”

The protagonist who was confessed noticed Gu Anxin’s arrival, and turned his disdainful gaze away from the nurse, and fixedly looked at Gu Anxin.

Gu Anxin received the man’s sight and couldn’t help it, so she walked over, “No need to wait.” She interrupted the nurse, with a slight smile on her face, and said to the nurse: “He is dumb, don’t you know? “

What?” The nurse looked at half-lying on the bed in shock, with a handsome and exquisite face with a noble and alienated temperament. Such a man turned out to be dumb?

“Yes, he is not only dumb, but the attending doctor said that his leg may be permanently paralyzed. Miss nurse, I know this is a society that looks at faces, but in addition to faces, girls should also pay attention to other conditions, you Would you like to spend the rest of your life with a disabled person who can’t speak?” The

nurse’s face was blue and red. For the rest of her life with the dumb lame, her heart categorically refused!

But I just confessed affectionately, and now I can’t get off the stage for a while, the nurse bulged and glared at Gu Anxin, “Who are you? Here are your fingertips.”

“I kindly remind you not to jump into the fire pit, why are you still raking…” Before Gu Anxin’s words were finished, the man on the bed suddenly reached out and pulled her closer, and then gently trimmed the broken hair on her forehead. .

Gu Anxin and the nurse were startled by his action and their eyes widened at the same time. Gu Anxin roared in his heart, please refuse others and don’t use her as a shield!

The nurse has collapsed and stomped her feet, “What is the relationship between the two of you!” At

this time, the attending doctor came in and saw Gu Anxin and said, “Miss Gu, your husband can be discharged from the hospital today. You sign here. “

Husband…Miss Nurse’s face turned green, she was messy, looked at Gu Anxin, then looked at the man on the bed whom she had liked for a month, and ran away crying.

“Hey, Miss Nurse, you…” Gu Anxin blinked and was about to tell the nurse that the doctor had made a mistake. Then, before the five words “he is not my husband” were said, the figure of the nurse had disappeared.

The attending doctor looked at the running nurse strangely, “What’s wrong with her? Could it be rejected by your husband again?”

Gu Anxin frowned, “Doctor Han, how many times have I told you that he is not my husband.”

” Okay.” Now, it’s common for young couples to quarrel, and it’s almost done.” Doctor Han looked at them and shook their heads.

Gu Anxin, a girl like a flower like a jade, has been taking care of the almost disabled man every day for the past month, even taking care of helping him take a bath. It’s not a couple who believes it, anyway, Dr. Han doesn’t believe it.

Gu Anxin was a little helpless, but she couldn’t tell the doctor that the reason she took care of this man so hard was because there was a maple leaf birthmark on his shoulder.

Two years ago, a brave Aunt Bai saved her life. Aunt Bai said when she parted with her: “An Xin, the biggest regret in my life is that I lost my son. My son has a maple leaf birthmark on his shoulder. Very smart and good-looking, but I just can’t find it anymore.”

“Miss Gu? Miss Gu?” Doctor Han called her a few times when he saw her suddenly in a daze.

Gu Anxin has recovered from her memories. Aunt Bai’s words are still vivid in her ears. From the perspective of age, appearance and the maple leaf birthmark on her shoulders, Gu Anxin feels that the man in front of him is most likely to belong to Aunt Bai. son.

“Good doctor, I will pack his things and leave the hospital to go home.” Gu Anxin said to the doctor.

Doctor Han patted Gu Anxin on the shoulder, “That’s right, there is no overnight hatred between husband and wife, go home and live a good life.”

Gu Anxin: “…” As

soon as Dr. Han left, Gu Anxin sat down. The man approached him and asked him for the Nth time, “What’s your name? Are you Aunt Bai’s son?” The

man glanced at her, his beautiful eyes slowly closed, ignoring Gu Anxin’s anxiety, he actually started to close his eyes repose.

“You can’t speak, so can you write? Or draw? You can write it to me!” Gu Anxin shook him unwillingly.

However, the man didn’t bother to open his eyes, with an air of arrogance.

“You!” Gu Anxin was about to be pissed off by him.

But thinking of Aunt Bai, she couldn’t leave him alone. A lame man who couldn’t speak would be starved to death in less than five days.

Gu Anxin finally took the man home.

Gu Anxin’s house is rented. It’s a simple one-bedroom house with a sofa in the living room. Gu Anxin pointed to the sofa, “Before you find any relatives, please live here.” She finished speaking and went to the bathroom. When I came back, I found that the man had turned on the TV, and news was broadcast on the TV.

“The latest news is that a major shareholding change has taken place within the Lingtian Group today. The shares of Ling Yue’s third son, Ling Yue, are all owned by the eldest brother Ling Fanghe and the second brother Ling Sheng. At present, the whereabouts of Ling Yue are unknown and there is an abnormality within the Ling Yue group. Turbulence…” The

man stared at the TV screen, his fists clenched in the dark.

Gu Anxin didn’t notice his abnormality, only when he cared about financial news.