Chapter 2 A Box of Money Falling from the Sky

On that day, they were in peace and harmony.

But early the next morning, Gu Anxin was awakened by a scream!

Gu Anxin got up from the bed quickly, opened the door and ran out, and saw Tang Meng, the neighbor of 302 next door, standing in front of her house, screaming and staring at the man who opened the door.

“An…Sister Anxin, why is there a man in your family!” Tang Meng was still screaming, even if he had a man, he was still naked, muscular, and impeccably handsome!

Tang Meng is still a college student, and she lives next to Gu Anxin with her grandmother. How could the girl’s heart in the morning bear this kind of stimulation.

“Hurry up and put on your clothes, you scared others!” Gu Anxin quickly turned back to the man, with a look a little embarrassed, because the bangs that had just gotten up were raised under her anxious movements, she didn’t know that the man actually returned. Have a habit of sleeping naked!

Tang Meng couldn’t help thinking about this scene. She recovered from the “handsome naked man”, swallowed, and raised Gu Anxin’s eyebrows at her, “Sister Anxin, he is so handsome. Is it your boyfriend?”

“No.” Gu Anxin categorically denied, but for a while, he didn’t know how to introduce this man, so he could only say: “I don’t know.”

” I do n’t know? This…” Tang Meng stunned. Looking up and down Gu Anxin, “Sister Anxin, I always thought you were the kind of conservative woman. Didn’t you expect you to play such an exciting relationship between men and women!”

At this time, the man had already put on his shirt and moved to them. After a glance, he got stuck in his wheelchair and went to the bathroom to wash.

Tang Meng realized that the man was still sitting in a wheelchair, opened his mouth, then nodded violently, and leaned on Gu Anxin’s ears and said, “Sister Anxin, I heard that if a man can’t do it on one hand, he’ll be special on the other. It’s great, is he not good at his legs, and then that aspect is special…”

“Xiao Meng!” Gu Anxin interrupted Tang Meng, “You are a kid, you have something in your head, so I will take him in for a few days. , Nothing else.”

Tang Meng was interrupted by her and curled his lips, but the heart of gossip was still burning, unwilling to stand on tiptoe to look at the direction of the man, “But sister Anxin…” A single woman took in a handsome guy to stay at home. The one in the morning is naked and the other is very lazy, so it doesn’t seem like there is nothing at all.

“Is there anything wrong with you coming to see me?” Gu Anxin had to change the subject.

Tang Meng just remembered now, and got a little busy, “Yes, the landlord came to collect the rent yesterday. If you are not there, let me tell you, hit him with the rent for the next quarter before the 20th.”

I heard. The rent, Gu Anxin’s face was dark.

Tang Meng glanced at Gu Anxin’s face, “What’s wrong with Sister Anxin? Is there any rent difficulties?”

Gu Anxin reluctantly shook his head, “No, I remember that I will go to the publishing house later, so I won’t greet you. Now.” Seeing that the man had finished washing up at this time, Gu Anxin hurriedly sent her away in order to avoid Tang Meng’s words astonishing.

Tang Meng stepped back outside and waved to the man, “Handsome, come to visit with sister An Xin when you have time.”

Gu Anxin closed the door and leaned behind it, but she couldn’t let go of her breath.

The rent for the next quarter… She’s really having a hard time.

If this man is not saved and medical expenses are not paid to him, then she is fully capable of survival. However, after paying the man’s medical expenses, in terms of her current economic situation, she really cannot pay the rent for the next quarter.

As she was thinking, Gu Anxin’s gaze suddenly ran into the man’s eyes, and she realized that the man had been staring at her at the bathroom door.

“What’s so good!” Gu Anxin was in a bad mood, inexplicably, she passed him and walked into the bathroom, closing the door to block his sight.

After breakfast, Gu Anxin sat in front of the computer with her bank card and account book, her brows furrowed, and it might be more difficult to deal with the next quarter’s rent.

When seeing the balance displayed on the computer, Gu An sighed earnestly. Unexpectedly, the man’s medical expenses were a little more than she thought…

“Ah! I was scared to death!” Suddenly there was someone behind him. Gu Anxin looked behind her and saw the man staring at her computer screen with eagle-like eyes. She was taken aback, and then reacted and quickly blocked the computer.

She also has face, how can she be embarrassed to expose her three-digit balance to others.

The man slowly moved his gaze away from her computer, lowered his head in thought for a moment, and turned his wheelchair out.

Gu Anxin looked at his back and sighed, stood up and picked up the bag, and said to him: “I’ll go out for a while. You stay at home and don’t go out. If I don’t come back at noon, I will call you a takeaway.” Then left.

The man’s dark eyes looked at the back she had left, his back slowly turned back, leaning on the back of the wheelchair, his thoughtful expression was full of nobility.

Gu Anxin didn’t come back until the evening. After a day of rain outside, she was a little tired when she came back. She just put down her bag, and before she could catch her breath, she saw a big box on the coffee table.

The house is small, and Gu Anxin has always kept clean and fresh, so suddenly the large boxes are still very obtrusive. Moreover, this box has a silver-white surface and high-quality texture, so it is especially eye-catching when placed on the table.

“Whose box?” Gu Anxin walked over curiously, and instinctively opened the box.

“Boom!” The key originally held by Gu Anxin was so surprised after seeing the contents of the box, it directly hit the floor with a harsh sound.

Gu Anxin stunned his eyes, staring at the opened box, and was surprised that he couldn’t recover for a long time.

A box of banknotes! A box of banknotes appeared in her house for no reason!

Gu Anxin wiped his eyes, and after confirming that he was not daydreaming, he paced nervously in front of the box, quickly thinking about whose money it was.

correct! he!

Gu Anxin quickly looked around the living room and found no one, no balcony, no bathroom, and finally opened the bedroom door and found him lying on her bed…

“Hey, when you wake up, why did you sleep on my bed? “Gu Anxin walked over and grabbed the man’s arm and shook it, shocked the moment he touched his skin.

His body temperature is surprisingly high!

“What’s the matter with you?” Gu An panicked, and quickly reached out to try his forehead.