Chapter 2 I am Qiao Yu

After staying in the hospital for a few days, he went home. During the period Qiao’s father also came to visit her. Like Qiao’s mother, the two loved Qiao Yu very much, no wonder the original owner was developed into such a savage temperament. Qiao Mingjing has disappeared since Qiao Yu came to visit her on the day of her rebirth. The relationship between the two brothers and sisters is extremely bad, the kind of noisy meeting.

Qiao’s house is a large European-style villa with modern elements, simple yet exquisite, gorgeous but not luxurious. Qiao Yu went into her bedroom, wanted to change clothes to wear, and opened the closet. As a result, it was full of old-fashioned clothes. She couldn’t help but twitch the corners of her mouth. This is not her style…

When I go out to buy some clothes, Qiao Yu frowned and took out the clothes he didn’t like in the closet. In the end, only a few short sleeves, jeans, and school uniforms were left.

This is the uniform of the Kyoto Film Academy. Qiao Yu touched the uniform nostalgicly. She was also a student of the Kyoto Film Academy in her previous life. She did not expect to come back and read it again.

Qiao Yu blinked his eyes, a little moist, and now it’s a matter of fact. She took out her mobile phone and opened Weibo habitually, and her hot searches after her death were still number one.

People on Weibo are now divided into three types, one is to support her, one is her black fan, and the last is to eat melon viewers.

“It’s best for people like An Qian to die! It’s disgusting to seduce someone else’s husband!”

“Heh.” Qiao Yu smiled bitterly, can she say she doesn’t? How many times she explained in her previous life, she was still insulted and ridiculed!

However, she will not let go of those who framed her!

The next day, the Imperial Capital Film Academy.

The sun lazily passed through the fine gaps between the leaves, and shattered brilliantly on the entrance of the school, and the fresh smell of the grass could be smelled in the breath.

Qiao Yu got out of the private car, looked helpless at Mother Qiao in the car, and said, “Mom, I’m fine! You don’t need to send me in, otherwise my identity will be discovered by others.”

She is a wealthy daughter. Few people in the school know that she has been concealing it. The original owner is also arrogant and does not want to be special in the school because of her identity.

“Then I’m leaving, remember, you are not allowed to quarrel with your classmates!” Mother Qiao murmured uneasy.

“Got it.” Qiao Yu waved.

Rebirth for the first time, unexpectedly received maternal love, her heart is so warm. It turns out that she can also be taken care of and loved by others.

Hearing her reply, Qiao’s mother then let the driver drive away.

Qiao Yu turned and looked at the gate of the academy. The sun was so dazzling that her eyes couldn’t be opened. She raised her hand to block the sun, her eyes were slightly curved, like a beautiful little moon, and she gave a very beautiful smile for a long time.

she is back.

Based on the memory of the original owner, she came to the classroom, walked to her seat, and was about to sit down when she was stopped by someone.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, a group of chirping students raised their heads to see if the head teacher came.


They lowered their heads and continued to speak.

and many more? Is that person a student in their class? When they looked up again, they were dumbfounded. The classroom suddenly became silent inexplicably, and the voices disappeared.

How could there be such a beautiful person? !

There was a woman standing at the door. She had long black hair and supple, her face was as big as a palm, her facial features were very delicate, her eyebrows were like gentle willow leaves, her eyes were like autumn water, and her eyes seemed to have deep affection. When she looked over, they were all about to fall!

There were a few drooling sounds in the classroom.

Zhao Qi originally looked out the window in a daze, but suddenly the classroom calmed down, and he looked at him suspiciously. As a result, I couldn’t move my eyes away.

What a nice view! Zhao Qi swallowed.

The woman walked over. She was obviously an ordinary school uniform, but she looked very elegant and noble when she wore it! The temperament is also excellent, like a lonely lotus.

“Classmate, did you go to the wrong class?” Seeing Qiao Yu was about to sit next to her, she grabbed Qiao Yu and asked blushingly.

The whole class nodded together, their eyes were all attracted by Qiao Yu. The seat next to Zhao Qi is that of the idiot Qiao Yu! They all thought she was on the wrong shift.

Qiao Yu put her schoolbag on the table, curled her attractive red lips, and said, “I am Qiao Yu.”

Qiao Yu? ! The classroom fell silent again–

The whole class is about to explode, that Qiao Yu, who has yellow hair and is a bit non-mainstream? Qiao Yu who was cheeky to confess to others and quarreled with others and fell down the stairs? ! Are you kidding me? !

How could it become so beautiful? !

No matter what they thought, Qiao Yu sat down calmly, not knowing what sensation he had caused. She just went to dye her black hair yesterday, and then took care of her bangs.

Zhao Qi looked at her deskmate, her whole person was not good, her deskmate suddenly became a big beauty? She turned her head sluggishly, if it wasn’t for Qiao Yu’s forehead that had the scar from her scalp a few days ago, she must have suspected Qiao Yu had undergone a plastic surgery! Look carefully, Qiao Yu’s facial features are still the same as before, but they have become more dazzling and beautiful! The temperament has also changed!

It seems to be reborn.

Zhao Qi watched obsessively, she hadn’t noticed that her deskmate was a beautiful woman before!

“What has the teacher taught these past few days?” Qiao Yu opened the book and turned his head to smile at Zhao Qi.

“Huh?” Zhao Qi was dazzled by her smile, and it took a long time to react, blushing and talking to Qiao Yu about what she had learned in the past few days.

In the past, Qiao Yu was spoiled and ignorant, so she didn’t have a good relationship with her. Now Qiao Yu talks to her, she is a little flattered!

After class, the news that Qiao Yu became beautiful spread throughout the school.

When Qiao Yu put down his textbook, he heard his classmates say that the teacher in charge was looking for her. As soon as she walked out of the classroom, she was pointed at by a group of people watching. She had a cold face. Most of these people ridiculed and scorned her when the original owner sent her love letter. Ignoring the pointing around, she entered the office.

“Is your body okay?” The head teacher is a beauty, even if he is old, he is very charming.

Qiao Yu shook his head.

“Concentrate on studying acting and don’t make trouble.” As soon as the head teacher looked up, her eyes flashed astonishment. She lived forty years and had never seen anyone more beautiful than Qiao Yu.

“I know the teacher.” Qiao Yu smiled.

The head teacher knew that Qiao Yu was the daughter of the president of a famous economic group. Fortunately, Qiao Yu didn’t like to use his identity to make things special. She shook her head and said, “You can go now.”

Qiao Yu always felt that someone else was watching her in the office. She was used to it, so she didn’t think much, turned and left the office.

“Ci Qian, are the documents packed?”

Song Ciqian returned to his senses, handed the information to the teacher, smiled and said, “Okay.” Just in his heart, he was still remembering the shadow just now. Who is it?

“Qiao Yu!”

Qiao Yu was stopped by someone as soon as she left the house, and the familiar voice made her turn her head. It was Li Qianxi, the original owner’s best friend. She is known as the school flower of the Kyoto Film Academy, and many people like her. She has beautiful curly hair, good facial features, and a sweet smile. She stepped forward and held Qiao Yu’s hand, and said in surprise: “I heard they said you have become beautiful, but I didn’t expect it to be true!”

Qiao Yu dyed back her black hair. The face in front of her has not changed, but she is unexpectedly much more beautiful than usual. To say that she used to be arrogant and arrogant, now she is aloof, like a red plum in the snow in winter, exuding by herself Fragrant.

“I’m beautiful, won’t I?” Qiao Yu hugged her chest and looked at her with beautiful eyes.

Just such a posture, as beautiful as a carefully edited shot of a movie, especially her lazy eyes, which makes people like a glass of red wine, very intoxicating.

Several students eating melons around also took out their phones and planned to take pictures.

“Of course… of course it’s all right!” Li Qianxi smiled awkwardly, and immediately returned to her smile in the next second. She suddenly remembered something, she lowered her head sadly, with tears in her eyes, and said: “Why don’t you reply to my WeChat account? …I’m just advising you not to quarrel with others anymore… I’m sorry, I upset you.”

When she cried like this, it made people think she was a good girlfriend who thought about her friends, and Qiao Yu was that savage and willful vicious woman.

Everyone in the hallway was whispering.

“How can she do this?”

“I shamelessly send a love letter, and blame others?”

They were surprised that Qiao Yu had become beautiful today, but now listening to Li Xiqian say that, they remembered what Qiao Yu did before, which is disgusting.