Chapter 3 I Raise You

He turned out to have a fever.

Gu Anxin finally woke him up, the man just raised his eyelids slightly, and then continued to close his eyes after looking at her, his mental state was very bad.

“Why did you suddenly have a fever? What happened? Also, what happened to the money in the living room? Has anyone been here?” Gu An had a series of questions in his heart to ask him, the box of money really appeared. It’s terrifying.

But no matter what she asked, the man just shook his head, then ignored her, frowning and telling Gu Anxin that he needs a rest now and don’t bother him.

Gu Anxin could only temporarily put the question aside, and hurriedly took his wallet out to buy medicine for him.

After buying a fever-reducing medicine in a hurry, Gu Anxin boiled the water and fed the man the medicine. He kept changing his wet towel and water.

After being busy until the middle of the night, the man’s high fever gradually subsided. Gu Anxin was too tired to stand up anymore, walked into the living room, glanced at the silver box, and fell asleep on the sofa tiredly.

“If he doesn’t tell me where the money came from tomorrow, I’ll send it to the police station.” An Xin said dully, but fell asleep on the sofa.

The next day, it was not the morning sun and the smell of sausage stew that woke Gu Anxin.

Gu Anxin, who was lying on the sofa, touched her stomach and turned over. She was confused. Maybe she felt that she smelled the wrong thing. She didn’t open the fire. How could there be sausage stew in her house, thinking about it, she fell asleep again.

After a while, it was discovered that the aroma of the sausage stewed rice was too strong and true, and Gu Anxin gradually regained consciousness.

She stretched her waist first, then moved her eyelids and opened her eyes.

Suddenly, a pair of deep eyes caught in the eye, and then a magnified handsome face.

“Ah!” Gu Anxin was so scared that he immediately got up and retreated to the corner of the sofa. The man was staring at her to sleep!

Seeing that Gu Anxin was completely awake, the man looked away. This woman who had worked hard for him all night was actually very docile and well-behaved when she slept, but he didn’t say anything. He reached out and took the remote control to turn on the TV and watched it casually news.

“Ling Tian Group has completed the internal equity change, Ling Yue has been completely excluded from the Ling’s heirs, and the parties have not shown up, I don’t know…” It

just so happened that another Ling Tian Group news was broadcast on the TV. , The man looked at the Lingtian Building on the TV, motionless.

Gu Anxin was watched awake in the morning, very uncomfortable, and hurriedly ran to wash and change clothes when the man turned his face to read the news.

Halfway through the run, he stopped abruptly, then turned around and asked him, “Have you been feverish?” The

man looked away from the TV and nodded to her.

“Oh, well, did you cook the sausage stew?” Gu Anxin asked again.

The man nodded at her again.

“Where did you get the sausage?” Gu Anxin remembered that there was no sausage in her house…

At this moment , the man suddenly frowned when he looked at her, his eyes darkened.

Gu Anxin smashed his mouth. His expression obviously disliked her for having too many problems and disturbed him watching TV.

“Really proud.” Gu Anxin made a cut, turned around to wash and eat, she was hungry.

Fortunately, he can still cook, otherwise he won’t have any advantages.

The sausage stewed rice was delicious, the mouth was fragrant, fat but not greasy, and it was extremely soft, but Gu Anxin did not forget what was going on in surprise.

She sat in front of the man’s face and patted the box, “Is this your thing?” The

man leaned back in the chair and tapped the armrest of the wheelchair with his finger. The gesture was elegant and he didn’t make a statement.

Seeing his attitude, Gu Anxin was anxious, and stood up suddenly, “Did you go to grab the money yesterday? Whose is this? Tell me, I’ll help you return it quickly, isn’t it? As for the lawsuit!” A

trace of contempt flashed in the man’s eyes, he looked away and stopped looking at her.

Gu Anxin thought that he was acquiescing, and nervously turned around in front of the box a few times, thinking about his attitude still wrong, for a moment, she swallowed as if she had made some determination.

“Well, I’ll find an opportunity to secretly send the money to the police station. No

matter how urgent the economy is, I can’t ask for money from unknown sources.” After that, Gu Anxin really picked up the box.

“This money is mine.” The man’s voice suddenly sounded, with a hoarse sexy after a long time without speaking.

But it was this slight hoarse voice that sounded deafening to Gu Anxin! She stared at the man with wide-eyed eyes, and she was more shocked than seeing a box of money at the time!

“You…you can talk?” Gu Anxin almost swallowed her tongue in shock. She had known this man for more than a month, and she had become accustomed to him as a dumb, so she suddenly spoke. Gu Anxin seemed to have seen a ghost during the day. generally.

The man did not answer Gu Anxin’s question. Instead, he reached out and put the box in Gu Anxin’s hand back on the coffee table.

He raised his eyes and said, “I can raise you.” His voice was actually very nice, with a low voice, matched with him. A perfect face, coupled with this full of spirit, is enough to make all women scream.

Gu Anxin opened his mouth wide in surprise, but still did not realize that he could speak! “You…what did you say?”

“Heh…” The man chuckled lightly, looking at the box of money and said: “This money is under your control. I need to stay in your house for a while.”

Gu Anxin finally panted. After getting angry, staring at this man, she now has many, many questions that she wants to ask him.

For example, “Why didn’t you talk before”, “Where did the money come from?” and “Why do you continue to live in my house?”

However, as soon as Gu Anxin opened his mouth, before asking, the man looked up and stared at her.

Gu Anxin only saw his rose-colored lips open. He said, “I don’t like women who talk too much.”

“But since you can talk, you at least tell me who you are and what your name is!” Gu An Xin has never seen such an arrogant man before. Is it because he didn’t talk to him because he didn’t bother to talk to her?

Silence, silence, or silence.

After a long time, he finally said: “You can call me the third brother.”