Chapter 3 Those Years of Youth Audition

She cried with rain, but in front of Qiao Yu, who was the queen of the entertainment industry in her previous life, she was a kid pretending to cry.

Qiao Yu laughed, looked at the people around, curled his lips, smiled like a splendid rose. Then, the smile faded, her pretty eyebrows wrinkled, her eyes began to flush, and tears began to flow from inside. The water was yingying, and she was about to flow from her eyes. She lashed her eyelashes. She closed her eyes and made her tears. Tears flowed down, and when she opened her eyes again, there was only a deep stubbornness and sadness inside.

The people around held their breath.

“Puff.” Qiao Yu let out a very shallow laugh, wiped his tears with his hands, and the stubbornness and sadness in his eyes disappeared without a trace. She hooked her red lips, looked at Li Qianqian, and said, “Is it better than acting? Who can’t?”

She looked at Li Qianqian with a stiff face meaningfully.

This so-called best friend used the original body every time to embarrass Qiao Yu in front of everyone, but she laughed behind her back. The original owner sent a love letter to the school grass last time, she instigated. She deliberately got close to the original body, letting the original owner show her beauty and generosity.

Li Qianqian didn’t expect that Qiao Yu, who is usually an idiot and honest, would do this, her face turned black, and the tears in her eyes forgot to squeeze out.

Everyone understands now, Li Qianqian is just pretending to cry, deliberately sympathizing.

No matter what those people thought, Qiao Yu flirted with her hair and left.

Seeing Qiao Yu coming, Zhao Qi hugged her hand, her glasses glowed, and said: “Wow! Qiao Yu, you were great just now! I thought you were really crying. I thought Li Xiqian was not really nice to you. , You will talk to her early.”

Qiao Yu squinted the cat’s eyes. She knew that if she explained it just now, it would be useless at all, it would only appear weaker. Everyone is more willing to believe in Li Qianqian than the bad Qiao Yu.

At the corner of the office, a man left after watching the farce just ended. There was no sound, no one knew that he had been here.

The next section is the class of Professor Wu Hexu. This professor is in his fifties and has been passionate about acting until now. He has acted in many works when he was a teenager, and he became a professor here. Qiao Yu from the previous life is his student, and he also likes An Qian very much, saying that she is very talented and will surely be able to stand at the top of the entertainment circle in the future.

Later, she really did it.

When she was slandered, the professor always believed her. Thinking of the past, Qiao Yu’s eyes were a little wet.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Qi looked over.

Qiao Yu shook his head and wiped away tears secretly, “It’s okay.”

Zhao Qi did not find anything wrong with her.

Qiao Yu has been listening attentively to this class, even the knowledge and skills she has learned.

As get out of class approached, Professor Wu lifted his glasses and said kindly: “I will inform you that the crew of “Those Years of Youth” will come to our school the day after tomorrow to select roles.”

After speaking, Professor Wu asked the monitor to release the character information, and then left.

The people in the classroom are about to boil, and one by one is beaten up. The director of “Those Years of Youth” is Zhou Haoyu! That Zhou Haoyu who won many awards! They are willing to appear in his movie even if there is only one shot! Not to mention the selection of characters!

Zhao Qi took a copy of the character information and looked through it, and said excitedly: “Director Zhou is here to choose the character!!”

This is an opportunity for them.

Qiao Yu casually looked at the characters to be selected in the information, silently curled her lips, and tapped a certain place on the paper with a pen. She was determined to win this role.

Li Qianqian didn’t look good all morning. She pinched the skirt and gritted her teeth. She was actually humiliated by Qiao Yu! Strange, why did her temper suddenly change? And acting…

She darkened her eyes.

“Don’t be angry with Cici.” Li Qianxi’s good friend Qu Yue’er held her hand and said with a smile: “We don’t know who Qiao Yu is?”

The nympho who sees a handsome guy and jumps on her.

“That’s right.” Li Qianxi smiled happily. she

“Cici, the day after tomorrow Director Zhou is going to choose a role, this is an opportunity! What role do you plan to try?” Qu Yue’er asked.

Li Qianqian squinted her eyes, looked at the character profile in her hand, and said, “Xia Ansheng.”

The story of “Those Youthful Years” is the life of the actor Ye Yi from high school to college. During that period, he had three love relationships. The first time was with his first love Xia Ansheng, the second time was with the second female Jiang Menglian, and the third time. Blind date with Liu Pingshui.

It can be said that this movie has three heroines. The first love has the fewest shots, but it is also the most difficult to interpret. Zhou Haoyu has never found a satisfactory role.

Director Zhou is coming to the school to audition. Every student in the school knows that there are fewer roles and more students. The competition is fierce and the pressure is also very high.

Sitting on the grass of the playground, Zhao Qi carried the lines for the audition tomorrow, sad, and said to Qiao Yu next to him: “Are you going to audition tomorrow?”

Qiao Yu nodded and said softly: “I want to try Xia Ansheng’s role.”

Zhao Qi glanced at Qiao Yu sympathetically and said: “Come on!” Xia Ansheng’s role is so popular, there must be a lot of competition, and she doesn’t think Qiao Yu can audition successfully.

Because Qiao Yu’s previous acting skills were really too…

However, Qiao Yu’s counterattack was really great the morning before yesterday!

The sun is not too hot today, the weather is good, and the sounds of nature can be seen lying on the grass. Zhao Qi recites a few lines, then stretched out, raised his head and looked in front of him, the stretched waist instantly stiffened.

“Qiao Yu! Look!”

Qiao Yu, who was looking down at the information, raised her head when she heard the words. At this moment, a breeze blew gently and slowly blew a few strands of her hair. Her water eyes were dotted with stars and her lips were blushing.

There was a teenager standing there.

The boy is very delicate, but he is not feminine at all. A school uniform is neat and tidy, eyebrows are nice, and the temperament is elegant, and the whole body exudes the atmosphere of a warm man. He is looking in the direction of the two of them.

wc? ! It is Song Ciqian. The school grass that was sent a love letter by the original owner! Although Qiao Yu didn’t send it by herself, she still felt very uncomfortable and embarrassed. She has not sent a love letter to anyone in her previous life…

“Let’s go.” Qiao Yu pretended to smile calmly, and pulled Zhao Qi’s arm.

“Ah?! Good.” Zhao Qi was a little surprised that Qiao Yu stopped pestering Song Ciqian this time.

The two walked quickly, and they didn’t look back to see Song Ciqian’s reaction. Song Ciqian stood where he was, beautiful eyes with thick incomprehension, why didn’t Qiao Yu come to him this time?

He was disappointed? !

Funny, Song Ciqian felt that he was crazy, put his hand in his pocket, and returned to his bedroom. But in my heart, I was thinking back to Qiao Yu’s tears the morning before yesterday. Are these two people really the same person? !

This is the day when Director Zhou came to choose the role. The girls who were going to audition all got up early and put on makeup carefully. Zhao Qi is no exception. Today, she deliberately used her reluctant lipstick. Seeing Qiao Yu lying in bed sleeping, she didn’t feel nervous at all, and asked suspiciously: “Qiao Yu, don’t you need to put on makeup?”

This is an audition!

Qiao Yu shook her head, she knew what to do in her heart.

“I heard that Li Qianqian wants to try Xia Ansheng’s role.” Zhao Qi drew pale pink eyeshadow and said.

Qiao Yu opened his eyes, and a faint red light flashed in his eyes, Li Qianqian, you brought it to the door yourself.