Chapter 4 It’s Inconvenient for Us to Live Together

In fact, Ling Yue didn’t intend to have too much involvement with this woman. The reason why he didn’t talk was that he didn’t want to explain too much to the strange woman Gu Anxin. He didn’t need to explain his life to anyone.

“You only have 700 yuan left, and you have to send the money to the police station. Are you planning to let me drink Northwest Wind with you in the future?” Ling Yue can no longer be silent. This woman thinks very differently from ordinary women.

Ordinary women see a box of banknotes at home, their first thought is to take it for themselves. Ling Yue has seen too many women who see money and think that Gu Anxin is also such a woman, but she wants to send the money. The police station, and, obviously, it’s not just a joke!

“Brother Three?” Gu Anxin repeated his words, “Can’t you tell me your full name? What is your surname? I posted a lot of photos of you in the place where you saved you, and no family members came to claim you. Could you? It came out of a crack in the rock?”

Ling Yue shook his head, his eyes became deep and elusive, and he slowly said, “I have no family.”

“How is this possible? Your mother…”

“I said I didn’t Family!” Ling Yue solemnly repeated it again.

Gu Anxin was stunned. Aunt Bai separated when her son was very young. Ling Yue didn’t remember Aunt Bai or changed a new mother later. Gu Anxin could only give up temporarily. “But since you have money, go find Let’s live in a bigger house, my house is too small, and I…

it’s not convenient for us to live together.” Its face blushed, and Tang Meng saw them spending the night in disorderly clothes that morning, she still feels when she thinks about it. Ashamed.

“I need someone to take care of it.” Ling Yue flatly rejected her offer to find a big house.

“I am not your nanny, and I don’t want to be a nanny.” Gu Anxin disagreed with his statement.

Ling Yue looked at the money, “You are short of money now, don’t you?”

He looked after you taking care of me, so I would pay you the money as a salary.

“You!” Gu Anxin frowned, with nothing to say. The reason why she went out in the morning and came back at night was precisely because she wanted to go out to find a part-time job again. She is a professional painter, and the draft fee will not be issued until next month. She wants to ease the embarrassment of not being able to pay the rent.

Ling Yueqing raised the corner of his mouth, knowing that her heart was moving, and fixedly looked at her, waiting for her answer.

“Okay.” Gu Anxin was finally defeated by reality. The nanny should be a nanny. Anyway, I can’t bear to drive her away now. “But you must tell me where the money comes from. I don’t want the stolen money.”

Gu An Xin still doubted the source of the money. When Ling Yue was rescued by her, even his clothes were torn. How could it be possible to have so much money.

“There is a total of 300,000 inside.” Ling Yue pointed to the box, “It is my last savings, legal property, no doubt.” The

last savings… Gu Anxin’s expression suffocated, maybe his family left him behind. of? Thinking that he has nothing now, only this box of money is left, a touch of sympathy flashed in Gu An’s heart.

“I need a mobile phone and a laptop computer. I bought it and put it in front of me before dinner.” Ling Yue immediately used her as a babysitter.

Hearing his imperative tone, the sympathy immediately disappeared from Gu An’s heart. She curled her lips and looked at him, “Yes, brother, you have money and you can buy anything, but this is your life. For the final alimony, if it’s not necessary, don’t just waste your money. What do you buy a mobile phone and a laptop for?”

300,000 yuan is actually not a huge sum of money for a man like him who has no source of income for his legs. He will rely on this 300,000 for the second half of his life, and Gu An thought about the need to remind him not to squander.

Regarding her question, Ling Yue was silent for a while, and then said: “Playing games.”

“What!” Gu Anxin took a step forward, “You have to know that you only have 300,000 in the second half of your life, and you have to spend this 300,000 in your life. Decades.” Gu Anxin had to remind him to pay attention to saving, otherwise he could only be thrown on the street when he was old.

However, Ling Yue only gave her a disdainful look, frowned, “Go and do it.”

Gu Anxin suddenly had an illusion that she felt like she had become the secretary of the third brother.

Although she is not a white-collar worker, Ling Yue’s tone is exactly the same as that of the boss calling the secretary on TV.

“I…” Gu Anxin still wanted to say something about him spending money on games, and Ling Yue suddenly squinted at him, and suddenly his back became cold, shocked.

I have to say that he is a lame man who is incapable of working, and his aura is so intriguing.

“Huh.” Gu Anxin turned around and took the money to buy him a computer and mobile phone. It wasn’t her money anyway. The owner had such a broad heart that she didn’t care about her future life at all, and she didn’t bother to worry about him.

“Buy the best.” When

Gu Anxin heard him say these four words when he went out, Gu Anxin took the door and shook his head.

Isn’t it 300,000? It’s like a nouveau riche.

When he was out of the house, Gu Anxin happened to ran into Tang Meng, a neighbor. Tang Meng saw her, and the gossip heart burned again. He hurried over to pull her, “Sister Anxin, he’s still here!” He looked away while speaking. Always staying ambiguously on Gu Anxin’s face.

Gu Anxin froze for a moment, and only nodded. When explaining to Tang Meng before, he said that the third brother only stayed at her house for three days. Now it is different. Until the third brother finds a new place to live, he needs to stay at her home. Gu Anxin I didn’t know how to explain my innocence for a while.

Tang Meng chuckled when she saw that she was not talking, “Sister Anxin, he is so good to you, why don’t you try to associate with him?”

“Good for me?” Gu Anxin had a question mark on his face, and he was stern all day long. Zhang Shuai had a handsome face, and asked her to do this and that. How could I treat her better? “Xiao Meng, what are you talking about in your sleep?”

“Huh? He took the sausage from my house. Didn’t he cook for you?” Xiao Meng scratched his forehead.

Gu An was stunned. It turned out that the sausage came from this way…

but she still wanted to deny Tang Meng’s statement, “Xiao Meng, don’t talk nonsense, he is an unidentified disabled person, and I will not have anything to do with him. “

Xiao Meng heard Gu Anxin say this. Although she felt a little pity, she nodded, “Sister Anxin, it’s okay for you to be careful. Actually, I see the man in your family that I always feel familiar with, as if I’ve seen him somewhere, but I think No, maybe it’s a scammer who has published in the newspaper!”