Chapter 4 Song Ciqian also came to audition

I came to the audition place, because I signed up yesterday, so I just need the serial number today. Qiao Yu got 156, neither the front nor the back.

It can be said that almost all the students in the school have come to audition.

Qiao Yu sat in the candidate area, looking at the people around him, a little nostalgic. In the past, she was a queen that everyone had to flatter, and the script was sent by others personally, so she didn’t need to audition at all.

She hasn’t auditioned for a long time…

Qiao Yu was a little lost, remembering the sad past, smiled bitterly, opened the window next to her, and a cool breeze blew away, dispelling her sadness.

Most of the girls who came here came to try the role of Xia Ansheng, and some of them tried the role of the protagonist’s sister Ye Shu. As for the male role, apart from a few inconspicuous small roles, the supporting actor Lin Su’s role is the most important. Lin Su is a classmate of the actor and once saved the actor’s life.

“Those Years of Youth” tells about the first love and passion of an ordinary person, Ye Yi, and finally married an unloved blind date. Ye Yi met his first love Xia Ansheng in the second year of high school. After graduating from the third year of high school, he broke up peacefully. The university and his school girl Jiang Menglian fell in love, and then broke up due to a disagreement. The last child was born, life was dull and tasteless, and the days repeated day by day.

The content of the whole movie is plain, but the ending is thought-provoking.

Qiao Yu closed her eyes slightly, before it was her turn, ready to take a break. Zhao Qi was called to an audition. She tried Lin Shu, and she didn’t know how she behaved.

“Isn’t this Qiao Yu?” A deliberately raised voice rang, and two people approached her.

Familiar and annoying voice.

Qiao Yu opened his eyes displeased and saw Qu Yue’er and Li Qianqian.

Qu Yue’er sat next to her and was really surprised when she saw that she was without makeup. Her lips with rose red lipstick curled up and said maliciously, “Why didn’t you tell us when you came to the audition? Let’s come together.”

Qiao Yu frowned.

“Qiao Yu, I was not good yesterday…” Li Qianxi apologized, her eyes full of sadness, and she pointed to a certain place and said, “Look, Song Ciqian came to audition today.”

Song Ciqian?

Qiao Yu looked up and saw Song Ciqian standing there, looking at the script quietly, with clean eyebrows and only wearing a simple white shirt, which also attracted the attention of many girls.

At this time, Song Ciqian also just raised his head.

The eyes are facing each other.

Seeing her, Song Ciqian frowned quickly.

Li Qianqian and Qu Yue’er looked at each other, their eyes flashed with smiles, and there was a good show. Qiao Yu has always liked Song Ciqian very much. He had sent him to his house before and gave chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

The two of them thought that Qiao Yu would join in like before this time, but in the end, no!

Qiao Yu faintly withdrew his eyes, seeing the surprise of Li Qianqian, his head and lips curled, and his eyes were slightly cold. Sorry, let them down.

Qu Yueer caught a glimpse of a script next to her, and said “Huh”, and took a look at it without asking Qiao Yu whether he agreed, and said, “Qiao Yu, you want to try Xia Ansheng’s role?”

She raised her voice deliberately, her voice with disdain and questioning, so that everyone in the hall could hear it.

Many people sneered.

Who didn’t know that Qiao Yu was a idiot, and her acting skills were very bad. Last time a professor was almost mad at her and scolded her for being stupid. What if she looks better? Isn’t it a straw bag?

“Cici, she auditioned for the same role as you.” Qu Yue’er looked at Li Qianxi with disdain in her eyes.

Qiao Yu snatched her script back from her hand, facing the sneers of the crowd, not feeling ashamed, but sitting there arrogantly, looking at Li Xiqian and Qu Yue’er coldly.

Seeing that Qiao Yu’s temperament has changed drastically, she is no longer the Qiao Yu who pleased them, and she no longer looks like a white lotus. She smiled confidently and said: “Qiao Yu, you go, I don’t want to let him You lost too ugly.”

Qiao Yu’s audition number was 156, and she was 155, just ahead of her. An LCD screen is hung on the wall of the hall, and the audition process will be played on it to show fairness.

Li Qianqian smiled confidently, she will definitely behave well and make the face of Qiao Yu who came in the back completely lost!

Is this challenging her? Qiao Yu raised his eyebrows coldly, and the end of his eyes was raised, which was a little charming. She looked at Li Qianqian and said jokingly: “What if I win?”

She looked directly at Li Qianxi, with a breathless aura. Li Qianxi’s heart was beating quickly, and then she gave a disdainful utterance, and said, “This role must be mine.”

After speaking, she got up and stepped on high heels and left.

Qu Yue’er followed.

Li Xiqian found a place where no one was sitting again, only to realize that her palm was full of sweat. strangeness? ! Was he shocked by a straw bag? She frowned in disgust.

Qiao Yu watched them leave, chuckled, and turned around to find that Song Ciqian was still looking at her. The two voices were so loud just now that he should have heard what they were talking about.

She leaned against the wall, closed her eyes, and didn’t care.

After Zhao Qi returned from the audition, he sighed worriedly: “It’s over! I didn’t perform well!”

It seems hopeless…

She hung her head and looked disappointed.

Qiao Yu patted her on the head, thinking of herself who had started to enter the entertainment circle in her previous life. Without the help of that person, she might… She made a gentle voice and said, “Keep on working hard.”

“Yeah!” Zhao Qi smiled, his eyes full of hope for the future, and said: “I’ll buy something for you to eat.”

Qiao Yu will have to wait for a long time before her turn, she will definitely be hungry.

“Okay…thank you.” Qiao Yu was stunned, then smiled. It has been a long time that no one has treated her so kindly.

The students entered the audition room one by one, but they all came out frowning. A girl even ran out crying. I heard that Zhou Haoyu’s director is very strict this year, and anyone who is not good at acting will be reprimanded.

Xia Ansheng was unsatisfied with the audition for a long time, which shows how much he attaches importance to this role.

“No. 155, Li Qianqian is here to audition.” A staff member walked out of the room with the list.

Li Qianqian smiled and stood up and said, “Yes.” Before leaving, she deliberately glanced at Qiao Yu, smiling confidently.

Qiao Yu raised an eyebrow and looked at the big screen on the wall.

It’s been a long time since I was so provoked.

Zhou Haoyu frowned and looked at the list of auditions on the table. Those who came to audition for Xia Ansheng were marked with a red cross. They had a headache. What are the acting skills of the Kyoto Film Academy students?

The screenwriter Li next to him also had a headache.

“Good director, good screenwriter, I will audition for the role of Xia Ansheng.” Li Qianqian stood in front of them and smiled at them, gentle and beautiful.

He looks pretty good, I don’t know how the acting is. Zhou Haoyu sternly said, “Let’s get started.”