Chapter 5 Familiar Celebrities

“What a bluff.” Gu Anxin smiled and patted Xiao Meng’s head. “The scammer is not like it, but if you really feel familiar, please help me think carefully. This man doesn’t say who his last name is. I I suspect that he doesn’t even know who he is. Hey, I still hope to send him home soon.”

Tang Meng nodded, “Okay, I must think about it seriously. It really seems to have seen him. I saw him first. At that time, I felt a little familiar!” When the

two were separated, Xiao Meng was still holding his head in a thoughtful manner.

Gu Anxin laughed. Tang Meng, the girl, is obviously familiar with the handsome guy.

In fact, he just lost his memory or ran away from home, right? Gu Anxin shook her head, shaken off the thoughts in her mind, and went to buy him a mobile phone and a computer.

Not long after Gu Anxin left, a woman appeared at the door of her house. She was able to make-up and dressed neatly and solemnly, knocking on the door of Gu Anxin’s house.

Gu Anxin was not at home at this time. After dozens of seconds, Ling Yue turned his wheelchair and came over to open the door.

Seeing the woman outside the door, Ling Yue’s eyes flashed with surprise, but she quickly returned to normal, her thin lips slightly opened, “You’re here soon, Alice.”

The woman named Alice saw Ling Yue. Her pupils were obviously widened and her expression was a bit excited, but her long-term professionalism made her calm down quickly. Alice looked around the door, quickly stepped in and closed the door.

“Sir, why are you here! We all thought…” Alice’s voice paused.

“Think I am dead?” Ling Yue raised his eyebrows slightly, and took Alice’s words.

“But I have found you for a month without any whereabouts. If you are alive, why didn’t you contact me earlier? Now all your properties are owned by Ling Fang and Ling Sheng, and everything is too late.” Alice Excited and anxious.

An interesting ruthlessness suddenly appeared on Ling Yue’s face. He glanced coldly at the dangling leaves outside the window, and said, “As long as I am still alive, it will never be too late.”

Alice’s eyes were rekindled by Ling Yue. This man who was criticized by the media as a business genius, as a special assistant who has been with him for three years, is the clearest.

However, after Alice calmed down from the surprise of “Ling Yue is still alive”, she found the wheelchair he was sitting in, her face changed, “Sir, you are…”

“You can leave your private number. I still need to stay here for a while. Don’t come to me during the period. I will contact you in due course.” Ling Yue didn’t answer Alice’s words and wanted to drive her away.

Alice saw that Ling Yue didn’t mention his legs, so she could only give up, but she couldn’t believe it. She took a look at this small rental room. All the furniture was old, even the wheelchair Ling Yue was sitting on. Second-hand, although it is cleaned up, it is poorly ventilated, the environment is not good, and it is too cramped. Alice can’t believe that Ling Yue, who has always been pursuing exquisite details of life, will live here for a while!

“Sir, if you need space to do some preparatory work, I can find you a safe and comfortable house, here…” Alice still objected to the residence here.

“It’s great here.” Ling Yue interrupted Alice directly.

Alice suffocated, but Ling Yue always said that she was indifferent and very assertive. She also knew that she could not convince him, but Alice observed the house and saw a lot of things used by women. The resident here is actually a woman?

Realizing this fact, Alice looked at Ling Yue with an unbelievable look, and the BOSS had cohabited with the woman.

This is terrifying.

But even if she is curious, Alice understands her identity. She is just the right-hand man in Ling Yue’s career, and her private life is Ling Yue’s own. She shouldn’t be betrayed.

When Alice was leaving, she suddenly heard Ling Yue’s very deep sentence: “You are forbidden to investigate her.”

Alice was taken aback, but she just had the idea of investigating the female occupants of the house to ensure Ling Yue’s safety. Unexpectedly, Ling Yue saw through with a glance, he was protecting this female householder.

Alice looked down, “Yes, sir.”

Gu feel at ease holding a new phone and new computer came back, Ling is the living room watching TV, the TV content is not news, but a talk show, about a program Patented.

Ling Yue watched it earnestly. Gu Anxin stood by him and watched it for a long time without realizing the meaning of the show. She put the computer and mobile phone in front of him, “Brother Brother, I bought it for you.”

“Yeah.” Ling Yue “Take it apart, turn on the power, I want to use it now.”

Gu Anxin watched his profile grinded his teeth. He couldn’t move his feet or his hands. It really made her addicted. Ah?

However, due to the nanny agreement they reached and their sympathy for him, Gu Anxin still complied.

When Ling Yue got the computer, he immediately downloaded an English software. The software name was very long. Gu Anxin’s English has never been very good, so he couldn’t understand what he downloaded.

After Ling Yue opened the software, his slender fingers began to operate the computer, but the characters emerging from his hands were strange, and Gu Anxin still couldn’t understand.

Ling Yue suddenly turned his head to look at Gu Anxin, who was staring at him, “Go cook.”

Gu Anxin peeked and was found, and quickly retracted his gaze, “What are you doing? Why can’t I understand it.”

“A game. “Ling Yue answered her in a deep voice.

Gu Anxin shook his head and left, knowing that he wouldn’t do any business, doing such a tall job.

She has always been game-blind. Thinking of the stand-alone online games that boys like to play, she didn’t understand it before, so she felt that it is normal to not understand Lingyue games today.

From the corner of Ling Yue, he caught a glimpse of Gu Anxin walking away. He began to calm down and stared at the computer screen in front of him.

The program patent in the TV show just now belonged to him, but it is currently owned by Ling Fang.

There was a cold light in Ling Yue’s eyes. It was impossible for him to let his enemy be the beneficiary of his achievements. Now he would use this computer to ruin the program he had built for several months.

And Gu Anxin in the kitchen had no idea that Ling Yue had turned into a hacker at this moment, just as he was a disabled otaku who likes to play games.

Gu Anxin came again because she was attracted by the screams on the TV.

“Ah! What’s the matter? Director, commercials! Quick commercials!” Suddenly the hostess shouted on the TV.

Gu Anxin came out of the kitchen, “Huh? What happened to that talk show?”