Chapter 5 Xia Ansheng can only do it with her!

Li Qianqian chose the bridge where Xia Ansheng and Ye Yi met for the first time. She opened her eyes and looked ahead, with shyness and liking in her eyes.

Ye Yi and Xia Ansheng fell in love at first sight. After a rainy day, the two had a crush on each other and finally walked together.

Li Qianqian imagined Ye Yi standing in front of her, her face flushed, her eyes hidden like, and she found that Ye Yi was also looking at her, she quickly lowered her head, and her long hair covered her red ears. He lowered his head nervously, grabbed the hem of his skirt with his hand, biting his lips at a loss. Her sweet face was full of ambiguous flushes.

Raising her head, she slowly showed Ye Yi a smile.

Like a cuckoo after the rain, beautiful and moving.

Li Qianxi smiled confidently, bending over to Zhou Haoyu and others, and said: “Director, I’m done.”

Zhou Haoyu nodded, neither saying good nor bad, and said: “Okay, Li Qianqian, right? You go back and wait for the notice.

“Director, what do you think? Not bad, right?” The deputy director said next to Zhou Haoyu.

Zhou Haoyu did not say yes, nor could he see whether he was satisfied.

What a torture! The assistant director whispered in his heart. Zhou Haoyu’s vision is really high! This Li Qianqian’s acting skills are much better than those of the previous ones!

Everyone outside of Li Xiqian’s performance had already seen it, and many people began to sigh, thinking that they would definitely not be selected. Who is Li Qianqian? The school girl of the Kyoto Film Academy, her acting skills have also been praised by many professors, saying that she is very malleable!

Many people began to look at Qiao Yu, planning to watch a good show.

Song Ciqian looked at the screen, frowned slowly, and glanced at Qiao Yu, only to find that she was not nervous at all, and she was still playing with her mobile phone leisurely? So not afraid of death? He has seen Qiao Yu’s acting skills, which can be said to be horrible. He used to think that she would only be a vase in the entertainment industry.

Li Qianqian came out, held her hair, curled her lips triumphantly, and looked at Qiao Yu.

“No. 156, Qiao Yu came to audition.” The staff member said.

Qiao Yu put the phone in, then stood up, ignoring the gazes of the people around him, and went straight to the audition room.

The lips are silently raised, are you waiting for her to watch a good show?

She will not let them down.

She opened the door and walked to the director’s screenwriter, smiling faintly, and said: “Hello, I’m Qiao Yu.”

The voice was soft and pleasant, which made Zhou Haoyu, who was reading the information, raise his head.

This look was amazed.

The woman standing in front of me is wearing a white dress, with a very good figure and white skin. What is even more amazing is that she is completely bare-faced! A green silk like a waterfall is scattered behind, his face is small and exquisite, and his autumn eyes are as cold as winter snow, but after watching for a long time, you can find gentle stars hidden inside. The curvature of the nose is beautiful, and the pink lips resemble rose petals.

She stood there and looked at you, making people feel like they were in a painting.

Like Zhou Haoyu, everyone else was shocked. Screenwriter Li’s eyes brightened and he became more and more excited.

this person! !

“Qiao Yu, right?” Zhou Haoyu returned to his senses, lowered his head and looked at her information, with a serious face, and asked: “Which segment are you going to audition?”

“The last one.” Qiao Yu said calmly.

There are a total of six sections in the audition script sent by Zhou Haoyu. Everyone can choose one section to perform, and the last one is the most difficult! Few people came to perform this episode!

The last part is Xia Ansheng and Ye Yi breaking up, one on Christmas Eve.

There are only two lines.

“You came.”

“it is good.”

The people outside laughed when they saw Qiao Yu chose the last section through the screen. How could this idiot choose the most difficult one? ! Really irresponsible!

Qu Yue’er smiled mockingly, and said to Li Qianxi: “Cici, this character must be yours! This Qiao Yu is really stupid! Is she crazy for trying to show off?”

Li Qianqian squinted her eyes and smiled proudly.

Song Ciqian put down the script and looked at the scene just now on the screen. He was so shocked that he couldn’t say a word. She is in a white dress, like a fairy in a picture. She is completely naked, and her face is not visible under the camera!

Seeing her calm and peaceful, the doubt in his heart grew thicker. Is this person really Qiao Yu? !

Zhou Haoyu squinted his eyes and looked at Qiao Yu. She stood there calmly, and he pursed his lips and said, “Then, let’s start.”

He suddenly had great expectations of her. Hope, she will not let him down.

Qiao Yu closed his eyes and slowly blended into the character.

On a lively Christmas Eve, there was heavy snowfall. Qiao Yu opened his eyes and looked at Ye Yi who had just arrived in front of him. With affection and tenderness in his eyes, he looked at the snowflakes in the sky and said softly: “You are here.”

She showed a smile, this smile is extremely beautiful, such as the snow lotus in the snow-capped mountains, beautiful and beautiful.

Such as those dazzling icy snowflakes.

Then, she heard her lover say breaking up, her smile froze, she closed her mouth, her face suddenly became very pale, her long eyelashes trembled slightly, and her eyes seemed to contain tears, but the next second, nothing happened. I can’t see it, including the affection and tenderness.

As ice melted into water, it was fleeting.

“Okay.” She seemed relieved, let go of her mouth and smiled again. The smile was still so beautiful that people couldn’t see her sadness and sorrow.

Her eyes slowly changed from bright to dark.

Until his figure disappeared, she was still laughing, still laughing…Is it Snow, sneaked into her eyes, and then turned into hot liquid and gathered in her eyes. With moist eyes, affection and tenderness still existed, she opened her mouth silently to the wind.

Her mouth is “I still love you.”

Nobody knows.

The eyes finally couldn’t help being sore, and when they closed, the tears in the eyes flowed out.

Ye Yi, happy breaking up.

Qiao Yu wiped away the tears from her face, bent over to the staff in the audition room, and said, “I’m done.”

All of them were shocked by her acting skills just now, and they haven’t recovered. They seemed to have seen a couple break up just now! It hurts to see the girl crying sadly!

Screenwriter Li couldn’t close his mouth with excitement, got off the chair, went up and grabbed Qiao Yu’s arm, and said wildly to Zhou Haoyu, “I tell you, Xia Ansheng can only perform it with her!”

He just… really saw Xia Ansheng alive!

Cool, gentle, affectionate, and incredibly beautiful Xia Ansheng!

Screenwriter Li flushed with excitement, and said: “If you are not satisfied with this, I am the screenwriter improper!”

He dragged Qiao Yu for fear that she was gone.

Qiao Yu smiled helplessly and stood there quietly looking at Zhou Haoyu.

Zhou Haoyu recovered and thought, but his hands trembled slightly under the table. If Li Qianqian’s acting skills are very good, then Qiao Yu is Xia Ansheng! Li Qianqian only performed Xia Ansheng’s shyness and love for Ye Yi, but she couldn’t play Xia Ansheng’s temperament, let alone Xia Ansheng’s feeling.

When people look at it, they think she is Li Qianqian, imitating Xia Ansheng!

And Qiao Yu played Xia Ansheng!