Chapter 606 I need to calm down

“You say it again.” Ling Yue glared at the doctor, completely unable to believe what he heard.

Gu Anxin stared at the doctor, slowly stretched out his hand to cover his face, and his shoulders began to tremble.

The frequency of trembling increased with the doctor’s flustered expression.

The doctor is old and senior, his hair has turned gray, and he also trembles his lips, looking at Ling Yue helplessly and frightened, but in the end he can only say to Ling Yue: “Sorry.”

“What kind of sadness is my festival!” When An Xin burst into tears, Ling Yue broke out in an instant, and he rushed towards the doctor!

If it weren’t for Xiao Yishan to hug him in time, the attending doctor would be kicked back to the operating room by him!

“Ling Yue, calm down!” Xiao Yishan exhausted all his strength to stop Ling Yue’s anger.

No way, no one dared to step forward at the scene.

“I can’t calm down!” Ling Yue’s temper broke out completely. He grabbed the fixed bench to the side, and with a bang, the steel bars under the chair were actually crooked by him.

The medical staff at the scene all ran far away.

Finally, Ling Yue calmed down. The scene including the benches, the door of the operating room, and the murals on the wall were all tossed in a mess.

In a mess, not only things are messy, but people are also messy.

Ling Yue took Gu Anxin and patted her shoulder, once and again, as if his heartbeat was fast and slow, very uneven.

Li Xiaoji didn’t care about her life until she died, and didn’t believe that she was from the Ling family until she died.

Ling Yue tremblingly held the appraisal report in his hand, feeling his unprecedented failure for the first time.

Ling Yue and Gu Anxin were no longer able to take care of the funeral. Xiao Yishan called Li Xiaoji’s teacher, then settled the body, and finally called Ling Xinrui. This time Ling Xinrui did not turn off the phone.

“The funeral is three days later. At that time, you just finished the final exam. Organize your classmates to come over to express their condolences.” Xiao Yishan said.

Ling Xinrui’s voice trembled, “Uncle Xiao, I thought Li Xiaoji’s operation was just a…no, I didn’t think it was a minor operation, but I thought it was just an ordinary operation, I didn’t expect that I…”

Ling Xinrui In the end, she didn’t know what she wanted to express, she just thought it was too sudden.

There is only one exam today. Ling Xinrui put down the phone and planned to visit the hospital.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived at the hospital, he ran into Ling Yue who was talking with Liu Zhao.

Ling Xinrui stood outside the door, hearing their conversation, did not dare to go in.

Liu Zhao: “Our police have already had sufficient evidence to accuse Li Feixiang. There is no problem with a sentence of ten years.”

“Ten years?” Ling Yue showed a fierce look. “My biological daughter died in an unfavorable manner. You said he would be sentenced. Ten years!”

Ling Yue can’t wait to go to jail and kill Li Feixiang!

He was not ready for Li Xiaoji to leave at all, otherwise he should be killed at that time!

“Don’t get excited.” Liu Zhao sighed, “I haven’t finished it yet. I mean, he can be sentenced to ten years for kidnapping and trafficking in children. Child abuse to death is another matter. We can start preparing materials now. , To prosecute child abuse to death, I guess if the evidence is sufficient, it should be sentenced to life. “

Ling Yue stood up impulsively!

Liu Zhao yelled at him, “What do you want to do!”

Ling Yue: “I’m going to kill the beast now!”

“You stop!” Liu Zhao helplessly, “Ling Yue, can you calm down? I know that I lost my biological daughter. It’s hard for you to accept, but Xiner came to the death of abuse. Li Feixiang is an accomplice at best, and he cannot be sentenced to death! Xiner is dead and now there is no way to find someone to pay for it! “

Liu Zhao put down his grip on Ling Yue, “Okay, go now, go and kill the bastard, and then you will also run for your life. You are powerful, but killing someone in the police station is still inevitable. I see what to do with your wife in the future!”

Ling Yue squinted at Liu Zhao, the expression in his eyes gradually became clearer.

He couldn’t and shouldn’t ruin himself for a bastard.

Ling Yue took a deep breath, completely awake.

“Xinrui, why are you here?” Gu Anxin’s voice came from outside, with a hoarse after crying, and shock.

Ling Yue was also shocked. He didn’t expect Ling Xinrui to appear here suddenly, so just now… what they said… When

Ling Yue pushed Liu Zhao away and ran out, Ling Xinrui had already run away.

Gu Anxin was chasing after her, but she was sad because she was too physically strong, and Ling Xinrui was nowhere to be seen after a while.

When Ling Yue came over, Gu Anxin pointed to the side door of the hospital, “Go over there!”

Ling Yue followed Ling Xinrui, but saw her getting into a taxi outside the door and leaving.

Ling Yue called Ling Xinrui, but she didn’t answer the first time.

She picked it up the second time. She picked it up and asked, “Dad, didn’t you say that Li Xiaozhi is Uncle Xiao’s daughter?” When she brought Li Xiaozhi’s box from school, she obviously listened to them. Said.

Ling Yue suffocated and didn’t know how to explain, “Xinrui, you come back first. This story is very long. If you want to listen, I will tell you.”

“No need.” Ling Xinrui said: “Dad, contact me. It’s troublesome, and Li Xiaoji’s dead mother. I can probably think of what happened between you. I don’t want to know the details. I am sad now. I always feel that I am a blood relative to you. Now I have a big gap. I want Back to school, I have to calm down, and I have to take an exam.”

Ling Xinrui finished speaking and hung up.

At this time, Gu Anxin chased from behind and asked Ling Yue out of breath, “How is it? Why did Xinrui run? Did you know?”

Ling Yue nodded, “I was just overheard the conversation between Liu Zhao and I. “

Gu An felt a pain in her heart. They were sorry for Li Xiaoji, but they were also sorry for Ling Xinrui. Xinrui was innocent. She was brought into Ling’s house by them and gave her a view of the family, but now they all collapsed.

“I’m not ready to tell her what to do.” Gu Anxin took a few deep breaths before breathing out, still a sad expression on his face.

“It’s okay.” Ling Yue patted her shoulder, “I just passed the conversation, Xinrui’s current state is not bad, she has returned to school, her mental quality has always been OK, I will send someone to stare at her, and wait for her to finish the exam. Talk to her after the trial.”

Gu Anxin nodded, and suddenly remembered, “Where is Xiao Yishan? What will Xiao Yishan do?”

From the current situation, it seems that the two daughters have basically exchanged. Xiao Yishan is missing from Ling Xinrui. Be a paternity test.

Gu Anxin was particularly afraid that Xiao Yishan would actually do it. She had just lost a daughter and was still in extreme grief. She didn’t want to lose the second one right away.

She wanted to find Xiao Yishan and let Xiao Yishan give her time to slow down.

“So far, Xiao Yishan has done nothing.” Ling Yue said.