Chapter 607 I will definitely be back!

On the day of Li Xiaoji’s funeral, many people who should have been busy came.

Such as Ling Yi, such as Bai Wenqing.

When Ling Yi heard about this on the phone, he didn’t care about his age, so he scolded Ling Yue severely.

“Where did I go to find the attending doctor! Ling Yue, the older you are, the less troublesome you are! The time my mother had Poly’an Ningzhi in her mind, you could find someone to cure it, so why did you fail this time!”

Ling Yue said silently Listen, gritted his teeth, “Come over to me if you have the ability, and tell me in person!”

Ling Yi: “What’s wrong with you in person? Do you think I dare?”

Gu Anxin grabbed the phone and said, “Ling Yi, how do you talk to your dad? Talking? Do you think your father feels better when this happens?”

Ling Yi fell silent.

Gu Anxin: “I know you know this is difficult to accept at first glance, but the matter is already here, and you will not be able to survive the quarrel.”

Gu Anxin became more and more depressed.

“It’s all right.” Ling sighed, “You also know that this is the end of the matter. Why don’t you protect your throat properly? What kind of dumbness is it? Can you save me a snack?”

Gu Anxin frowned. With a still hoarse voice, he said: “I will pay attention, you come back quickly.”

On the phone, Gu Anxin heard Ling Yi shouting to others: “Captain, I want to ask for leave!”

Ling Yi came quickly. He also stopped by the school to pick up the three girls from Ling Xinrui and their dormitory.

Last time he went to school to pick him up on his birthday, but that time there were four. Now one has been cremated. Everyone thought of Li Xiaoji, and there was a moment of silence in the car.

Last time, they talked and laughed and wished Ling Yi a happy birthday, and they each gave gifts to Ling Yi. That time, Li Xiao sent Ling Yi a perpetual motion simulator.

Ling Yi broke the silence in the car and said to them: “That girl Li Xiaoji knows how to please people. She knows what I would like. Unlike you, the clothes and earplugs they send are not as good as the Perpetual Motion Simulator. It makes me like it.”

Ling Yi said so, everyone became more silent, and what was the use of liking, people were no longer there.

Ling Yi suddenly realized that he seemed to be not very good at talking.

Ling Xinrui suddenly raised her head and asked Ling: “She seemed to call you brother last time in the car.”

Ling Yi was shocked. He knew Li Xiaoji’s identity, and Ling Xinrui knew it, but the twins in the back seat have no idea.

That time, Li Xiaoji called to his brother that he just wanted to anger Ling Xinrui, but he didn’t expect that he would really become his brother.

Ling Yi didn’t answer Ling Xinrui directly, but just said “Oh, is it?”

The entire funeral process was very serious and quiet. In addition to the Ling family, teachers and classmates of Xiao Yishan and Li Xiaoji were also present. There were not many people, there were only 20 or 30 in total, and it was done very quickly.

Ling Yue didn’t say who he was hosting the funeral for, and didn’t want to disturb Li Xiaoji’s final peace.

Since she couldn’t give her a good life before she died, she shouldn’t be invited to the media to disturb her after her death.

The people below took Li Xiaoji’s relics and cremated them, and Gu Anxin suddenly saw a painting that became more familiar as he looked at it.

She pulled it out and stared at the sketch for a long time. This… isn’t it her?

When teaching Li Xiaoji to sketch at that time, Li Xiaoji often stared at her. Was it for this painting? Gu Anxin was holding this sketch, her palms trembling.

I originally agreed to Ling Yue, if I don’t cry today, I will break down if I cry, but I can’t help it when I see this sketch.

Gu Anxin was crying and trembling. She asked the staff who burned the relic, “Can I keep this painting? Can I keep it……” The

staff was startled.

In fact, Gu Anxin also knows that there is no need to ask the staff whether to keep the painting, but she just wants to make sure that the painting really exists.

This is proof that Li Xiaoji forgave her!

She must like Teacher Gu, otherwise she wouldn’t want to draw people she hated, and Gu Anxin burst into tears.

“What’s the matter?” Ling Yue pulled aside the surrounding staff and saw Gu Anxin, who was sitting on the ground crying utterly, and the painting tightly held in her hand.

No need to ask, he knows what’s going on.

Ling Xinrui behind him looked at them, wiped the corners of his eyes, and did not come over.

At the end of the funeral, Gu Anxin was sent by Ling Yue to lose salt water. Ling Yi followed and found that Ling Xinrui had not followed. He stepped back and patted Ling Xinrui’s face, “What are you doing? Let’s go.”

Ling Xinrui shook her head. “Brother, don’t you go back to the Aviation Bureau during this time, okay? You help me take care of my parents at home.”

Ling Yi: “What about you? Can’t you accompany you during summer vacation?”

Ling Xinrui: “I want to go for a walk “

What’s there to go!” Ling Yi was anxious. “In these years, our family has been traveling when we have time. Haven’t we gone enough? Go, go back, I can’t go anywhere during this period of time!”

He was afraid that she would leave. Won’t be back!

Ling Yi pulled Ling Xinrui’s hand particularly vigorously.

Ling Xinrui dragged him with all her strength, and said loudly, “Don’t worry, brother, I will definitely be back!”

Ling froze for a moment, then let go of her hand, “Are you sure?”

Ling Xinrui nodded, “I.” I know, it’s a huge blow to my parents when I am gone, so I will definitely come back, but please give me some time to digest it. The gap in my heart is too great.”

Ling Yi couldn’t bear it and touched it. Touched Ling Xinrui’s head, “You have always been a sensible child.”

After Ling Xinrui had agreed with Ling Yi, she packed up her things and left. During the period, Ling Yue was taking care of Gu Anxin. Gu Anxin was in a state of unconsciousness. Only Ling Yi knew when Ling Xinrui left.

Oh, there is another person, Xiao Yishan.

Xiao Yishan just ran into Ling Xinrui at the airport, he flew to France, and Ling Xinrui flew to Dali.

“Uncle Xiao, are you going?” Ling Xinrui greeted Xiao Yishan on his own initiative.

Xiao Yishan was a little startled, and glanced at the three boys and one girl standing next to Ling Xinrui, “I am back in France, where are you going?”

Ling Xinrui: “I have a microbiology experiment, and I will take care of it for fieldwork.”

“Really just going for an inspection?”

Ling Xinrui twitched, “Look at the scenery by the way.”

Xiao Yishan picked up the phone, “Do your parents know?” He was afraid that Ling Xinrui would go out and fight with Ling Yue without telling her home. Telephone.

“Don’t fight!” Ling Xinrui snatched Xiao Yishan’s mobile phone and stuffed it into his pocket. “I came out without telling them.”

“How can you come out without telling them!” Xiao Yishan stared at Ling Xinrui, and he saw it. The exhaustion and sadness in Ling Xinrui’s eyes.

Xiao Yishan no longer objected, “Well, is that enough? Go to a better hotel over there. It is safe. If it is not enough, I can support you. Your Uncle Xiao has no advantages anymore, and there is quite a lot of money.”

Xiao Yishan felt long-winded when he said it, like a father who told his daughter to travel far away.