Chapter 608 Waiting for the operation to succeed

Among the classmates traveling with Ling Xinrui, Xiao Yishan laughed aside when he heard Xiao Yishan say that “there is no other advantage but more money”.

Xiao Yishan pointed at them, “What are you laughing at? Three boys take two girls out, can you guarantee their safety?” The

three boys stood up straight, “Of course!” Being

young is energetic. , Xiao Yishan had to sigh, and then remembered that when he was his size, he was more energetic than this, and he was running around everywhere, and he could never stay.

However, with emotion, this does not mean that Xiao Yishan can just believe in them. He said to the assistant next to him: “Go over and write down their ID numbers. If something goes wrong, you can save human flesh. “The

three boys were so frightened that they took a few steps back. “Uncle, we are really not bad guys. We will try our best to protect the two of them when we go out!”

Another girl grabbed Ling Xinrui’s arm, “Wow. Xinrui, your Uncle Xiao spoils you!”

Ling Xinrui hurriedly walked over, stopped Xiao Yishan’s assistant, and laughed, “Isn’t that necessary? Hey.”

Xiao Yishan pulled Ling Xinrui aside, “Don’t worry, write down their ID The number is not a bad thing, you have grown up, you have to keep an eye on everything, do you understand?”

Ling Xinrui reluctantly nodded, only to see the three male classmates handing over their ID cards for records.

Xiao Yishan’s flight was a little earlier. After recording the information of the three boys, he was about to board the plane. Before leaving, he touched Ling Xinrui’s head, “You have always been a sensible child.”

Ling Xinrui looked at him and said this. Ling Yi also told her, just a few days ago.

Looking at Xiao Yishan’s back, the three male classmates smiled and joked, “Xin Rui, you are too strong, Uncle Xiao is too good for you, this time we really have to protect you all my life, otherwise I will die.

Let’s stop shouting!” Ling Xinrui choked on her throat as she listened to this, watching Xiao Yishan’s back further and further away.

But when she turned around, she resumed as usual. She said, “My Uncle

Xiao has always been so good.” Before boarding the plane, Xiao Yishan asked the assistant beside him: “My dad seems to have a good subordinate in Dali, right?” The

assistant nodded. “Yes, that subordinate has always been very close to your father, called Qin He, who has been in business after retiring from the army, and now basically monopolizes the hotel and catering industry in Dali, and the mix is pretty good.”

Xiao Yishan pushed the assistant. , “Contact me this Qin He, send all the identity information of the few people who just registered and Xinrui’s information, and let him take care of it! Just tell him that there is a mistake, my dad will ask him to settle the account!”

The assistant hurriedly annoyed the ID card information he had just recorded. He thought that Xiao Yishan was just recording it for backup. According to him, those boys were little men and would not do anything bad to Ling Xinrui, so this record paper It should be useless.

I didn’t expect it to come in handy so quickly!

The assistant ran in tears, they were right, Uncle Xiao spoiled this niece too!

“Boss, this is about to board the plane!” While contacting Qin He, the assistant asked Xiao Yishan anxiously, and asked with his eyes whether he could contact him again in France? This plane is about to take off, it would be bad to miss the plane.

“Stop talking nonsense, get me on the plane after finishing this for me!” Xiao Yishan glanced at him, turned and boarded the plane.

Dali is so much closer than France, and Ling Xinrui will not be able to enjoy Qin He’s special care after she returns to France. How can this be done!

The assistant was crying, and after finishing the call, he hurriedly entered the message to be sent. The airport staff who got him urged him several times.

Finally, he finished sending it, and the plane took off with a rumble.

The assistant stomped at the flying plane, damn it!

Gu Ling more peace of mind and know Ling Xinrui Dali is two days later, a group of more busy Ling paste, asked for peace of mind Gu did not see Xinrui, Then he worried.

Yeah, where’s your daughter?

Ling Yi explained to them Ling Xinrui’s thoughts.

Ling Yue and Gu Anxin fell silent after listening. They didn’t want Ling Xinrui to leave.

But in this case, Ling Xinrui shouldn’t be tied to her side regardless.

“One more thing.” Ling said to them: “Uncle Xiao is gone.”

“What?” Gu Anxin raised his head, eyes full of disbelief, and surprises mixed in them.

Xiao Yishan did say before that the lonely and widowed would not argue with them, but they themselves had a daughter who was eager to recognize it, so when Xiao Yishan really left, the couple was still shocked.

Gu Anxin: “He really left?”

Ling Yue: “He doesn’t want it anymore?” The

two asked at the same time.

Ling nodded, “It’s really gone, and Xinrui will be back too. She will only go for a summer vacation. It’s only two months. Can you not look so sad?”

Gu Anxin rubbed his face, Li Xiao Sending is a pain in the bottom of my heart, but she is gratified to have this result, and looks forward to the end of the summer vacation soon.

“Is it safe for her to go there?” Ling Yue’s first thought was this, “Who did I go with? I don’t have any money with me, I’ll call her again.”

Ling pressed his cell phone, “You just Don’t be busy, I’ll settle down for her, Qian’s doggie, don’t call her during this time, so she won’t let her relax?”

Ling Yi became a parent, yelling Gu Anxin and Ling Yue two people were silent.

Three days later, Liu Zhao came to Ling Yue and told him that the evidence was almost complete. He had formally initiated a complaint against Li Feixiang and Li Mi’er.

Half a month later, after the legal proceedings were completed, Li Feixiang and Li Mi’er were sentenced.

Li Feixiang was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crimes of kidnapping, instigation, child abuse, and indirect intentional homicide.

Li Mi’er was sentenced to ten years in prison for committing kidnapping, child abuse, sheltering, and multiple crimes.

Upon receiving the news of the verdict, Ling Yue and Gu Anxin were both relieved, but their brows were still solemn.

This life was so thrilling, they all said that they lived very successfully, rich and powerful, and respected everywhere, but no one understood the final loneliness.

Even if they had never seen Li Xiaoji in childhood, they could still imagine her life.

This guilt was dug out in a short period of time, bleeding and purulent, and slowly… it scabs into scars.

This scar will always exist, and when you press down hard, you will feel the beating blood vessels under the thin scar.

It hurts.

“Third brother, Xiao Ke said something to me before entering the operating room.” Gu Anxin said.

“What are you talking about?”

“She said that when her operation is successful, she will be invited to have a Western meal.”

She hadn’t eaten it.