Chapter 609 I hope she is well

The Lunar New Year’s Eve is full of flavour, every household is lively, and the lights are brightly lit to prepare for New Year’s Eve.

In Haitang Villa, Ling Xinrui and Ling Yue watch TV on the sofa, and Gu Anxin prepares New Year’s Eve dinner with the nanny at the dining table.

“Dad, you taste this mangosteen, it’s so sweet!” Ling Xinrui peeled half of it and handed it to Ling Yue.

Ling Yue shook his head disgustingly, “I don’t want to eat sweets, but give your mother to eat.”

Ling Xinrui refused, “You just have a bite! Just a bite!” It was the fortress who gave it to him in a daze.

Ling Yue held her arm in disgust, “This is the same thing as garlic

cloves …you can eat it yourself!” Ling Xinrui chuckled, “Dad, your description is really appropriate! Today must be eaten!” , A “garlic clove” has been thrown into Ling Yue’s mouth.

Ling Yue was unspeakably bitter, pursing his mouth and pulling Ling Xinrui’s braids, and reluctant to fight.

Gu Anxin on the side looked at her lips and smirked.

Ling Xinrui was about to give Ling Yue a second one. Ling Yue quickly diverted her attention, “It’s seven o’clock, are you going to see if your brother is here?” When

Ling Yue said this, Gu Anxin was also anxious. “Yeah, this big night can be so busy! I called him back yesterday, but it was delayed until now! I think he doesn’t want this home!”

“Mom, who doesn’t want this home? “As soon as Gu Anxin’s voice fell, Ling Yi’s voice sounded outside, with consistent ridicule.

The whole family looked to the door and saw Ling Yi carrying a sauced duck in his left hand and a girl in his right hand.

girl! The whole family looked at the girl with a shocked expression.

The girl wore a thick down jacket, but even the down jacket, she also wore the atmosphere of Xiaojiabiyu, and her petite and beautiful face was full of shyness.

Gu Anxin was so startled that he almost missed the spoon in his hand.

She quickly threw the things in her hand, wiped her hands, and walked over, “Ling Yi…you, you didn’t tell me before…” There were surprises and shocks on her face.

“Sister-in-law?” Ling Xinrui jumped up on the sofa, “Brother, is it my sister-in-law!” When

Ling Xinrui shouted, the girl became even more shy and her entire face flushed, “Good uncle, good aunt, good sister.”

The voice is also soft and sweet, with the peculiar softness of Jiangnan girls.

“What are you going to do?” Ling fisted the sauced duck in his hand and threw it to Ling Xinrui, “You like it. Oh, by the way, let me introduce it. This is my wife, Zhou Xiaoqing.”

The words just fell, and the whole family’s eyes were once again. It turned round, except for Ling Yue.

Gu Anxin’s chin was about to fall, but it was not easy to show it in front of his daughter-in-law, “When did you get married!”

Ling Yi grabbed Zhou Xiaoqing’s hand and raised his chin, “It was yesterday.”

Gu Anxin felt I’m going to be dazzled by the surprise. These years have been Zhang Luo Lingyi’s lifelong event. From time to time, I want to urge him to come back for a blind date, but he keeps rejecting it. It turns out that there is a reason!

“Why didn’t you tell me about your marriage?” Gu Anxin sighed. “And you didn’t say anything in advance when you brought people back. Our family didn’t have any preparations!”

After that, Gu Anxin quickly took over the bag in Zhou Xiaoqing’s hand. Bao, “Come and put it down, are you tired?

Get hungry, come here, drink a bowl of soup to warm your stomach!” Gu Anxin was extremely courteous, and took Zhou Xiaoqing to sit.

As soon as Ling entered the door, he did not release Zhou Xiaoqing’s hand. After sitting down, he brought Zhou Xiaoqing the tableware, and said, “Mom, what do you want to ask? Just ask me, Qing’er is a thin-skinned woman, and she came home for the first time. You are being

nagged .” Gu Anxin glanced at Zhou Xiaoqing, she was indeed thin, her face was still red, very gentle and small.

It turned out that Ling Yi liked this, and Gu Anxin suddenly realized.

“When did you meet?” Gu Anxin asked Ling Yi.

Hey Ling a smile, “has long been recognized, and we were into one of NASA.”

“Your kid can ah!” Gu Ling took a reassuring one, “hiding me for so long!”

“What with what ah, I just stabbed through the window paper last month!” Ling said.

“Then you are fast enough. You confessed last month and got the certificate yesterday?” Gu Anxin was shocked again.

This speed… really fights his dad!

“Oh!” Ling Xinrui looked at her sister-in-law and shook Ling Yue’s arm beside her, “Dad! Why are you not surprised? Brother suddenly brought me a sister-in-law!”

Ling Yue still had a normal face, “What’s so good? Surprised,     I’m all 30 years old. Isn’t it normal to bring my wife back.”

Ling Xinrui: “But brother is fast!”

Ling Yue: “I was faster than him back then!”

Gu Anxin “tsk”, “You guys.” What are the father and daughter muttering? Come and sit now, the children are hungry!”

Ling Yue touched his nose and stood up calmly and sat down.

After the family sat down, Gu Anxin brought a pot of green plum wine, “This wine is delicious, it is not spicy, Ling Yi, have you ever drank it before, haven’t you always wanted to drink it, this time I bought a box, anyway, there will be nothing tomorrow. It’s something, I’m glad you accompany your dad to drink more tonight.”

Ling Yi jumped up, grabbing the wine in Gu Anxin’s hand, “Okay!” With that

said, Ling Yi filled Ling Yue and gave it to Gu Anxin. He also poured half a cup for Ling Xinrui.

When Zhou Xiaoqing was here, Ling Yi put down the green plum wine, replaced her with oranges and poured it on her.

“Hey! Brother, you can’t do this, treat it differently!” Ling Xinrui shouted when she saw it.

Gu Anxin smiled, “You let Xiaoqing taste this wine, it’s not difficult to drink, and the degree is not very high.”

Zhou Xiaoqing lowered her head quietly, “Auntie, I…”

Gu Anxin: “Is it still called Auntie?”

Zhou Xiaoqing looked at Ling Yi and immediately changed

her words, “Mom, I have…” “Mom, she is pregnant.” Ling Yi said directly when he snatched Zhou Xiaoqing.

“Huh?” “Huh?” Gu Anxin and Ling Xinrui said at the same time.

This time even Ling Yue looked at him in shock.

Gu Anxin: “So what you meant by piercing the window paper!”

Ling Yi scratched his nose

playfully , his shoulders trembled with a smile, and asked, “What about it?” “Hahaha!” Ling Xinrui didn’t. Holding back his laughter, he said to Ling Yue: “Dad! What about now? Are you faster than your brother?”

Ling Yue gave Ling Xinrui a slanted look. He was not as fast as Ling Yi. In the true sense, Gu Anxin was pregnant after three years of marriage. …

Gu Anxin couldn’t understand what they were talking about, and blinked, “What are you faster than what?”

Ling Yue quickly changed the subject and put a piece of eggplant for Gu Anxin, “You put the eggplant salty.

” Really? I’ll try…” The

five people enjoyed themselves, the cold and snow flew outside the house, and the heating inside.

Halfway through the meal, Ling Yue’s phone rang, and it was placed on the coffee table in the living room. Ling Yue asked Ling Xinrui to pick it up for him.

Ling Xinrui got the phone and looked at the electric display, it was Xiao Yishan, she was taken aback.

Ling Yue: “Whose phone number?”

Ling Xinrui: “Oh… it’s Uncle Xiao.”

Ling Yue and Gu Anxin were also taken aback.

Ling Yi quickly explained to Zhou Xiaoqing next to him, “This Uncle Xiao is an old friend of our dad. He is now abroad, one year younger than my dad, and later married a foreign daughter-in-law.”

Zhou Xiaoqing nodded, and Ling Xinrui had already answered the phone.

This was a video call. After Ling Xinrui connected, she immediately saw Xiao Yishan’s face and the foreign daughter-in-law next to Xiao Yishan.

“Xinrui!” Xiao Yishan was a little surprised when he saw Ling Xinrui. “

How are you doing ?” “Okay!” Ling Xinrui smiled brightly, “Uncle Xiao, why are you eating New Year’s Eve dinner? Isn’t France not new year?”

“What you said, I am also Chinese!” Xiao Yishan snorted, “No matter how far away, I still want to eat our New Year’s Eve meal.”

“Hehe.” Ling Xinrui smiled, “Auntie is so beautiful.

” As long as your mouth is sweet,

I will suppress the money for you later! I will give you a big bag today!” “Really!” Ling Xinrui jumped up, “I wish Uncle Xiao a happy new year! Everything goes well! Everything goes well!

Get rich every day!” Xiao Yishan was coaxed by Ling Xinrui. He was very happy, and the corners of his eyes were sparkling happily. He touched the

corners of his eyes unintentionally, “Okay, happy new year, give the phone to your dad.” Ling Xinrui handed the phone to Ling Yue.

Ling Yue took the phone and went to pick it up elsewhere.

Twenty minutes later, Ling Yue came back, patted Gu Anxin on the shoulder, and said: “Very good, all good.”

Gu Anxin nodded, picked up the cup and touched Ling Yue, “Brother Third , Let’s have a drink, I really want to have a drink today.” After the

New Year’s Eve dinner, the juniors stayed at home to watch the year. Ling Yue took Gu Anxin and said that he would go out.

Ling Xinrui, Ling Yi and Zhou Xiaoqing didn’t stop either. In the past few years, they have to go out every time during the Chinese New Year, only if they are going to open a small stove, they have long been used to it.

Ling Yue didn’t take the driver, and drove Gu Anxin to the cemetery.

For the New Year’s Day, there is a lot of lively outside, but here, it is deserted and quiet.

They come here every year, but never get out of the car, just look in that direction and stay silent for a while.

They didn’t know in what capacity they passed, and they didn’t know what to say to her, and they would never have the opportunity to do the responsibilities they had never done before.

Can only be missed silently like this.

I hope she is in another world and everything is well.

(End of full text)