Chapter 012 Marry a Woman Who Wants to Die

Because Rainie Zhao released the pigeons, Ye Tingni didn’t know what to do for the day’s schedule. Just when she was a little worried, Tang Yuwei suddenly pulled her out and said that she was going to date her.

Ye Tingni wanted to find an excuse to refuse, but no matter what she said, Tang Yuwei just held her hand firmly. Helpless, she had no choice but to let him take her away.

As if afraid that she would run away, Tang Yuwei held her hand tightly. This is not the first time he has come to Boracay, although he is still not very familiar, but he is not going to get lost.

It didn’t take long for the two to arrive at the world-famous white beach on Boracay Island.



Blue sky.

Seeing the beautiful scenery in front of her, Ye Tingni seemed to have forgotten, she was reluctantly pulled here by Tang Yuwei the moment before. With her eyes closed and the oncoming sea breeze blowing, her mood was calm for no reason.

“Come on, let’s walk in a little bit to watch the sea.”

Tang Yuwei had already kicked the slippers off his feet and stepped barefoot on the white sandy beach. He turned around and saw that Ye Tingni was also looking at him at this time, and stretched out his hand to her.

Ye Tingni stunned for a while, and soon showed a smile to learn what Tang Yuwei had just done, and kicked off the slippers under her feet. Then she put her hand in his hand and stepped on the soft sand.

Tang Yuwei took her hand and held it firmly, also smiling.

Then, the two of them walked towards the sea holding hands.

Before coming to the sea, Tang Yuwei deeply felt the oncoming sea breeze, and suddenly felt comfortable. Looking at Ye Tingni who was shoulder to shoulder with him, he said with thin lips, “I was serious yesterday.”

“Tang Yuwei, I…”

Ye Tingni was stunned for a moment, and then realized what Tang Yuwei was referring to. She opened her mouth and wanted to tell him clearly, but before she could say her words in the future, she was taken aback by Tang Yuwei’s sudden behavior.

Taking out a red velvet box from his pocket, Tang Yuwei suddenly knelt down on one foot, took Ye Tingni’s hand, and said affectionately: “Tingni, marry me.”

“Why are you so good to me?” “

Faced with such a situation, Ye Tingni couldn’t bear it. They have only known each other for less than 24 hours. They have never met before, but now he says he wants to marry her? This is too inexplicable! You know, marriage is not a child’s play!

“I like you.” After saying these four words, afraid that Ye Tingni would not believe it, Tang Yuwei went on to add another sentence: “Maybe if I say this, you will find it unbelievable, but I love you at first sight. “

Tang Yuwei’s words made Ye Tingni stunned for a while before she sneered. “Love at first sight?”

Tang Yuwei didn’t say a word, just nodded.

If it were not for the sincerity in his clear eyes, Ye Tingni would think he was joking with herself. It’s just that she can’t figure out why he wants to marry her. She is a woman with only six months of life left. She can’t give him anything at all, let alone accompany him to the end of his life.

After Xu Shi was silent for five minutes, Ye Tingni, who could not suppress her throbbing heart, asked with red lips,

“Tang Yuwei, is it worth marrying a dying woman?”

” Is it worth it? I don’t know. But I know that death is unpredictable. So we should live in the present, and cherish and grasp the happiness that comes to ourselves.” As he

said, Tang Yuwei still kept a half-kneeling posture with his hands high. Holding the ring, a look full of expectation. What he said was from the bottom of his heart, he just wanted to firmly grasp this rare fate.

Ye Tingni didn’t want to admit it, but she was really moved by Tang Yuwei’s words.

The heart that was already desperate has rekindled hope as a result.

Seeing the man who was half kneeling in front of her, she struggled in her heart. It was probably after thirty seconds that she seemed a little uncertain and said, “Um, you…can you give me some time to think about it?” “

Of course! That’s natural!”

After all, getting married is not a trivial matter. You should give the other party time to think about it. Tang Yuwei knows this. And Tang Yuwei was also relieved at this time, because at least Ye Tingni did not refuse his marriage proposal. No rejection means hope, doesn’t it? !

Seeing Tang Yuwei still kneeling on the beach, Ye Tingni couldn’t help but reminded her.

“Can you stand up first? It’s embarrassing to be seen by others.”


Hearing this, Tang Yuwei immediately put away the ring in his hand and stood up. Later, he said that he would take Ye Tingni to a place, so the two of them walked side by side along the beach.

Soon, Ye Tingni saw a whitening tent and a long red carpet on the beach. At the end, there is a table with a big cross behind it.

Suddenly, Ye Tingni’s heart twitched, and a look of astonishment flashed across her face.

Isn’t this kind of venue and this arrangement the same as her dream last night? Oh my god, this is too scary!

“What’s the matter?” Tang Yuwei couldn’t help saying that she seemed to be aware of Ye Tingni’s strangeness.

“Oh, I just think this place is very familiar, as if I have seen it in my dream.” After the

two chatted a few words, Ye Tingni followed Tang Yuwei along the red carpet to the tent at the end. Going behind the table, he bent down and took out a big box from behind.

Putting the big white gift box on the table, he motioned for Ye Tingni to come over and open it.

Walking a few steps forward, she came to the box, and she looked at Tang Yuwei with some uncertainty. Seeing Tang Yuwei looking at her expectantly, she opened the lid of the box nervously after swallowing her saliva.

Opening the box, Ye Tingni was shocked, because it contained nothing but a snow-white wedding dress.


“I know it’s not very beautiful, but this is the only one.”

Tang Yuwei thought Ye Tingni disliked the unsightly wedding dress, but she suddenly came around like this and threw herself into his arms. For a moment, he was stunned.

“Yuwei, thank you!”

Hugging the man in front of her tightly, Ye Tingni was so touched that she thanked him a little bit choked. After Tang Yuwei reacted, he touched the back of her head and called her “silly girl” with a smile.

The two hugged each other tightly and did not speak to each other, but at this moment, Ye Tingni had an answer.