Chapter 014 Going to Your Room or My Room

Suddenly, I don’t know where the wedding march sounded, making Ye Tingni shocked for a while. However, before she could react, her hand was held by the man next to her, and she was taken forward.

When she reacted, she gently clasped his hand back.

Feeling the thickness and warmth in his palm, she felt a sense of stability inexplicably. And this kind of touch seemed to make her faintly feel that the seemingly calm man next to her was also trembling slightly.

Under the veil, she stared at him and couldn’t help smiling. Because she never expected that Tang Yuwei would be nervous just like her.

I have to say that Tang Yuwei is already very good-looking, and he is born with a fascinating temperament.

Now, wearing a white dress with an off-white tie, he looks more like a prince charming from a fairy tale. So, for a while, Ye Tingni saw God.

It wasn’t until Tang Yuwei called her name softly that she realized that the two of them had reached the table at the end. And the priest just now was already waiting for them.

Under the witness of the priest, the two sacredly made a lifetime promise to each other before the cross.


putting the ring on Ye Tingni, Tang Yuwei looked at her affectionately and said, “I love you forever and forever.” After he finished speaking, he pulled her hand to his mouth and lowered his head to kiss. Then he smiled charmingly at her. But Ye Tingni was moved to tears because of his words and actions.

She is very happy at the moment, but what she doesn’t know is that in the near future, she will hide in the bed and cry for countless nights of sleeplessness because she inadvertently remembered his words.

After the ring exchange ceremony was over, the priest looked at the lovers in front of him, and gave them the blessings from God with the most sincere heart, and wished them happiness forever. Later, he declared that they were husband and wife.

“Groom, you can kiss the bride.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Yuwei stepped forward with a faint smile and lifted Ye Tingni’s veil.

Ye Tingni under the veil, Xu didn’t have makeup because she was in a hurry just now. But even so, she is still beautiful without makeup, and her temperament is undiminished. Tang Yuwei deeply condensed her like this, his eyes filled with unresolved emotions.

Ye Tingni was looked at by him like this, and instantly turned away from her eyes a little uncomfortable. At this moment, a big hand stretched out without warning and lifted her slightly drooping chin.

Under a dark shadow, before she could react, she felt a pair of warm lips pressed against her.

Ye Tingni was stunned immediately, and suddenly forgot to breathe.

Although it was just a kiss, when the four lips were separated, the two of them were still blushing. In an instant, there was an awkward sweetness between the two. In the end, Tang Yuwei spoke first, breaking the silence.

“Go, let’s go eat.”

Holding Ye Tingni’s hand, Tang Yuwei took her to a seafood restaurant not far from the beach. This one was chosen by him early in the morning, and he carefully selected every dish he wanted to enjoy.

After enjoying the meal very happily, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening, and the two of them both ate and walked back to their resort. Along the way, the two of them discussed the seafood dishes just now and had a great chat.

After a while, he arrived at the resort.

When Ye Tingni came to the door of the room, Tang Yuwei said goodnight to her, and then he was about to go back to his room. How did you know that, as soon as she turned around, Ye Tingni suddenly called him.

“We are already married, so…Should we go to your room or mine?”

When she asked this sentence, Ye Tingni’s cheeks couldn’t help but flush. But looking at Tang Yuwei, seeing his face changed slightly, she suddenly wanted to bite her tongue. Oh my god, how could she ask such a thing, it’s really shameful!

“Go to your room.”

Just when she thought Tang Yuwei would refuse, he suddenly said something that stunned her. Then, the two came to Ye Tingni’s room together.

Ten minutes later, Tang Yuwei took a bath in the bathroom, while Ye Tingni walked around in the master bedroom without sleep. From her expression and her performance at this time, it was obvious that she was nervous.

What is she nervous about? Of course I am worried about the beginning of the wedding tonight | It’s night!

At this moment, she realized what she had done. She and Tang Yuwei were married, and they were husband and wife. Even if something happens between the two, it’s quite natural, isn’t it? But she just couldn’t get through the hurdle in her heart.

God, she’s going crazy!

On the other hand, Tang Yuwei in the bathroom was also troubled. In fact, he had already taken a bath, but he did not go out for a long time. The reason was that he didn’t know how to face Ye Tingni.

He and Ye Tingni are husband and wife, yes, but…is it really possible?

I don’t know how long it was, and realizing that he had been in the bathroom for too long, Tang Yuwei put on a bathrobe and stepped out of the bathroom. How did she know, but she was hit by Ye Tingni’s turn.

Seeing that Ye Tingni was about to hit the dressing table on one side, Tang Yuwei hurried forward to stop her waist, and took her advantage to embrace her. But he overlooked one thing, that is, he just came out of the bathroom with slippery feet.

One was not careful, and both of them fell on the soft big bed.

After a “false alarm”, the two of them couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, but after that, the feeling of embarrassment quickly swept across. Because soon, the two realized that their posture is really easy to make people think.

Tang Yuwei’s hands are tightly wrapped around Ye Tingni’s waist, and it doesn’t matter if Ye Tingni’s head is buried in Tang Yuwei’s chest, the whole person is still pressed tightly on his body.

You must know that Tang Yuwei was only wearing a bathrobe at this time, without wearing anything inside. This closeness made Ye Tingni quickly aware of the danger, and when she reacted, she immediately turned over and got out of bed.

Tang Yuwei coughed a little to hide his embarrassment, and then turned over and got out of bed. Tightening the bathrobe on his body, he paused for a long time before turning his head to Ye Tingni and said, “I’ll go back to my own room tonight.”

Ye Tingni didn’t reply, but just gestured in response.

And when Tang Yuwei walked to the door, he suddenly turned around and said to Ye Tingni: “Don’t think so much, just follow your own heart and keep everything in the moment you think is the most beautiful.”

When he finished speaking, he didn’t say any more, so he opened the door and went out.

And Ye Tingni looked at his back and couldn’t help showing a happy smile.

At this moment, she decided that she had few days left. It was not easy to meet a man who cherished her like Tang Yuwei, and she had to cherish him. No matter what will happen in the future, the important thing is to grasp the present!