Chapter 015 Your husband can afford it

Ye Tingni didn’t remember when she fell asleep last night, she only knew that when she woke up, the sky outside was already bright. I picked up the phone under my pillow and checked the time, only to find that it was already nine o’clock in the morning.

Just when she turned over and was about to get out of bed again, she suddenly heard the sound of “kokoko”.

I thought someone was knocking on the door, but when she listened carefully, she realized that the sound was coming from the balcony. Almost subconsciously, she turned over and looked in the direction of the balcony. Unexpectedly, she almost got out of bed when she saw it.

Why is there someone in her balcony? !

Because she didn’t draw the curtains last night, she could look through the floor-to-ceiling windows and there was a person standing outside the balcony. When she looked at this person, the two of them exchanged their eyes, and she was relieved.

It turned out to be Tang Yuwei!

With this recognition, she turned over and got out of bed, went directly to the balcony and opened the floor-to-ceiling windows. Tang Yuwei, standing outside, was holding a tray with various breakfasts on top.

“Early in the morning, I almost didn’t scare you to death.” After

speaking, Ye Tingni had turned around and returned to the room, and plunged into the bathroom to prepare to wash. Tang Yuwei looked at her back, apologized, and put the dish on the dining table.

Ten minutes later, when Ye Tingni came out of her washing, the table was full of various foods. I have to say that for a while, she was stunned.

Because she remembered that Tang Yuwei had just come in with a serving plate. How did she suddenly change so many things, and, with so many foods, did the two of them finish eating?

“You have a bad stomach. Drink milk early in the morning.”

Tang Yuwei had already poured a glass of milk from the cup and handed it to Ye Tingni. But Ye Tingni never spoke, so she held her chin in her hands and looked at him unblinkingly.

“What’s the matter? Is there anything on my face?”

Seeing Ye Tingni staring at himself like this, Tang Yuwei thought that his face was stained with dirt, so when he asked, he turned around and went not far away. The dressing table is gone.

“No, you don’t have anything on your face. I’m just curious, where did you make so many things. With everything from the wedding yesterday, to the breakfast at this table now, can you do magic?”

Ye Tingni was really curious about how Tang Yuwei got here after losing her luggage and penniless. Because just yesterday’s wedding gave her a feeling of “spending a lot of money”.

Hearing Ye Tingni’s question, Tang Yuwei was obviously stunned for a moment before reacting and saying that his luggage was found.

“When did you find it.”

“Just this morning.”

“Then last night…” I

found the luggage this morning, so how did everything come from yesterday? Is it possible that credit is still allowed? No matter what Ye Tingni thought, she felt a little unreasonable.

“Hurry up and eat while it’s hot, it won’t be good if it’s cold.”

Obviously, Tang Yuwei didn’t want her to keep asking, so he simply changed the subject. And the starving Ye Tingni didn’t notice anything at all, so she was buried in the food and didn’t ask any more.

“Try this seafood sandwich.”

Tang Yuwei was relieved when she saw that she didn’t ask the question of “expense” anymore. Suddenly, he would not tell her that all the money spent on preparing for the wedding yesterday was the night before he asked his special assistant to send it back overnight.

“Go and change your clothes, I want to take you out today.”

“Where to go?”

“Take you to fulfill your wish.”

Tang Yuwei’s words made Ye Tingni stunned, but no matter how she asks, he is If he refuses to reveal it, it’s all right to be mysterious. But even so, she obediently took a set of clothes and went to the bathroom to change.

After changing her clothes, Ye Tingni went out with Tang Yuwei.

After walking for a long time, Ye Tingni couldn’t help but ask, seeing that she hadn’t reached her destination yet. “Where are you taking me, haven’t you arrived yet?”

When the voice fell, Ye Tingni suddenly saw Tang Yuwei stop and knelt down. Before she could ask him what he wanted to do, she heard Tang Yuwei say: “Come on, I     ‘ll carry you.”

“Ok, I’m very heavy.”

“It’s okay, your husband can live with it.”

Tang Yuwei It was natural, and Ye Tingni’s eyes blushed instantly without noticing a word of her own. Ye Tingni’s heart was moved warmly when she heard him calling herself her husband.

“Then… I’ll come up!”

Holding back her tears, not wanting Tang Yuwei to see her strangeness, Ye Tingni jumped on his back after saying this. Then, as if afraid of falling off, he hugged his neck tightly.

“Are you ready? I’m up!” After

hearing Ye Tingni’s motion, Tang Yuwei stood up with her legs behind her back. Lifting her up, he walked slowly along the street with her on his back.

“Where are you taking me? It’s mysterious.”

Seeing that the two had already walked across a large stretch of beach, but before they reached their destination, Ye Tingni couldn’t help but curiously asked again. However, Tang Yuwei still remained mysterious and refused to say anything.

Finally, after another ten minutes, the two came to a remote cabin before Tang Yuwei stopped and put Ye Tingni down. He yelled into the house, and then saw a couple and two children walking out of the house.

“They are…”

“They also want to help you complete your dreams.”


Ye Tingni could not ask clearly before the woman walked in her direction. Speaking in a language that she didn’t understand, and also handed her hands, it seemed that he was trying to pull her into the house. Ye Tingni was frightened, and quickly hid behind Tang Yuwei.

“Don’t be afraid, she wants you to change clothes with her in.”

“What clothes to change?”

“I will accompany you in.”

Seeing Ye Tingni’s frightened look, Tang Yuwei simply accompanied her into the house. Ye Tingni seemed to be holding his arm tightly all the way because of the tension.

“Yesterday was your 25th birthday, and it was also the day we got married. Today is your 26th birthday, and it is also the anniversary of our first wedding anniversary.”

“Huh?” Ye Tingnizai hasn’t understood Tang Yuwei’s words yet. What? He was taken to the living room of the house and sat down in a daze. And then, Tang Yuwei also sat down in the seat beside her.

Immediately afterwards, I saw the woman holding a birthday cake with 26-year-old candles on it and placing it on the coffee table in front of them. Ye Tingni looked at Tang Yuwei with a look of puzzlement.

Tang Yuwei shook her hands and said slowly. “I will accompany you to complete every stage of your wish.” When the

voice fell, he lowered his head and kissed Ye Tingni’s hand. At this time, a flash of light struck them suddenly. Ye Tingni was startled, only to see that the man was facing them with a camera just now.

Thinking of what Tang Yuwei said just now, she immediately understood what he wanted to do.