Khao Khanap Nam Island – Krabi Province of Thailand

Khao Khanap Nam or เขาขนาบน้ำ is one of Krabi famous tourist attractions. Khao Khanap Nam is the symbol of Krabi Province that located in Pak Nam Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District. Krabi is a limestone mountain with two balls and 100 meters high with flanked by the Krabi River. Among of the large mangrove forests that rich in ecosystems. Inside the cave are stalactites and stalagmites. This placed is beautiful complex throughout the walking path. That occurs naturally and believed that within this cave. There are ancient humans who lived for many years from prehistoric times to the World War II era due to the discovery of paintings. On the walls, they are human skeleton, animal skeletons, shells, traces of fire, pottery, crockery, hunting tools and many other antiquities. You can go and take some experience on nature, forests and rich ecosystems then walk to see the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites and travel to trace on the history.

Krabi’s Twin Mountains standing brace on Krabi River in front of city.  At Khao Khanap Nam can visit this island by renting the Hua Tong boat which is a local fishing boat at Chao Fa Pier. You can enjoy a variety of activities including take a boat to see the surrounding atmosphere. At Khao Khanap Nam tourist can traveling by rent Long-tailed Boat which is local fishing boat At Jao Fa Pier. It take about 15 minutes. Your also can get adventure and feel a little bit with paddling canoe on discovery true nature mangrove forests in krabi. Khao Khanap Nam can travel every day and can travel all year round. But recommend that you should ask for the weather before travel with the safety.

After you visit Khao Khanap Nam after that you can take time to visit the Khoa Klang village. This village you will feel like Southern folk way with the museum and local handicraft center show. This will get the mood of the ancient appliances.

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