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Greece or has an official country name that The Hellenic Republic is a country located in the southeastern part of Europe. At the southern end of the Balkans With borders on the north, bordering Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, bordered on the east by Turkey Next to the Aegean Sea on the east side Adjacent to the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea on the west and south Greece is considered a great western civilization. And has a long history Which Greece has spread its influence to 3 continents.

The Greeks call themselves the Hellas, which the Greek language currently pronounced as Ellas. In general speaking, the word Ellada is often used to call themselves Hellenes, even in English. Which the English word “Greece” comes from the Latin name Graecia, meaning the area north of Greece today. Which has a group of people called Graikos.

Greece consists of the mainland in the south to the Balkans and more than 3,000 islands, including Crete (Vrete), Rhode Island (Chios), Chios, Lesbos, UB Island. Ah (Euboea) and Dodecanese and Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea Like the Greeks on the Ionian Islands Greece has a coastline of 15,000 kilometers and a length of 1,160 kilometers.

Around 80% of Greece consists of mountains and hills, thus making Greece one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Western Greece is a lagoon and a damp area. Is a mountain in the middle, which has a height of 2,636 meters. Pindas Mountain may be extended from the Dinarid Mountains. Continuous mountain range Became the Peloponnese Cape, the island of Kyira (Kythera) and the Antikitira Island (Antikythera) found at the tip of the Greek island. Central and western Greece Is steep With high peaks separated Is a deep valley And there are streams between the valleys such as the Strait of Meteora and Vikos, the second largest after the Grand Canyon in the United States. Olympus Peak is Greece’s highest point, 2,919 meters above sea level. In the north, there are other high mountains like Rhodope located in the east of Macedonia and Thrace. This area is covered by A large, old dense forest like Dadia that is known

The East of Greece is filled with many fields in the middle of Macedonia and Thrace Volos and Larissa are 2 big cities of eastern Greece.

Greece’s weather is divided into 3 parts: the Mediterranean Sea. Alpine and Temperate, the first rainy terrain in winter Drought in the summer Temperature is not high However, there was some snow in Athens. Sicilian Islands Or Crete, with cold weather The Alps formed from the west of Greece. The final weather conditions formed from the central and eastern Macedonia trails. Northern Xanthi and Evros traces the cold and dry winters in the summer. Is a very valuable thing for Athens Located between Mediterranean climate With the Alps Therefore the southern suburbs have a Mediterranean climate While in the north there are weather conditions Alps

The sea around Greece has seals, sea turtles and rare marine life. While the forests of Greece Is the last house of Western Europe With brown bears, wild cats, deer, wild sheep, foxes and wild boars. Greece Located in southern Europe In the south of the Balkans And east of the Mediterranean Sea North to Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, east to Turkey And the Aegean Sea South to the Mediterranean Sea West to the Ionian Sea.

Tourist Attractions in Greece
Even in Greece is one of the group UA but Greece has a cheaper cost of living and that is result that people visit the beauty place which is an ancient civilization such as:

1. Athens
Athens is the capital city of Greece. Most populous in Greece And Athens has a long history since 1,000 BC. Which is also the beginning of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy. It was the site of the Parthenon, which was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1987, and also has ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine remains. Tyne, etc., which is known as one of the major tourist attractions in the world.

2. Acropolis
Acropolis is a fortress located on a high mountain range. There are many places in Greece. In general there is a temple for the gods guarding the city. The most famous acropolis is The Acropolis of Athens, with the Parthenon , Iktronon Cathedral And there are Herodos Atticus, Dionysus Theater as well.

3. Santorini Island
Santorini island Is a very famous island Of greece In the north of Crete In the Aegean Sea, there is a unique style of architecture. Very outstanding White houses, blue dome roofs taken from this island Traveling to get on the plane Or take a ferry Reached Santorini as well. Before, it was a volcano. And many explosions occurred Causing the middle part of the crater to collapse And became a small island Called the Secrets Islands, became an archipelago. That consists of a large island Shaped like a crescent moon Is an outer circle surrounded by cliffs and in the center there is a small island which is a crater peak In addition, there is a small village Is the most famous island in Greece And the beaches that Santorini is famous for Because there is black sand Caused by volcanic lava Therefore making it more strange

4. Olympia
Olympia Where the first Olympics were held in 776 BC The statue of Zeus standing in Olympia Today, the temple of the degraded Zeus is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world.

5. Olympus Cathedral
One time, the Temple of Olympus. Is a place of worship that is more important than other temples The building was built 700 years ago. The remains are so difficult to imagine. Today there are only 15 Corinthian pillars out of the 104 original ones.

6. Parthenon
Parthenon Regarded as one of the greatest buildings in the world Because it was an ancient temple on the Acropolis hill in Athens Built to be a shrine to the goddess Athena It is the most famous ancient Greek architecture.

7. Meteora Rocks
Meteora Rocks has a strange shape Caused by the erosion of the Pionios River For millions of years By building on the top of a high hill by bringing each stone or brick Each tree leads to the top of the hill By conveying in baskets and rope ladders, which is regarded as the largest monastery in all the monasteries and took more than 3 centuries to complete.

8. Red sand beach
Red sand beach, one of the famous beaches of Santorini There is a distinctive red sand beach. Because of the color of the nearby volcanic rocks As for the most beautiful viewpoint in Oia And is the most beautiful spot to watch the sunset And get the most photos in Santorini With an impressive romantic atmosphere Highlights of the island that can not be missed.

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