Kraków City, Poland

Krakow is the former capital of Poland during 1038-1596 Before the change to Warsaw as the current. It is one of the largest and second largest cities in Poland and a popular tourist destination. In 1978, Krakow was registered as a heritage city by UNESCO. Cultural world. Krakow is Poland’s first. Currently, Krakow is recognized as a cultural center of culture and a leading city of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Culture and art life

It is also one of the most important business centers of Poland. Poland has the most prosperous civilizations, seen in beautiful buildings, from every age, from Romanesque Gothic, Baroque, Baroque, Rococo to Neoclassical and art Nouveau.

Where to go;

1. Wawel Castle Museum

Wawel Royal Castle, which has been re-created in the Renaissance. After the original Gothic palace was burnt in 1499 and burned again in the 16th century, it was rebuilt in the Baroque.

2. Kraków Barbican Museum

Kraków Barbican Museum in Kraków, Poland. Barbacan built to protect the city. The old city wall is a favorite place for artists to visit and visit the gate of Florian Gate. Created in the 13th century.

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