Sambor Prei Kuk in Cambodia

Reuters – United Nations Cultural Organization Has registered an ancient castle group in Cambodia. This is the 3rd world heritage site of the country according to the Khmer government today. Sombor Prai Kuk Castle Or a castle in a fertile forest in Khmer language Located in the area of ​​Kampong Thom province, approximately 206 kilometers north of Phnom Penh.

“Some of these elements, including lintels, gables and monolithic lintels are all great works,” UNESCO said on the website. UNESCO said the area has been identified as the city of Ipanpur. Capital of the kingdom of Chenla Khmer civilization flourished from the late 6th century to the seventh century.

This new world heritage site of Cambodia Covering an area of ​​25 square kilometers And is becoming increasingly popular with foreign tourists. “The decision of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee is once again a national pride.” Minister of Culture and Fine Arts Stated in one statement.

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