The Secret of plane ticket on cheapest price!

Flight attendant tells the secret about plane ticket and how to buy ticket in the cheapest price.

Today, we would like to present about plane tickets for travel abroad. Aside from waiting for promotion period but this also have cheap ticket that don’t have to wait for promotion. There are still special tricks that will give you a cheap ticket.

Every time you buy ticket will get expensive ticket!! This is recommended flight that you may buy tickets cheaper than before. Let’s try like this with the most economical for tourists must try.

1. Try to Buy Plane Ticket in the morning

Normally prices change 3 times a day. The airline will release tickets in the morning. Therefore the price will be cheaper than other parts of the day.

2. Buy ticket on Tuesday and Wednesday is cheapest

On Tuesday and Wednesday are the days that least people go to work and plane ticket is cheaper than other days.

3. Which month is the cheapest plane ticket?

During April, July, September and October is when the plane ticket price is low or after holiday because at that time will be low season for travel then ticket will be quite cheap.

4. Buy plane tickets together with the package.

Airlines will provide travel package promotions which includes plane tickets, accommodation and some travel pass. This will help you reduce time for planning and easy to check in. But sometimes separate plane ticket and accommodation are cheaper. This is not always.

5. Being an airline employee

Airline staff will have a special discount and can buy tickets for cheaper price than the average person. This part of career depends on personal like.

As we know that whenever you can save money from plane tickets then you will have money for travel and spend during your trip in other country. Then hurry and remember these triggers precisely.

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