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Donut Haus at Estes Park in Colorado, U.S.A

When I was in America as exchange student. I had been study in Estes Park and this donuts shop is one of my favorite. I really miss donuts in this shop. When you come to Estes Park for hiking or do some activities around rocky mountains. If you have a chance don’t forget to try this but they mostly sold out around noon.

The Favorite Famous Donuts in Estes Park, Colorado State of America is the Donut Haus with the donuts shop you will love all kinds of donuts. The taste is good and there mostly close before noon because bread and donuts all gone. This shop have been open more than 30 years with many generation.

Donuts menu such as Buttermilk Cake Donuts, Yeast Raised Donuts , Filled Donuts, and Donut Holes. For Rolls menu such as Cheesecake Roll, Gourmet Cinnamon Roll, Sticky Bun, Nut Rolls, Apple Danish Roll, Fritter Patties, Turtle, Pinecones, Fried Cinnamon Rolls, Pretzels, Twists, Bars Rolls, and Almond Bars. Website:

How to get there:

  • From Downtown Estes Park: From Elkhorn Avenue downtown turn south on Moraine Avenue (US-36) until you see the Donut Haus on your left.
  • From Inside the Park: Take US-36 from the Beaver Meadows entrance until you see the Donut Haus on your right. From the Fall River Road entrance, take Fall River Road until it turns into Elkhorn Avenue downtown, then turn right on Moraine Avenue (US-36) until you see the Donut Haus on your left.

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