Shenzhen City, China

Shenzhen is located in the southeastern of China and also as a modern metropolis that links Hong Kong to China’s mainland. It’s known for its shopping destinations including Luohu Commercial City. The city also features contemporary buildings, such as the 600m-tall skyscraper Ping An International Finance Centre, and a number of amusement parks.

Where to visit

1.Crane Lake Fortified Hakka Village in Longgang

Crane Lake Fortified Hakka Village was built according to the style of the Hakka people. Before Shenzhen was named the first economic zone in China. The origin of the city of Shenzhen are all Hakka people. For later generations to remember and study the history of Shenzhen. The Chinese government has invested in the construction of the Hakka Village. Here we will see tradition. Chinese culture of Hakka Especially in the decoration of houses, food, eating history of the Chinese Hakka in the past. Take you to the Chinese herbal center or the snow lotus. Watch the local products of Shenzhen, such as jade, rubber, etc.

2. Dongmen Pedestrian Street

Dongmen Pedestrian Street is a commercial area in Luohu that’s been ticking away for over 300 years and has long been one of Shenzhen’s. Its located at Pedestrian St, DongMen, Luohu Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China. The center of shopping in the country. This is a popular tourist destination. Apart from being a shopping center, it is also a good place to eat. There are many products. Whether it is clothing, shoes, bags, and toys.

Dongmen Market is a shopping street that have almost 2 kilometers long. It is the second most popular place in Shenzhen. This place is different place then Lowu city. Dongmen market mainly focuses on teen fashion, working age with full of shopping malls and small plaza. There are many stores and you can’t bargain a lot of price. It is about 15-20% discount price from original price but when have season sell will get more discount.

3. Window of the world

Window of the world is model city that simulates various sculptures from all over the world such as the Eiffel Tower (France), Taj Mahal (India), Pyramids Of Giza (Egypi), Mount Fuji (Japan), etc., At this place you can travel to see images of Shenzhen city within one place from around the world.

4. Shenzhen Museum

Shenzhen Museum is a multifunctional modern museum in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It has a total area of 37,000 square meters, and a building area of 18,000 square meters. The museum was established in 1981, but was not formally opened until 1988.

5. Lowu City

Lowu city is shopping center that have all types of product for all age and famous mall that sells a variety of imitations brands whether clothing, bags, shoes, watches, jewelry and electronic products therefore has been called MBK, Shenzhen who comes to Shenzhen will have fun to shop here. The charm of Lo Wu is bargain price that most every store usually sets a high price then allow buyer to provision for bargain. Shoppers who come and visit here will have fun and good time for shopping at less price. How much you can discount will depend on your ability. In here have all types of fashion products with emphasize a lot of brand-name imitations.

6. Splendid of China

Splendid Of China is like a large open-air museum that replication of China landmark with the ancient city of China. When you visit this place that you will have experience on various landmarks and learn Chinese culture. Important places that show in here are as the Great Wall of China, Terracotta Troops and Horses of Qin Shi, Huang Summer Palace. The main highlight is Chinese Folk Culture Villages that have model villages about 56 ethnic groups of China to see the way of life and houses belong various tribes.

How to get there:

  • Head to Hung Hom MTR station then change to the East Rail Line (Light blue line) train to Lo Wu (also written as Luohu).

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