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Patna city location of Patna city as the capital of Bihar, India. Patna has many names such as Pat Lee, son of Pat Lee, Patnapahm, in the name of Pattham. One state in india Patna is one of the oldest and most inhabited cities in the world, 2,500 years ago. The city of Patana in the modern era. This town is only a small village in Bihar. The king of Bihar, the ruler of Rajkot in the late Ayutthaya period. The intention is to make a small village temporarily to use as a village to check out the movement of the Wachish region to prepare for the war. The enemy god sent the pasha named Satsat and Wassara Brahman to be a maid in the construction of the Parramatta.

The city of Patan after the modern era. This city is important because it has become the capital of Bihar. And the king is the greatest emperor of India. Is God the Great Ashoka Of the Maori. Patrons of Buddhism are prosperous. Patronage of the Tertiary at Taksara by the city of Patna. (Or Pat Lee As it was called in those days, it was the center of sending monastic emissaries to spread Buddhism to other parts of the world, including Suvarnabhumi. The current location of Thailand. The city of Patana. The city is still the capital and largest city of Bihar. In ancient Bihar, the area was about 25 square kilometers. The population is over 1 million and 8 hundred thousand.

The Buddha did not last less than a hundred years. This border village has become one of the most important cities in the history of the Indian subcontinent. It is the capital of Bihar. The political turmoil of the fall of the Pimpi. And the capital of Bihar several times in the 70s, starting with the Pasha and the people united to remove the king of Naga Tasik of the royal family of Pimpipat from the throne. And raise the serpent. The Lychee lineage in Walsall of Old Wachee. Make a new royal dynasty. So Suan Naga moved the capital of Bihar to his old city, Vessali. And his king later was Kagosok. The son of Lord Sutan Moved to the capital of Bihar. From Walsall to Parody House Which became the capital. And a great center of Buddhism later. The city is a tertiary place by the royal patronage of Lord Asoka. The Greatest Emperor of India History The city has flourished as a center of trade and economy until today.

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