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Seasons of Thailand Thailand generally can be divided into 3 seasons. Source in Department of Meteorology.

  • Summer begins around mid-February to mid-May.
  • Rainy season starts from mid-May to mid-October.
  • Winter starts from mid-October to mid-February.

1. Summer begins around mid-February. Until mid-May. The transition from the northeast monsoon. Southwest monsoon And it is the distance that the North Pole turned to the sun. Especially in April in Thailand. The sun is at its head at noon. The heat from the sun. Weather is so hot. This season, though, is generally hot and arid. But sometimes there is a cold air mass from China. Spread to cover upper Thailand. The collision of cold air. With hot air covering over Thailand. Which caused a thunderstorm. And the gusts of wind. Or there may be hail damage. The thunderstorm that occurs this season is often referred to as the summer storm.

Summer weather is determined by the maximum temperature of each day. The criteria are as follows. Hot air temperature between 35.0 C – 39.9 C and Hot air temperature from 40.0 C.

2. The rainy season starts around mid-May. When the southwest monsoon over Thailand. And low pressure trough across Thailand. The rain is common. This low pressure groove is normal. It will pass through the south in early May. Then move up north, respectively. Until the end of June. It is located in southern China. Rainfall in Thailand decreased for a while. And called the rain cast. This may take 1-2 weeks or some years. And rain for a month. In July, normally a low pressure trough. Will move back down from southern China. Passing through Thailand again. The rain continued. And increase rainfall. From late July onwards. Until the northeast monsoon. Blow to cover Thailand. Southwest monsoon over the middle of October Upper Thailand starts with cold and rain. Especially North and Northeast. Unless the south continues to rain until December. And heavy rain is heavy enough to cause a flood. Especially South East Coast. It has more rainfall than the south west. However, the beginning of the rainy season may be slower or faster than 1-2 weeks.

The criteria for determining the amount of rain in the 24 hour period of each day from 7:00 am to 7:00 am the following day, according to the characteristics of the rain in the country in the tropical monsoon zone are as follows.

Rain does not measure Rainfall less than 0.1 millimeters

  • Light rain, rainfall between 0.1 – 10.0 mm.
  • Moderate rainfall between 10.1 – 35.0 mm.
  • Heavy rainfall between 35.1 – 90.0 mm.
  • Heavy rain, 90.1 mm of rain

3. Winter starts from mid-October to mid-February. When the Northeast monsoon Thailand has been flooded since mid-October. In the middle of October, 1-2 weeks is a seasonal change from the rainy season to the winter, the weather is unpredictable, may start to cool. Or maybe there is a thunderstorm. Especially in the lower central region. And the east will go down, which will run out. Colder weather is expected over the North and the Northeast.

Winter weather is determined by the minimum temperature of each day. The criteria are as follows.

  • The weather is colder than 8.0
  • Cold weather is between 8.0 C – 15.9 C.
  • Cold air between 16.0 – 22.9

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