Thing to do in Poland 5 Days 4 Nights with Beautiful Architecture in the World

Poland is one of the countries that have beautiful architecture and outstanding culture. Until being a destination for many tourists and place in Poland become the World Heritage Sites. Today we will introduce and experience with the tourist cities of Poland. The path of this plan start from Warsaw, Malborg, Czestochowa, Kraków, Oswiecim, and Zakopane.

Poland Day 1: Warsaw city of Poland

Lazienki Palace and Garden
Lazienki Palace or Palace on the Water is the largest park in Warsaw, Poland. This place occupying about 76 hectares with palace and garden complex. The PŁazienki reflected in the classicist style during the latter half of the 18th century.

Royal Castle at Warsaw city is located on the east side of the original square, a wooden, but later changed to a brick. Is the residence of King Paul, including the Tsar from Russia And later as the residence of the President before being destroyed by the Nazis in 1994 and received major renovations in the 70s.

Old Town Square which is considered as one of the most beautiful squares in Poland. Back to the 14th century that have most of the beautiful buildings and wealthy merchants in the 17th century. made the front of the building finely decorated. And decorated according to the owner’s preferences, including Gothic Renaissance, Baroque and Neo Classic.

Krakowskie Przedmiescic Streets is one of the most beautiful streets in Warsaw. The two sides of this road consist on various palaces such as La Cieni Palace, government buildings, restaurants, pubs, bars, trees, and more building which can be seen everywhere. St. Anna Church also can see around here. This place built in Gothic architecture style since the 16th century.

Poland Day 2: Czestochowa city

Czestochowa city is the famous Christian city of Poland and people mostly Christianity religion in the Roman Catholic Church. When you visit this city one of the most famous place to visit is Jasna Gora Church because this church has image of Black Madonna. Black Madonna is well known in the world of Christians that be miracle of many wish. The church was built in the 14th century in the year 1382 by donating of Duk Opal and giving a picture that is commonly known as “Black Madonna”. This picture is already hundreds of years old. The Scientific proof that this picture was found in the Byzantine era.

Poland Day 3: Oswiecim and Zakopane town (take about 2 hours drive from Krakow to Oswiecim town)

Schwitz Concentration Camp was overseen by the Polish government Beginning with the Germans seizing of Poland in late 1939. the need to find prisoners of war camps until the place where the Polish government wanted to build a prison place, political prisoners therefore adapted to Nazi needs and began to use during the period. From 1940 onwards, you will see various photos of the concentration camps. Including the real items that have been preserved within 20 buildings, and you will see various items of Jewish prisoners that have been tricked into here, such as luggage, shoes, toothbrushes, combs and hair that are said to have total weight. More than 7 tons and watching the shower The room where the Nazis used to eliminate captives using poisonous gas massacres With a short movie Filmed by Russian soldiers When he seized the camp from Germany, it was said that at this place there were more than 1 million deaths. Five hundred thousand people were almost entirely Jewish.

Zakopane town is the southernmost city of Poland. This is the highest city in Poland because town is located around the mountain range between 750 and 1,000 meters above sea level. This town are also the center of the winter sport activities and many cultural traditions of the Polish. The city of Zakopane has population about 28,000 people but each year have millions of tourists visit.

Krupowki Street is most popular street in the city and both side have buildings, shops, and restaurants as well as the performances of souvenirs for you to get as a gifts for you, family and friends.

Poland Day 4: Zakopane city

Wieliczka Salt mine is a famous salt mine and one of the largest salt mine in the world. We can lift to mining by the elevator to see the geothermal salt mine. This place is about 327 meters depth from the surface of the ground. There is an amazing underground salt lake that have not see. Now a day this place become attraction place for tourist to visit. On underground of this mining have prayer room, gallery room and been used as food preservation since the 13th century. Wieliczka Salt mine was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1988.

Poland Day 5: Kraków City

Krakow City is source of town that bring into charming country and full of beautiful palaces, churches and pedestrian streets.

The Wawel is the Cathedral that built during the year 1320-1364. On the area of the Roman church in the 11th century. The cathedral used as a coronation and cemetery to King Pol for centuries.

Wawel Castle is located in Kraków of Poland. Wawel Royal Castle was rebuilt in the Renaissance style by King Sigmund 1 after the original Gothic palace was burnt down in year 1499 and burned again in the 16th century. Take a walk in this palace that has a lot of place to see such as a large embroidered fabric, watercolors from European artists including Botticelli, which including on ancient weapons and the wealth of the royal family.

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