Thing to do! Old Town Central as Heritage Arts Culture Cuisine in Hong Kong

Old town central is place that oldest with many of art with history, culture, traditional, old architecture and local foods. You can walk around and take self tour in this place. They have more than 5 places to visit in the old town as possession street, Pottinger Street, Man Mo temple, Gough street, and Hollywood road.

1.Possession Street or 水坑口街

This is a street in Sheung Wan which located in the northwest of Hong Kong Island between Central and Sai Ying Pun. The street marks the boundary of Queen’s Road West and Queen’s Road Central. Around there are many top art galleries including the Hong Kong Art Museum, Asia Art Archive and the University Museum. Possession Street was where the British navy first landed came to Hong Kong in year 1841. Now the area have more space for restaurants, shops and other attractions.

2. Pottinger Street or 中環砵典乍街

It is also known as the Stone Slabs Street since 1958 after Sir Henry Pottinger. During the first Governor of Hong Kong this stone slabs is one of the oldest streets in Central. On the street have designed for pedestrians and merchants to walk easily up and down. Today, they set up with many shops, restaurants and five star hotel. Shops around this street that you can shopping many style such as modern products, art pictures, old products with traditional style from ancient Hong Kong and also foods.

3. Man Mo Temple

The Mon Mo temple located at 124-126 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan with a 5 minutes walk from Tai Ping Shan Street. Man Mo Temple was built more than 150 years ago and they been build from 1847-1862 for pays tribute to God of literature and God of war. It comprises three blocks with each serving different purposes. While Lit Shing Kung was created for all heavenly gods and Kung Sor was an assembly hall for resolving community disputes. The temple have big bronze bell with granite door frames, engraved wood plaques and ancient mural paintings.

4. Gough street or 歌賦街

The Gough street located on Sheung Wan of Hong Kong and just about north of the Soho area. This place was once a European community and Chinese people on Hong Kong Island. When you take a walk to the slope of the gut road then you will see Hip boutique with colonial architecture and the modern restaurant attracts designer shops from home, the retail store also will makes this area one of the most exotic areas in Hong Kong. This line of streets looks also look bright with many shops spreading the beauty of every molecule. You can get to Gouugh street by MTR Sheung Wan Station Exit A2. Walk along the Bonham Street to Wellington Street, turn to the Gough Street at Aberdeen Street.

5. Hollywood Road

Hollywood road is one of Hong Kong’s oldest districts since in the past. This road was regarded as the main line of the city with important commercial area. At present both sides are surrounded by old buildings and modern buildings with shopping place. If anyone likes old atmosphere then you can walk and find a chic coffee shop to sit and relax. Also shops around this place are antique shops and art shops. On Hollywood Road that you can walk to the Possession Street where the British military began. When you walk up early on Hollywood Road that you can see shop that sell ceramics and furniture all over then will be the zone of residence that have apartments and restaurants lined up.

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