Mae Sa Waterfall, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mae Sa Waterfall where water flows throughout the year, is in the Doi Suthep-Pui national park area. There are 10 levels of waterfalls, each of which is about 100-500 m apart with the total distance of only one km. It can be accessed by travelling from Chiang Mai city along the Mae Rim-Samoeng road for about 7 km. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in Chiang Mai province. The most splendid levels range from the 5th to 7th levels, where you can swim but with caution. The access to the waterfall is convenient and the passage among its levels has been well-managed and is not steep from the 5th to 7th levels. Visitors can park their cars on the 3rd level to enter the 4th level immediately. Because of all year round water at the Mae Sa Waterfall, it is the most fascinating during the end of the rainy season.

It was told that the watershed of the “Mae Sa” River flowed to the valley and a plain passing various villages in Mae Rim and Pong Yaeng sub-districts. As a result of clear and cool water, young women always like to swim in the river. It was therefore called “Nam Mae Sao”, which became “Nam Mae Sa” later because the Mae Sa stream area is natural. It was established as a park first and has been looked after until now.

  • 1st level is called Pha Lat Waterfall.
  • 2nd level is called Wang Yao Waterfall.
  • 3rd level is called Pha Taek Waterfall.
  • 4th level is called Wang Sam Muen Waterfall.
  • 5th level is called Wang Thao Phromma Waterfall.
  • 6th level is called Tat Moei Waterfall.
  • 7th level is called Phanarom Waterfall.
  • 8th level is called Pha Ngoep Waterfall.
  • 9th level is called Wat Hang Waterfall.
  • 10th level is called Lan The Waterfall.

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