San Kamphaeng Village in Chiang Mai, Thailand

San Kamphaeng village is village of Lanna-style silk and cotton products. When you visit at San Kamphang you will explore an array of beautiful handmade textiles, woodcrafts, play pottery, silverware and perfect as souvenirs. The village also demonstrates a weaving process that requires several steps before it becomes finished products.

From Chiang Mai City, San Kamphaeng is about 13km east on Highway 1006, also known as the ‘Handicrafts Highway’. This two-lane road is highly congested during peak travel seasons, as it is the only main highway that passes through the centre of activities. Shops and mini factories line both sides of the Chiang Mai-San Kamphaeng Road, where local artists practice their craft with a skill born of centuries-old tradition.

How to get there:

Use car to visit the village or mini bus to get there

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