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3 differences between Android and IOS systems

At present, that smart phone There are a total of two major operating systems, Android and IOS, both of which are very popular operating systems. In both mobile wholesale stores Or store mobile shopping in this store Link Mobile MBK wholesale mobile MBK most comprehensive in the country offer “5 The difference between Android and IOS” have come to me

  1. Local System Management
  • The Android system provides independent and unspecified management of its internal systems. Similar to the principle of operation of a computer So you can easily connect, transfer or save information. You can also install a variety of applications. And can also freely customize various settings within the device
  • The IOS system focuses on a simple and unified management style. With centralized system services Both systems connected about the music. This will have a specific system called iTunes, the game system. There will be a specific system called Game Center or a data storage system. It has a unique system called iClound. You can also use your single user account system. To deal with almost all systems of IOS as well.

2. Performance and stability

  • Android system, you can enhance the performance and speed of various systems. From a wide variety of additional applications that you can download And systems are still working in harmony Which can work simultaneously with multiple systems as well
  • IOS system with most applications and systems It is exclusively derived from the central iOS system, making this system stable and highly fluid. Even if you open applications and hold many pages.

3. The remarkable point

  • Android system in the mobile wholesale store MBK. Or in various department stores There are many brands of Android supported smartphones. Which you can transfer data easily It also has features that can be customized as you like.
  • IOS system in MBK mobile wholesale shop Or in various department stores There is only one smartphone brand that supports IOS, the Apple brand, which stands out for its powerful and unified system. It also has the ability of a variety of entertainment systems as well. How are you for “5 differences between Android and IOS” brought together today. Hopefully this will be a good choice.
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