Other names: 宝井
Author: Beichenhai
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


There is a well in the backyard of the home, which connects the heavens and all worlds. The well water is sweet and refreshing. It also has incredible magical powers. It can enhance physical fitness, unlock intelligence, and change genes. What is even more amazing is After hundreds of years of history, there seems to be so much forever, neither profit nor loss, neither increase nor decrease.

One day, a strange light was emitted from the treasure well, and rare treasures were salvaged from the well. From then on, the ancient well was out of control, and all kinds of strange things poured in, including the space magic weapon of the fairy world, and the martial arts secrets of the martial arts world. , There are the super technology of the science fiction world, the precious ancient treasures of the ancient world, and the world of Xianxia.